Kind Country

Kind Country

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kind music for kind people. Kind Country is a string sextet playing American standards as well as their own brand of Cosmic American music. The band has focused creating live performances with high levels of improvisation and energy gathering with aims to create moments of musical bliss.


At its core, Kind Country began in the city of Mankato when Max Graham and Mitch Johnson began playing in their dorms, on front porches and for their friends, with no real aim of taking it to a stage. After leaving their college educations behind to pursue happiness through different avenues, the boys found themselves playing together one cold January evening in St. Paul with Mitch's brother Brandon, and Max playing the mandolin, which he was just starting to pick up. We knew then it was time to pursue music with gusto and put ourselves forward with good intention. Allowing all of our songs and progress to occur organically and serendipitously, we found ourselves gaining momentum and attention from the diverse community on the Minneapolis West Bank. In late 2012, we found ourselves playing with the talent of Rob Higgins on the upright bass, Johnny Kovarik on the banjo, and Ed Hou on the fiddle. This six piece band quickly became a tribe and our like mindedness and love of music has brought us to a level of musicality we never thought possible. We proud to present to you our Attic Tapes demo, which we believe represents a sound that has only begun to develop.


Attic Tapes Demo (2012)

Set List

Original Songs:
The Real Deal
Wasted Time
This Time
Too Many People on the Planet
Put Me Back on the Road
7/8 Jam
Celebration Jam
Need You to Know
Great Lake Love Song
I Don't Mind
Dead and Gone
Baby He's Got to Go
Puttin on the Line
You're Gonna Fall
Lets Hit the Road
Pass the Time

Cover Songs:
Shady Grove, Travelin Down the Blue Road, Little Sadie, 9 Pound Hammer, I've Just Seen a Face, Old Home Place, Annie Melton, Tom Dooley, Fox on the Run, New River Train, Deep River Blues, Been Down this Road, Down Home Girl, One Way Out, Waiting in Vain, Looking For you, Here Comes the Sun, Norwegian Wood, Kryptonite, The Weight, Brown Eyed Women, Eyes of the World,