A psychedelic Nirvana - raw-nerved, equal parts reverb, noise, and melody.


Sex, Violence, Nervous Breakdowns, Reverb:

.....Feedback. An empty pill bottle. A half-glass of whiskey. A sleepless night. A panic attack. A tense conversation. A broken heart. An aimless walk. Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring. Noise. Melody....

k i n e t i c are not a fun band. They may make you want to do bad things.

Their first record, "Sun & Glacier," came out in spring 2006 on the Chicago indie collective Paribus Records. The band followed up with a summer tour of the South and Midwest.

Work began on the second k i n e t i c record, "An Army of Lovers Can Be Beaten," in May 2007 at The Fort in Bushwick with engineer Jim Bentley, but was derailed by a band member’s suicide attempt and subsequent hospitalization. However, work on the album is back on track and it is slated for a late autumn release, once again on Paribus.

"An Army of Lovers Can Be Beaten" is a late-night New York record, pulsing with bleak, often violent lyrics, intricate sonics, and an unsettling sexuality.


red curtain

Written By: brendan boehning

you don’t have the time, and i don’t have the money to be drinking when it rains and drinking when its sunny. you don’t understand the feeling that comes over me. from the first sip to the last drop, that’s when i’m real. and in the morning my throat burns. i’ve done something i’m ashamed of. and i don’t even care. i can’t remember when i used to. it’s hard enough to feel alive, with the boredom and the hunger. from the first sip to the last drop, that’s when i’m real.

a scene unseen

Written By: brendan boehning

feeling better are you? i’m feeling the same, how about you? i feel like plastic on a hot stove, feel like the band aid on your toe. coming around to the same place, automatic time and space. i just want to feel you, feel the heat inside of you. what’s that noise inside me? a heartbeat going round and round. did you notice something different about the way i frown? i’ve been waiting for a long time, waiting for you to come back through the door. i explode in the hot sun, but it’s just perfect ask anyone. don’t you think i know what it’s like to fall apart?

idiot attorney

Written By: brendan boehning

what’s the company policy on exit wounds? call the jury in to pretend that they give a shit. we’ll have a five-hour course in how to make a four course meal. and the creditors count their cash in the baseball fields. if my every move is an affront to you i must be doing something right. so take me down if you’ve got the nerve.


Kinetic EP: December 2005
"Sun & Glacier" LP: April 2006
"An Army of Lovers Can Be Beaten" LP: fall 2007

various "Sun & Glacier" songs stream on

Set List

Typical set: 45 mins

Typical set list: electrocute
light makes shadows
red curtain
black & blue
streets keep quiet
all the things you thought were true
your blood on my hands
la pasionaria