This IS the New York sound that has been missing since the late 70's!! KiNDERGARTEN uses the latest in State of the Art songwriting technology, combining obscure twists and turns with places of comfort and familiarity. All the while, maintaining their nostalgic, gritty funk/punk/rock n roll roots.


it's being written. Man, that's hard.


Full Length Debut LP: "River of Slime" Set to be released early springtime, 2007. Produced, Recorded and Mixed by the Band at NYC's top Studios (No Home Studios were involved in the making of this record)

Set List

Due to the nature of NYC live music venues, we try to keep our set list to a maximum of 8 songs (35-40 minutes). We keep an encore on deck if need be. If we get a show where we can play longer, we are prepared for that.

We have about 20 songs well written and rehearsed. We are currently working on the next batch. The times run anywhere from 3 minutes to 6 minutes. Generally our songs are tightly structured, and played out as such, (not jammed upon.) These include covers. Anything from Talking Heads, The Four Tops, to Whodini, Annie Lennox, The Pretenders, etc. We re-interpret our covers in our own style. We try to pull out between 1 or 2 covers per show.
One cover, "Life During Wartime" by Talking Heads will be appearing on our debut album.