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We are Futurists. Our mission is to spread the message of LOVE throughout the universe with sound waves and aesthetically pleasing visuals. Our ultimate goal is to unite mankind through the most primal forms of expression and creativity; music, art, and dance.


KINETICA: The body possesses energy by virtue of being in motion, “Potential Energy”.

The music of Kinetica is a concept album based on the series of illustrated novels by Konrad McKane. The first book in the series is titled "Alkaya: The legend of Empyro". Konrad is self publishing it in early 2011. The sound of Kinetica is like 80's synth pop or video game music, which is fitting because the story is kind of like an rpg.

As the prologue unfolds you are enveloped in the fantastical parallel world created by a race of aliens known as the Alkayans. The planet Alkaya is filled with mythical creatures of fairy tales and fantasy. This perfect society is destroyed by the ultimate agent of chaos the Great Dragon and his minions. The Great Dragon created Harkane and his horde of Repticons, evil shape shifting, soul stealing demons.

The Alkayans created four symbiotic suits of armor that were infused with the power of the four elements earth, water, fire and air. They called the suits Empyro, meaning empowered by holy fire and blue flame. Four being were chosen to operate the Empyros and force back Harkane and his Repticon forces, ultimately imprisoning the dark plague and the Great Dragon. The shattered civilization has been corrupted and struggles to regain their utopia. Abandoned by the creators the high elders seal the Empyros away only to become a forgotten legend. Little did they know that some of the Repticons had evaded the Empyros grasp.

Thousands of years have passed, the seal has weakened on the prison, Harkane is coming. A secret team is being assembled by the high council of Alkaya and the legion of light and love to recover the lost Empyros. Jaypar Prakkari the mysterious lunar elf rogue and Bantam Bumaril the wood elf hunter are agents of Kinetica, a secret organization of assassins devoted to wiping out Repticons. They are recruited by Sabria Masue, the female high elf holy paladin, to rescue Ferrick Vatten, the whale man warrior, from prison and find Kolobar Avlossa the lion man fire shaman. Sabria leads the team on an epic journey spanning the four corners of Alkaya revealing the legend of Empyro. (read less)


Moving on

Written By: Konrad & Michri McKane

The meeting let our early enough now
I'm coming home so keep the house clean
I would be disappointed if you
Set it up you know I'm not ready
After all we're in this together
No one is separate accept it it's simple
Up the driveway the lights come on
Loosen up my tie I'm almost home

Don't give up oh no
Not when we're so close
Keep alive the warmth you have inside
I know what I want
I've known all along
The world won't prove me wrong
The timing is right
We've gotta keep moving on
They're never gonna catch us

Grab a pencil rewrite the ending
Leave behind your limiting beliefs
I can change to whatever needs be
Holding the reigns to my destiny
No need for pretense
The walls are all falling
Down in your chest
you know what feels right
Logic and reason you trade in for treason
Open up the sky realization

Armour Amore

Written By: Konrad & Michri McKane

You give them knives and swords
they hate us
and we don't know why.
You give them pins and nails
they fear us
yet we still fly
you give them guns and bombs
can't hurt us
we're a symbol that will live forever
you give them knives and swords
you give them guns and bombs
yet we still survive

The skin we're in is this
Our armor covers us
The skin we're in is this
Our armor that covers us
everyday we're fighting the battle
and we're winning the war
everyday we're fighting the battle
and we're, and we're winning the war, the war