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"Kind Words From Bad People"

…." I appreciate hearing some music that's different and stands apart from the crowd. It's nice to hear some music that's forward thinking and isn't just a generic, cookie cutter version of other better stuff out there…I think you're on to a cool sound, so just keep writing and recording because you've definitely got something cool and different about what you're doing already".-TAXI - Taxi-A&R

"Kind Words From Bad People feature review"

Sitting down over here now are the folks from Kind Words From Bad People, an electronic/dance/DJ group from Vancouver, BC. This four-person band uses female singing voices, male spoken rhymes, guitars, bass, percussion, and keys and decks to produce a blend of rap, electronica, R&B, jazz, and blues that has a uniquely fresh, 21 st century sound. Unlike some much trance or electronica or even some rap, this music is extremely interesting to listen to. There is always a new aural stream for your mind to travel along. The addition of singing and live instrumentation adds a level of warmth that much urban music lacks. Sweet stuff! -Janie Franz, Skope Magazine-October 2009 Issue close-with-janie-%E2%80%93-october-2009 - Skope Magazine

"Rhythm Unconscious Review"

"Rhythm Unconscious, a downtempo lounge-like intrepid journey into downtempo rap/avant garde fusion is one hell of a cimenmatic audioscape, and an introspective journey into our modern times. Pick this cd up for the club, house parties, the car, hell, anywhere. Damned addictive stuff."- Alt Magazine, October 2008
- Alt Magazine

"Kind Words From Bad People"

The music in these songs is really great, and has tons of commercial appeal. The vocals are strong, memorable yet not obtrusive. The combination of various influences keeps your sound fresh and current, with a cutting edge tone-Taxi - Taxi A&R

"Review of "Rhythm Unconscious""

When listening to "Kinds Words From Bad People" listeners can sit back and let an andante trance permeate to the tip of their soul.
vocals differ like east and west. The east is the rapping which flows with triplets and intense visualizations through creative use of spoken word. Then, you have the west where beautiful melodies and a sense of intense relaxation calms your soul, bringing you close to an Alpha state or peace. Both styles flow back and forth grazing fingertips as they pass.
"Patient's Dream/Sweetest Arsenic" screams a love story of acceptance. The line, "Kiss of her venom" seems to be saying, "No matter what you do to me I will Love you." With "Sometimes I Play The Fool" visions appear of someone trying to make it famous, but unsure if it's what they want, and tire of hurting friends.
The chorus of "Beginning Of Where You Left Off " is full of energy and sticks in your head, bounces back and forth till your head is moving to the rhythm. "Fly on a Wall" is an impressive mix of Blues and Hip-Hop. "Kind Words From Bad People" has a sound which gives hope for the constant evolution of Hip-Hop through a creative mixture of Blues, New Age and Rap.

Review by Russell Eldridge

Summer Issue 2009

For direct link to the magazine and review please go to: - Target Audience Magazine

""Rhythm Unconscious" Review"

"Get ready to be blown away by a sound that is unique to most others. With a mixture of several genres, Kind Words From Bad People will simply amaze you with what they are offering to the music industry; a departure from tradition music. If you want to know what you are about to embark upon, then think of Acid Jazz meets Hip-Hop meets Urban meets Electronica. If you are a type of music lover who enjoys exploring new territories in music, then Kind Words From Bad People is the perfect choice. Don't believe me? Check them out for yourself and learn more about the band in this recent interview.

In the meantime, make sure to go out and buy their debut release titled "Rhythm Unconscious" which creatively fuses several genres of music into one fantastic musical journey. The flow of the lyrics, the haunting of the vocals, and the incorporation of the mysterious sounds helps to elevate this CD into its Consciousness of Rhythmic pleasure.

"Rhythm Unconscious" gets a solid A+"

-Published: July 10, 2009 By: Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

For the direct link to review and the interview with Junior's Cave magazine please go to: - Juniors Cave Magazine

"Magazine Feature and Interview"

Distorted southern guitar, electronic elements, Flobots-esque spoken word, hip-hop and an unnatural love for deep sea invertebrates. Combine all of these things and you get…well, a mess really. That is, unless you are Kind Words From Bad People. The Canadian foursome create some very interesting music and mix it with a very deliberate, powerful design aesthetic.

They also make a daring claim and invoke the aforementioned deep sea creature toward the end of the interview. Check it out.

- Tyler Groover of

Check out the complete interview at this link: - Twogroove Online Magazine


Rhythm Unconscious - available now on ITUNES!

Since the debut release of "Rhythm Unconscious"...Kind Words From Bad People have consistently placed in top ten charts for college/university radio across Canada!!

Some Station Listings:
CKXU 88.3MHzLethbridge AB
CIUT 89.5 MHz -Toronto ON
CFOU 89.1FM-Quebec
CBC R3- Eccentric Canadian
100.3 SoundFM-CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo
CKDU 88.1 MHz - Halifax NS
CFBX 92.5FM - Kamloops BC
CJAM-99.1FM-Windsor ONT

(in U.S.)
University of Iowa
IRadio L.A.-Independent 104
KDVS FreeForm Radio (Calif.)
Shades Radio N.J.
( (Ohio) (NY)
IndieRevolutionRadio (NY)
CJAM-99.1FM-Detroit (MI)




Sometimes things come from nowhere....

It's always been said "expect the unexpected", very few people truly do.
Cohorts in the 9 - 5, empathetic dreamers, dissatisfied with the musical stalemate they found themselves in, Kind Words met through coincidence... a quirk of fate and chance that has spoken loudly through the quick awakening that is "Kind Words From Bad People".
Forming the very first "Happy Accident"!

An idea that might work?... lounge, rap, "blippy noises" and the guitars forceful rhythm, found depth and soul that only trust in friends, with mutual fascinations can form....capturing vocals and lyrics that surprised even the deliverers.

And yet another "Happy Accident" was realized!
Always glad to grab further inspiration, Kind Words were lucky enough to know some of the most unique in mind individuals, gifted in their chosen musical strengths.
This time we couldn't miss the next "Happy Accident"!
Friends, for so many reasons, and admired for all their moments of brilliance, brought more than anyone could have expected, making Kind Words, "A hat trick"!
So...since we're goin' three for three in the "Happy Accident" department, we hope you get a moment, sit back and enjoy what you hear.....

"Help Kind Words reach ridiculous fame and fortune, and maybe, one day, a scientist may have the ability to make fruit taste like chocolate....."

You're curious aren't you?......