Kim Trusty

Kim Trusty


"Kim Trusty's (song) Sweet Novena is engaging, communicates emotion to the listener, tells story clearly and distinctly has an interesting blend of instruments and musical influences and a really cool groove- not obviously anything but curiously everything." -Taxi


The dynamic and multifaceted Kim Trusty is a powerful and diverse vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and actress. Kim draws on jazz, rhythm & blues, vocal improvisation, roots, rock and undemanding lyrics, bringing her life, heart and work experiences into unforgettable and unique performances. Kim Trusty means lyrics you can roll the windows down and sing your heart out with. Kim Trusty means a diverse festival or concert audience is on their feet, swaying to the rock beats and soul harmonies. Rock demands energy. Singer songwriters use music to express themselves and requires thoughtful lyrics. Rhythm and Blues provides heart and soul. Jazz requires on the spot creativity, an on the spot, in the moment creativity combined with the challenge of these styles is what Kim savors.

"a performer who can capture a stage sitting still" - J Seavor, for the Providence Journal


"Can't Let Love"

Written By: Kim Trusty

Tell me how long must this dream go on
Will I be foolish enough to let it last forever
Cause I'm not able to ignore
The circumstances I've been through

Only time only time only time will tell
What the future will bring for me
Cause who knows what the future can entail
For either you or me

Cause I know
That I just can't let love pass me by
Because of foolishness and selfish pride
Don't let me be foolish enough to let a good thing like love pass me by

Can't let things remain the way they are
I have to let them go and grow
No matter how painful that may be
That's what I need to do for me


Sweet Novena

Written By: Kim Trusty

Tall, dark, lean
She's my African American Queen
Livin' on the Southside of Media, PA
She was caretaker
Blessed Homemaker
She was 56 when she met me
98 when she left me
She was grandmother to me

Her name is
Sweet sweet sweet sweet Novena
She's sweeter than honey
Greater than any amount of money

Cause she's
Sweet sweet sweet sweet Novena
She's my sweet prayer

When you walk into Novena's house
The men take off their hats
The ladies take off their coats
Novena says "Sit and relax"
She put her apron on to cook us up a meal
Making quilts and hemming clothes
At her feet the children would kneel


A kiss and a hug to tuck me in
And send me off to sleep
In the morning she'd comb my nappy head
And I would never weep
Every breath that I would take
Every move that I would make
Novena will be watching with her eye



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Set List

Original Music Set (example):
"Can't Let Love" (Pass Me By)
"Sweet Novena"
"Comfort Me"
"A Funkin Good Time"
"Tell Me my Sister"
"Shaky Ground"
"Let's Build Our Lives Together"

Special Event Set (example):
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We will play up to 3 hours with 3-45 minute sets.