Kind of Girl

Kind of Girl

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

These refreshing Scandinavian popsters are definitely radio cut! National Danish Radio and BBC and German NDR 2 & US WBRU are spinning their catchy tunes. Live they are said to be: 'as addictive as caffeine and give the sugar rush of a Red Bull'. Kind of Girl is the pop machine for a thirsty world!


Copenhagen's Kind of Girl specialise in bass heavy synth-pop doused in the sweet addictive vocal melodies of lead singer Sissel. Lonely in A Modern Way marks the debut album from a band bursting with ideas on combining rock, electro and atmospheric elements to write addictive and inspiring pop songs.

The album's opener Slave To Your Charms is a great introduction to just this. The initially sparse vocals glide over a backdrop of shockwave-bass lines and moody synthesizers before erupting into the chorus's stirring lament of love. Equally Meet You sees the band dip their toes further into the electronic end of the spectrum and crosses Bloc Party riffing with a beautiful string lead chorus, chiming keys and clockwork beats.

On the EP 'Petit fours' 2009, they clearly demonstrate musical curage moving on to more organic means, from the James Bond like theme 'It's deadly' to the almost cabaret sounding 'Version of me'.

Towards the 2010 2nd full album release they seem to have moved into strong character and taken the electro towards the cutting edge of todays sound.

Having embraced the new world the manager is a working member of the band taking care of new directions and web strategy. And having set up their own record company trak2r records and managing their numerous sub publishers through trak2r publishing they are extremely flexible, and ready to move in new directions within hours. Keeping most doors open for the perfect deal to arrive.

Attached music and lyrics:
Debut album 2008 "Lonely in a modern way": 'Slave to your charms', 'Watch in wonder', 'Meet you'
EP 2009 "Petit fours": 'It's deadly', 'Version of me'
'There is only becoming' album May 2010: 'She said', 'Strange and wonderful'

Kind of girl 2008/09 in bullet points:

* the band close the free downloads of 'Slave to your charms' and 'Poetry boy' after 2.239.600 free downloads at

* Kind of girl was selected as a spotlight artist and featured on the front page of

* more than 240 radio stations in 25 countries play the radio strong material from the debut album 'Lonely in a modern way' released in the UK, Germany and Denmark

* both London City Showcase and Canadian NXNE wanted Kind of girl at their showcase festivals - but the band unfortunately was too busy to go

* Sonicbids selected the band to appear in Sonicbids company advertising at showcases and festivals for a period of 9-12 months (internet as well as postcards etc) - 4 bands were selected for this

* 'Poetry boy' is plugged on The National Danish Radio - an extraordinary 3 singles from the debut are now in rotation

* WDR 2 has 'Slave to your charms' in rotation with 5-7 spins a week - covering half of Germany geographically and 2.7 million listeners every week - In the Nielsen Music Control Airplay radio charts (official Airplay charts for Germany) the single peaked on # 179, what is great for a new coming act and the single was also placed in the Mainstream Airplay charts at # 70 with a peak at # 55. January '09 - half a year after the first play of 'Slave to your charms' in German radios, the single is still in the Mainstream Airplay Chart as a # 92

* Kind of girl won the September Indie Rock Channel at with the track 'Watch in Wonder". This lead to a feature placement at the most trafficked music site AOL . And later (part of AOL) had Kind of girl on their front page in the slideshow in a virtual pool of celebrities..

* Radio Eins accepts the second single Poetry Boy and it is given a start rotation of up to 5 spins a week, serving Berlins listeners. A week later, 27th Of January, Radio Eins took 'Poetry boy' to the second highest level - and played the single at least 2 times a day. 19th Of February Radio Eins move 'Poetry boy' to the highest rotation

* Rockin Moms selects 'Watch in wonder' for a compilation CD to be handed out to the industry at SXSW

* Kind of Girl are selected for a feature spot on WBRU for a minimum of 5 spins a week throughout May. Named one of Rolling Stone Magazine's "10 stations that don't suck", WBRU has one of the most listened to streaming radio stations in America.

