Thame, England, GBR

An innovative female artist who sounds nothing like Katie Melua - Kimwei presents diverse sets executed with equal quantities of precision and passion. Her experimental percussive playing makes 1 guitar sound like an orchestra, and has a distinct and expressive voice in the vein of Bjork/Tori Amos


Unique and innovative guitar playing, singing, and songwriting all in one package!

'Unusual in a brilliant, genuinely entertaining way' - Jon Holman, Channel 4 Producer, (talking about Kimwei's recent appearance on the TV show 'Homemade')
"Kimwei’s unusual approach to composition sets her apart from any other singer/songwriter in the UK today. Her songs are distinctive, and feature a level of musicality that is rarely heard in the present musical landscape – from her sweeping vocal lines to a vast array of inventive and unique ways to get sounds from her guitar" - The Bucks Herald.

"Kimwei combines unique guitar playing with lyrics full of wry observations" - Exeter Respect Festival
"Kimwei performs her own material and accompanies her warm vocal tones with some of the meanest acoustic guitar playing you're likely to witness on the UK circuit... 
Utilising various open tunings, and the whole of her guitar in a style that evokes the techniques of the late, great Michael Hedges and current big noise Newton Faulkner. Exeter-based, Kimwei cajoles sounds out of her instrument that have had some audience members questioning whether some sort of electronic wizardry is helping her to achieve the sound that she creates. But it's all done with one acoustic guitar, one pair of hands and one very imaginative approach that opens up a whole new world of sound." Plymouth Herald


"Sonic Structures For The Streets" started in improvisation and ended up as a vibrant yet intimate collection of tapped solo guitar pieces. A spontaneous project that came together in less than a month, I wrote more than half the pieces whilst sitting on the streets of Oxford busking. A couple of existings songs which have been in my busking set for years are also included. Thus the songs are inextricably linked to the city and express something of both the geometry and emotion of the streets. I love to think of it as a sonic representation of the city, if a city COULD be expressed in music.

Track List:
Sonic Structures For The Streets EP - Released Jan 2009

1. Sonic Structures For The Streets | 2. The Undermouse | 3. Thinking Round Corners | 4. Thinking Sideways | 5. Dance In Fmajor | 6. Sophie (Instrumental)

Set List

I have over 2hrs of original material, half an hour of which is instrumental, and 2 45s of covers to choose from.

Typical originals sets mix vocal and instrumental tracks.

Typical covers sets often use a loop pedal, meaning that my "One Piece Band" sets full enough to dance to.