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A unique blend of rich harmonies and compelling stories create this dynamic debut album. Three women, three voices, one heart. Kindred sings anthems that claim hearts, open minds and lift spirits.


Kindred vocal trio presents folk to blues melodies on their debut album, Kindred Hearts. The song “And The Angels Came’ provokes gratitude and pride and the anthem praises the angels who come in times of crisis and encourages everyone to be the angel in their community. First performed at a Haiti Charity concert, this song has made it’s way across the world on YouTube and radio. The next tune, “Survivor” records the struggle of a woman who saves herself and her child and continues to rise above what the world brings to her door. She could be the woman next door quietly making ends meet or the health survivor who triumphs and teaches as she makes her way through life.
Sample the inspiring stories told in song by Kindred at or through itunes.
Three women, three voices… one heart. We are all Kindred.

Here are some of Kindred’s more recent clients:

TD Canada Trust
Lougheed House, Calgary
Shrine Club of Calgary (not sure if this is the correct formal name)
Red Box Productions
Matthews Group (is this ok? They hired us for Famous Five)
Calgary Zoo
Canadian Cancer Society
My Child Concerts
AirdrieLife Magazine Gala and Events
Haiti Community Concerts
Airdrie Festival of Lights
Days Ride North Folk Club
My Child Concerts for the Children's WISH Foundation of Canada
The AirDirondak Gala
Famous 5 Foundation, Calgary AB
Empty Bowl
Airdrie Food Bank
Heritage Park Concert Series
Chancellors Event, Calgary
Southern Stardust Big Band, Red and White Club
AB Children's Hospital
Music In Common Mentoring Program
Raise The Ceiling, Central United Church

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Kindred sings anthems that claim hearts, open minds, and lift spirits.


God Bless the Child

Written By: Theresa Wasden

God Bless The Child
(Christmas Eve)
Copyright Dec 2007 SOCAN T.S. Wasden

God bless the child
All alone on Christmas Eve
Where will they go
Who will care for all their needs?
God Bless the Child all alone on Christmas Eve

God bless the One
Who will take him from the street?
Treat a wounded heart at Christmas
Lift him up from defeat
God bless the One who saves a man on Christmas Eve

Where will they go at Christmas?
If no one ever sees the homeless and the child

-all is calm and all is bright
-sleep in heavenly peace

God bless the one
Who’s aware of another’s needs
Who opens their heart at Christmas?
(Lord) they hear your quiet plea
To care for their brother
To love one another
All through the year
Like it was Christmas Eve
Like it was Christmas Eve

And the Angels Came

Written By: Theresa Wasden and Sheila Ross

And The Angels Came
Words, SA Ross and TS Wasden; Music TS Wasden 2010

Say a prayer, bend a knee, beg for mercy
and the angels came.
One more soul to set free. You prayed for me
And the angels came

The calling is coming
The quickening if falling
The hurting the leaving
They’re singing your name

The sorrow, the mourning
And somewhere it opens
The glory, rejoicing
Rescue is gained.

Say a prayer, bend a knee, beg for mercy
and the angels came.
One more soul to set free. You prayed for me
And the angels came


Written By: Theresa Wasden

TS Wasden, 1998

She wonders how things are at home
Will there be a price to pay for working all day long
Had the man she loves been faithful? Will he treat her as a friend?
Or will he just be angry in the end.

He takes her money and her will.
He’s in control and it stays that way until
The man she loves gets angry and hurts the child they share
No one could have known the guilt she’d bare.

She’s a survivor
She lived through it all
Still she tries to free her life
She’ll get up one more time than she falls
A survivor

She saved the child she saved herself
She found another man but time would steal his health
They will walk this path together.
She has learned that you must fight
Now she can take control and do what’s right.

The child has grown and left her side
Although the fear is gone, the scars are hard to hide
She will never see herself as the hero that she is
But we know, those she’s come in contact with.

She paid the price of inexperience
Wisdom of years gave her another chance

Teach Me How You Love

Written By: Theresa Wasden

Teach Me How You Love
TS Wasden

With unwavering strength she works and she serves
No one takes notice at all
But every day she makes her way
To the path by the East castle wall

Through the gate he passes by on his stallion
She raises her breath but no voice whispers out
As he goes on her wishes take over
Only then can her feelings come out

Teach me how you love
I don’t understand your subtle ways
A gentle touch is not enough to show me

Teach me how to speak
Mere words don’t have meaning my heart cries out to say
Sense it with your soul
Teach me how you love

A chance passing brings him to the gate of her home
Her heart finds the courage to speak
He asks for some water and food for himself
And hay for the nobleman’s steed

Will this moment pass without ever his knowing
His eyes match her gaze and the moment rings out
You are the one in my wandering night dreams
Show me what love’s all about


Finally all that her dreams had revealed
Were standing before her


Cd Tracks
1) Back to the Rhythm
2) A Little Attention
3) Survivor
4) Memories
5) And the Angels Came
6) Teach me How You Love
7) Don't Do That To the Children
8) Honesty
9) Mary Did You Know?
10) God Bless The Child

God Bless the Child, Mary Did you know and And the Angels Came are currently getting radio play time (medium) on 'The Range' 106.1 FM serving Airdrie and Cochrane Ab.

Single 'Kindred Hearts' available on website as well as 'Happy Birthday' from Kindred.

Set List

Kindred is available for smaller intimate gatherings with just piano or on a larger scale with full 5 pc band for stage shows and productions. Our genre's range from Folk, to Jazz, to Adult Contemporary, to Big Band, to Pop. Kindred's strength is in the group's ability to connect with your audience. Contact us for a set list tailored to your needs.