* One of the largest festivals in China - The Midi Festival Shanghai - selects Kind of Girl for performance in November 2009

* 'Slave to your charms' was nominated in June for The Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the Pop category

* 'Watch in wonder' is selected as the first track for the compilation CD to be handed out to more than 350 business contacts in the sync area at the Adcolor Awards

* 'She said' was nominated in October for The Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the Pop category

* 'C'mon c'mon' got a 4th place in the Indie Rock Channel October at

* New Intelligence Music - Uplaya - hit estimated Kind Of Girls 17 songs with a total of 10 Platinum and 3 Silver Auddies and an average score of 7.2 (Platinum)


Slave to your charms

Written By: Sissel Olander

Slave to your charms

I need to forget myself
Dream of you
And noone else
Ill allow myself to go
Far beyond the points I know

Blessed with your kiss
Just wake me
Blur or a bliss
Will make me
Fall from the sky
And take me
Slave to your charms
Into your arms

Meet me with an open mind
Dont forget that love is blind
Consequence does not exist
Dont think twice if I insist


Watch in wonder

Written By: Sissel Olander

Watch in wonder

Its not to late for anything cause things can change completely
One day youll wake and be amazed and you will shine and meet me

You will wake and watch in wonder
You will rise and they will fall
You will wake and watch in wonder
Beautiful, magical, new

Youll live a thousand love affairs and millions of romances


Its not to complicated
One day youll know you made it

Wake up, wake up, wake up ....


Its not to late for anyone and if you take your chances


Meet you

Written By: Sissel Olander

Meet you

I closed myself down then I walked out
The strangest frame of mind
You whisper quietly and so loud
Threads of thoughts I simply cant unwind
Happiness that drags me down
The mingling crowd
but I cant dive in deep and drown

Ill meet you Ill meet you
Anywhere in the world today
I need you I need you
Like ive never needed anyone
Ill meet you Ill meet you
Anywhere in the world today
I need you I need you
Wont you chase this loneliness away

A vague idea a distant notion
Im flying in a big balloon from outer space
But Im still going through the motions
Addressing current matters with a smiling face
Piling up feelings I just cant contain
I miss you so
the strangest hurt
the sweetest pain

Ill meet you Ill meet you
Anywhere in the world today
I need you I need you
Like ive never needed anyone
Ill meet you Ill meet you
Anywhere in the world today
I need you I need you
Wont you chase this loneliness away


Version of me

Written By: Sissel Olander

Hard to fold a hand you know could win, and I should know

dirty game

but all the same

just give it up and let it go

Don't invest in me

unless you want a bad return

things you need I just don't sell

I have learned my lesson well

that's all you get

thats all you get

That's all you'll get and all you'll see

A lonely version of me

Loves a beast a thief a freak, the strangest fiction ever

You will hate my secrets when they burst like little bombs

best intentions

Daily prayer

It just wont save this love affair

You should brake me like another habit while you can

call it quits

when timing fits

Don't wait for me to understand

thats all you get

thats all you get

Thats all youll get and all youll see

A lonely version of me

Love will make you loose your boyish charm and twist your arm

Drop me like some pocket change you never thought you had

Let me slowly run like sand

Through your fingers from your hand

thats all you get

thats all you get

Thats all youll get thats all youll see

A lonely version of me

She said

Written By: Sissel Olander

You told
You told me
You told me so
You warned me
You thought I was always to brave
I’m to brave

she called
she called me
she called me oh
At first
words they went over my head
but she said

Sometimes like the moon
That rise the tide
A heavy pull will force you
Oh into the deep
Into the wide
A passion sea
That calls your name

You made

Strange and wonderful

Written By: Sissel Olander

into the unknown
such an odd flow
so extraordinary
its strange and wonderful
I’m in motion
I am lost in space and light

glow the dark away and show me light
spark me up today and shine tonight
I am fit to crash and burn
you ignite me

light the sky tonight in bright and glitter
blaze a trail for me be my transmitter
I am fit to crash and burn
you enlight me

there’s something ongoing
a steadfast orbit
that’s extraordinary
and I am in the loop
I’m in progress
find myself in space and light

It's deadly

Written By: Sissel Olander

I am like a spy
I’m with you only to observe
Someone else’s life of love and lust, I want to learn
I am such an actress and I’ll stage the show
But I’ll betray you
It’s deadly
The play that makes you fall to pieces

I am not sincere
but I am so believable
I just can’t be trusted, I’m so used to telling lies and they
Just fall like words that any fool would trust including me

Leaves you so in love with the idea of us
but I’ll betray you
It’s deadly


Debut album 'Lonely in a modern way' - released in September 2008

EP (digital) 'Petit fours' released in May 2009

2nd full album 'There is only becoming' is on the way

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Set List

Makes it hard to love you
If you say
You can't save me
She said
Version of me
Strange and wonderful
Someone you replaced
Cmon, Cmon
Watch in wonder
The more
It's deadly
Meet you
From silence and sleep
Poetry boy
Slave to your charms
Super Nova