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Kinderr & JoeCat

Corpus Christi, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Corpus Christi, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Hip Hop Electronic


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Underground Sound Live and Direct with JoeCat"


HHW: Before the interview, we were talking about guys like Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper and Logic and just how they have this extremely loyal fanbase. They may not be on the radio 24/7, but they can maintain a career because of the connection they’ve built with fans. What type impact do you hope to have with listeners?

JOECAT: Social change is pretty important [to me]. Raising awareness to environmental or social causes … but I understand that people need music to get down to, and that we all need to let go of our problems, sometimes. So I’d like to influence the world in a positive way, but at the same time we’ve gotta make music that people are gonna get down to.

HHW: Who were some of your earliest musical influences?

JOECAT: I would like to say The-Dream.

HHW: I wouldn’t have expected that.

JOECAT: I think he’s really underrated. I really do. King Los is my favorite artist.

HHW: I notice you’re mentioning guys that are loved by fans but for whatever reason, never really get the commercial sales or acclaim that they may deserve.

JOECAT: I like to compare Los as like a East Coast Kendrick, but he’s not tryna appeal to the Pop world the way Kendrick might be, so he’s not gonna get that mainstream draw. On top of that, I feel like someone’s gotta represent the hood … there are two different worlds to hip hop that I don’t think people really analyze.

HHW: In your own career, would you be totally satisfied with remaining an underground artist?

JOECAT: My actual intentional dream … my initial dream was to just be a songwriter in the background and actually, a few years ago, if I would’ve given up one track, I probably wouldn’t even have to be making music anymore.

HHW: What do you mean?

JOECAT: I hate to drop names, but I could of given [Rick] Ross a song back in 2013, but I wanted to push it myself, thinking that I would have more success. But that’s why I’ve come to this point in my career. You can give up a little bit now and recreate it later and run with what you get out of it.

HHW: How’d the Ross thing even come about?

JOECAT: I had his email. The way it came about was I had paid for a submission, and they liked it but since I’d already released it, they didn’t wanna put it out under [MMG]. It was kinda my fault, so word to artists, if you have a hot track start shopping it around before you release that sh-t.
HHW: What’s the name of that track?

JOECAT: That track’s called “Sellin’ Out.” I specifically made it for him, too.

HHW: Really?

JOECAT: After a Rick Ross concert, I went home and made that track and he actually considered it, which is crazy.

HHW: So many artists on the come up never get to speak with even one major label, you’ve spoken to a few. How’ve you been able to achieve that?

JOECAT: I wanna say the quality. Every project I’ve ever released, the quality has always upgraded. Whether it’s the production or the mic or the beats … everything. From starting off with a USB microphone to going to million-dollar studios — that’s the difference.

HHW: What are some tracks our readers ought to check out to understand you better as an artist, and why are those tracks so special?

JOECAT: My personal favorite tracks? I think the ones that really started to shift people’s perceptions of me where “Candles” and “Sellin’ Out.” The further you go back into learning about what they were before [you discovered their music], you become even more of a fan. You respect the person, know their hustle and understand where they’re at now. It’s a lot of fun. 420 is my latest album that just came out, it’s also a free mixtape, so if you don’t feel like buying it you can check it out and download it for free.

HHW: What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about making music thus far?

JOECAT: My favorite thing is watching this rise, dude. Every time you think you’ve hit this ceiling, there’s this other level that you didn’t expect to be there. Not just that, but there’s a lot of false hope in this game — even when you think your trajectory is going the right way, you still have to plan to do everything yourself. - Hip Hop Weekly Magazine

"Albums of the year ­— so say the staff"

Foghorn staff shares it’s favorite music
Foghorn staff recounts their favorite musical moments of 2014. While some were influenced by nostalgia and life situations, others chose the latest album of a local favorite. Each reviewer explains why they chose their album and what it means to them. Whether you’re into adult contemporary, country or club-
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“Auditory Hallucinations” – Kinderr and JoeCat
Carlos E. Gonzalez

From the moment you press play you will be hooked from the fast-paced electronic beats and the catchy lyrics. Each song is different and the album doesn’t have that mainstream sound you hear on the radio today. Local and published artist/producer Freddie “Kinderr” Perez and songwriter/producer Joseph “JoeCat” Reyna collaborated to create an amazing mixture of hip-hop and electronic/dance music and put it in a six-track album titled “Auditory Hallucinations.”

This whole album is filled with originality. The first track, the self-named “Auditory Hallucinations” wakes you up with its early drop, loud cymbals and steady drumbeat. The whole song takes you on an adrenaline rush that will leave you wanting more once it is over.

Track two, “Da Funk,” slows it down a little bit and gets a little funky too. I wouldn’t doubt if they decide to bring back the television show “Soul Train” and have this on repeat. The album even has a love track for those who are searching.

“Fly Away” is a track that you need to cruise around the city with that special someone and feel the sparks fly. Then when you thought it was all a dream, you’re back on the adrenaline rush with the fourth track, “Stardust.” The buildup is unique and twisted, and way before its time.

