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Ladies Luv Um Not your typical down south rappers. Grungy,Grimy, Fresh................


Not your typical Down South Rappers....KIN 2 born Damarcus Riley and Grayland Allen is a phenomenal duo from the DIRTY via way of Gramercy, Louisiana. KIN 2 who are cousins have been on the local HIP-HOP scene for 7 years.
From jump KIN 2 have proven themselves to be flexible with their style. It's a little grimy but still fresh. "We want to show our creative courage, we want to reach the potentially new audience. We don't want to get stuck in a stylistic rut. There is no set formula for delivering good grimy hip- hop. Were in the game and changing rules. We truly want to seize the opportunity to make a difference."
Influenced by NAS and MAC the NO LIMIT Soldier, Eight-Ball, Scar Face and MCA. KIN2 has embraced both EAST COAST/WEST COAST and DOWN SOUTH styles and delivery with their DIRTY down south dialect that gives their music a special touch. KIN2 has performed on a local, regional and national level. KIN 2 is also featured on several tracks for Rap artists in Louisiana. What really distinguishes KIN 2 from the rest is their laid back sexually driven delivery. There's nothing controversial about these (2) two. They are just loving the ladies and putting some heat on the mic as well.
With catchy hooks and great looks, KIN 2 is incredibly capable of crossing all boundaries.


KIN2...Hood Life
South of The Mississippi ....Versatyle