Kim Zimmerman

Kim Zimmerman


What is worship in the deep? It is a seeking generation or worshippers, proclaiming the holiness of God. We believe God gave us the songs, and from that we let the Holy Spirit move and play through us.


"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"
"Sometimes we didn't know that the desire was there, until we entered in...that is how God moved me into "deep calls unto deep" worship. I know that there had to be more that just singing, and God placed in me a hunger for more of Him."
"I have led worship at The Lord's House of Prayer, in Lancaster, PA for 8 years, where I serve as Worship Director.
I have been greatly influenced by other forerunners in the worship ministry. I think what sets our worship ministry apart, is that we are not afraid to break out and break into worship, going deeper into the presence of God, until, after worship, I am still longing for more of Him.


worship songs include: Take me to the Cross, Draw me closer to You, Overwhelm me, Come, In Awe of You, Love Song, Sing Hallelujah, and Your Love Remains. Also, each song carries with it the spontaneous song of the Lord through prophetic playing of the instruments.

Set List

A worship set would include original songs and a variety or other popular worship songs from various artists.