“Moon & Star,” which gives the listener an electric chill, has actually been featured on your favorite MTV and MTV2 shows. The album finishes off with a slow-paced killer. “Dangers of Reality” takes you into the coming down phase of your music high. We all dread the reality part of life, and JoeCat calls out the exploitation on how big conspiracy theories are our main focus, distract us and run the way we think. - Del Mar Foghorn News

"Kinderr - XX (Americano Label – name your price)"


Then I commented on "XX" Kinderr new album is dedicated to the new hip hop, with destructive tunes that make you feel you want to lift the arms and move them into the air. Input nomas the song "Il fly away" is one of those where the hip hop come together to pop and electro-house in the best way, in that space of emotion that can only be reached by a good compositional lines and synthesizers acids growing in waves. There is one of the fundamental points of this disc, the sounds we can hear between track and track, super sexy, super modern. And the raps are drawing up roads that always come to fruition.
EP good for those who like music containing the new street.


Luego les comentamos sobre “XX”, nuevo disco de Kinderr que está dedicado al nuevo hip hop, con unas melodías destructivas que hacen que te den ganas de levantar los brazos y moverlos en el aire. De entrada nomas la canción “Il fly away” es de esas en las que el hip hop se unen al pop y al electro house de la mejor manera, en ese espacio de emotividad al que solo se puede llegar mediante unas buenas lineas compositivas y sintetizadores ácidos creciendo en oleadas. Allí se encuentra uno de los puntos fundamentales de este disco, en las sonoridades que podemos escuchar entre track y track, súper sensuales, súper modernas. Y los rapeos arriba van dibujando caminos que siempre llegan a buen puerto.
Buen EP para los que gustan de la música street que contiene novedad. - Cassette Blog

"Album: (@JoeCattt) - 4/20"

Looking back on his childhood, musician and songwriter JoeCat seems to have always been destined for the limelight and music industry.

“I grew up winning talent shows my entire life, so I guess performing was something I always had in me,” he stated.

After meeting in college, he and his friend and producer, Kinderr, have been making beautiful music since. In the last couple of years, they’ve racked up quite a few accomplishments. They won the Battle of Corpus Christi, 2 years ago, and over the span of two months competed and beat out 32 artists for first place. Their music has appeared on various MTV shows, the NBA, and Tony Hawk’s “The Ride Channel.”

“We’ve also had our song considered for Fast and Furious 7. We’re on hold right now for an opportunity with Epic records for a movie placement,” stated JoeCat.

The two have recently teamed up for their latest album release titled “420.” Unlike their previous work which has an electronica feel to it, JoeCat says this latest project has more of hip hop vibe to it.

“We’re very excited about it. We’ve put a lot of hard work into it, and we look forward to where it takes it,” stated JoeCat.

One of the first songs from that album is a fun, upbeat track titled “Money Comes, People Go” According to JoeCat, it was the first song he and Kinderr worked on together after he moved back from California.

“It was inspired from a Daft Punk sample. It reminds us of marching band. It’s super bouncy. The title is self-explanatory. It’s really catchy,” he explained.

JoeCat says he and his producer friend, Kinderrr, owe a lot of their success so far to El Dusty, a mentor signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

“He’s kind of our big brother that we’re hoping to tour with a lot in the future. He’s helped us out a lot,” stated JoeCat. -


(Studio Projects)
Outspoken Arts & Broken Hearts – 2010 (YouTube)
Dreams Over Dollars - 2012 (iTunes)
Epistemic Virtues (Mixtape) – 2013 (SoundCloud)
Epistemic Virtues 2 (Mixtape) – 2014 (SoundCloud)
Auditory Hallucinations - 2014 (iTunes)
Ariestocracy – 2015 (iTunes)
420 - (iTunes)



Joseph Anthony Reyna (born April 20, 1993), better known by his stage name JoeCat, is an American songwriter/vocalist/arranger from Harlingen, Texas. In 2008, Reyna created the iDream Music Label in hopes of elevating the meaning behind today’s music.

On a journey uncovering his Spanish lineage, with an initial passion for hip-hop dancing and beat-boxing, Reyna was winning talent shows in his early years at grade school. At 16, he hit the airwaves on South Texas radio stations. He credits the hostile region he was raised in as a critical catalyst for his eloquent lyricism. By age 21, his travels and mailing list had amounted to multiple publishing contracts. His inspiration would soon become his love for 70’s funk being synonymous with the origins of early hip-hop.

After learning the legal aspects of the industry, he excelled with vocal training; Coast 2 Coast and Music Connection magazine featured his work with outstanding reviews. Songwriter Universe featured JoeCat on the Top 5 weekly. International Songwriting Competition placed him in the finals while he became nominated “Best New Hip-Hop Artist” for the Artists In Music Awards. His song "Where The Party At" amassed millions of views in Ukraine. In 2013, he won the Battle of Corpus Christi and over the span of two months - beat out 32 artists for first place. His music has appeared on various MTV shows, the NBA, and Tony Hawk’s “The Ride Channel.” He's also appeared in commercials supporting local businesses in Corpus Christi. He made his acting debut in "Millennial Graffiti", a Produce Micro Cinema Film that was Nominated for Best Screenplay and Won Best Original Song at the CC7D Film Festival. Most recently, he was interviewed about his career in depth with Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and featured as a top artist on – He is currently focused on branding and performing.

He's had his music considered for major films and continues to perform with Kinderr under their (2016) Grammy Nominated mentor El Dusty, an artist signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment in Corpus Christi, TX. He’s obtained corporate opportunities and has been granted the ability to write for some major Hip-Hop artists.

Socials: T/IG/FB/SC - @JoeCattt

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