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Jamie Lloyd

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
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"Jamie Lloyd album press"


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"Beware of the Light"

Sometimes the hectic pace of the 21st century can be too much. Sometimes you need a musical tonic to bring back your satisfied status quo. Sometimes you need to shut the world out and simply indulge. Enter Jamie Lloyd's stunning sophomore, an album that will wash away any stresses as it opens with the gloriously deep, syncopated post modern lullaby 'Shot Down'. Jamie Lidell is your most obvious reference point, Westbeech and, at points, Amp Fiddler are too. But then so is early Loveys as Jamie takes us deeper into the realms of his wonky wonderland, a wonderland that builds bass-bitten momentum track by track. Slowly we're brought back to reality as he ends with a cacophany of bleeps and crashes. Yeah the 21st century is hectic, but as long as there's house-bound electronica like this, it's good to be alive.
Dave Jenkins - iDJ

"Beware of the Light - Album of the Month"

His second album shows Jamie Lloyd being even deeper embedded in sounds, but despite this, the soul has not been lost.
Just like Herbert back then, he seems to make music from everything that is lying in front of him, and with his almost gospel-like vocals and jazz horns and other instruments he arrives at writing tracks that - despite all abstract sound design - go right to the heart.
A musical multi talen with an uber deep nuance, that knows no borders beyond soul.
An album that will bring the completely neglected genre of songwriter house to the point this year, but never bows down to pop, although that would be the logical thing to do.
(author Bleed) - De:bug

"Jamie Lloyd"

..."A sense of progression is apparent on Beware of the Light, which appropriates the luscious and melodic sounds of Lloyd's debut and fuses them with his "twisted" take on house and disco. "Initially I was going to do a full dancefloor thing but I thought that would have been too brutal for people putting it on in the car or at home," he says. The album certainly has a more pronounced club edge than its predecessor, with cuts like "One Little Sandstorm" evoking classic Kompakt 12"s; but Lloyd's quirky knack for cosmic songwriting also remains intact, with the album possessing a warmth that is not often associated with electronic releases.

"I bought a few old synthesizers and have been trying to get out of the box, out of the computer," he reveals. "I've been trying to use the computer as little as possible and trying to get much more of a live sound, which sets it apart from the people who use MIDI sounds".

Beware of the Light ultimately affirms that not all electronic albums can be dichotomised as either "club" or "easy listening"; while Lloyd traverses both, his triumph has been to cultivate a sound that resonates with both "heads" and dance music neophytes, grounded in both the everyday suburbia of Castle Hill and the frenetic clubbing hub of Berlin.

(author Chris Honnery) - The Brag magazine


2005 12" vinyl 'Adori's Kitchen' (Future Classic)
2006 12" vinyl 'Movin' In' (Future Classic)
2006 CD LP 'Trouble Within' (Future Classic)
2007 12" vinyl 'Trouble Within Remixes Part 1' Trickski & Zwicker (Future Classic)
2008 CD LP 'More Trouble' remix album (Future Classic)
2008 12" vinyl 'Trouble Within Remixes Part 2' Drumpoet
2008 CD Compost Records Popkomm sampler (Shahrokh Sound of K 'Break It Down' Jamie Lloyd remix)
2008 CD 'Maybe Fur' and 'Zoo' (Jamie Lloyd / Trickski / Sui Zhen) (Goethe Institut / CO Pop promo LP)
2008 CD 'May I?' Quarion remix (Kompakt)
2009 CD LP 'Beware of the Light' (Future Classic)
2010 12" vinyl 'Beware of the Remixes' (Matthew Herbert, Mark E, Alex Barck & Christian Prommer, Tuff City Kids) (Future Classic)
2010 EP 'Leipzig' (Matthew Herbert - JJ Top remix) (Accidental Records)



Jamie Lloyd - DJ / producer / singer / songwriter

Jamie Lloyd burst onto the scene in 2006 with his refreshing debut ‘Trouble Within’ (Future Classic) receiving critical acclaim; local tastemakers praising it as one of the best electronic albums of the year, and drawing comparisons to Matthew Herbert and Jamie Lidell. Influences such as Arthur Russell and Matthew Herbert underscore Jamie's love of blending electronic with organic and 'found' sounds, creating his distinct musical palette.

October 2009 saw the release of Jamie’s second original album, ‘Beware of the Light’, presenting his far-from-linear take on dance music in a coherent yet diverse body of work. While songs such as the album’s title track show Jamie’s knack for classic songwriting, his lush vocal ability and leftfield pop sensibility, the bulk of the album is written with his angular live club shows in mind. Computer game disco aesthetics with techno energy, the album is continuously shifting gears, ebbing and flowing but always building. A plethora of fat squelchy bass and bizarre found sounds like the recordings of asteroids crashing into the earth on ‘Fire Flies’ combine with adept musicality that keeps things dense and interesting.

"Beware of the Remixes" is a 12" collection of remixes from Beware of the Light, given the remix treatment by Matthew Herbert, Mark E, Tuff City Kids, and Alex Barck & Christian Prommer - in stores now. Jamie's earlier tracks have also been remixed by luminaries such as Quarion, Brennan Green, Trickski, Zwicker, Soultourist, and Drumpoet.

Jamie's Live performances are uptempo electronic sets of his original works with vocal manipulation, live loops, live instrumentation, beat programming, sampling and arrangements, and he has performed Live on an Australian national tour and at Parklife Festival in Sydney (40,000 attendees). His live set was recorded for Red Bull Music Radio, along with an interview, and this is to be published in the coming months.

Jamie has recently moved to Berlin, Germany, to further his DJing career in Europe. As a DJ he spans many genres, playing techno, house, downtempo, space hip hop etc, with his broad musical taste informing each set and making it unique.

"[Jamie Lloyd] takes 80s George Clinton and Arthur Russell-style funk and disco and welds it onto their more recent prodigy - say, Matthew Herbert and Metro Area - to create big thwacking bass lines that rub up against squirming micro-edited bass frequencies, and most impressively, languid, intoxicating songs." Matthew Levinson / Cyclic Defrost

Sample DJ mixes available on request.

Sharon McDonald
Kindred Artist Management