Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

Kincart is about to change the face of underground hip hop. He's bringing back the rawness that has been missed for so long by the groups and solo acts of today. Just bangin raw beats and songs with messages. He already has the underground scene talking....and they love the change.


Kincart aka Kenny Carter was born and raised in North Philadelphia. He always had a passion for music but at first,surprisingly,for presentation(disc jockey/emcee). But at the age of 17,he no longer wanted to present music to the people,he wanted to be the one making it. Since that time he has been producing,arranging and mixxing his own brand of hip hop for the past 17 years. Sadly,most of the groupd he's worked with never mad a dent in their careers(360,Linwood X,The Rythmic Freaks,Da Bull Geez and within the past 6 years,Double Impact. His influences are groups like Portishead,Art Of Noise,and Public Enemy. The first 2 groups for the noise and the second for the message. In all honesty,Kincart does music for himself and hopes fans love him for truth. What will set him apart from others is his production style. He uses samples and beats that most groups would consider to old. But the orginal never gets old,just transformed. He hits his audience hard too. They join him in the hook for his songs onstage and cheer after he gets off. He'll be a welcome change that the game needs so much.


Hush Loot

Written By: Kenny Carter

Plastic cash gives a fat power move
Cause the Nikon I got will zoom right in on you.
Bugs and wire taps with the feeds
That records in high def all all your freakin dirty deeds.

So I

Written By: Kenny Carter

It's the top of the 9th a grand slam starts the inning
And i'm grinning from 50 g's of lottery winnings
Horny as hell wanna get up in
My gats like a brick beat you up side the head wit it.
Went in the strip club,spent a few dubs
Trying to fing some chicks that wanna get they ass burned on the rug.


Written By: Kenny Carter

Mc's ask themselves how do i manage this
cause i eat like a pig and my app is ravenous.
Full course meals are eatin from Chinet plates
a stone freak,i like tits on redbone buttcakes
Color doesn't matter cause i pulls em where i finds em
And in this environment means you got to carry condoms.


"Ridiculous" CD contains 6 songs. Release date:3/1999.
"Flat broke and rock bottom" CD contains 12 songs. Release date:7/2002.
"Hangnail" CD contains 12 songs. Release date:9/2004.
"Last Operation Out" Release date:03/2006. CD contains 4 songs. (They are currently being screened for radio airplay).
"Madman" CD contains 10 songs. Currently in production. Due for release ASAP.