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"Headline Artist- Kinetic Circus"

Kinetic Circus is a high-energy rollercoaster ride powered by the heartbeat of rock and roll, flying on the wings of jazz, blues, punk and fusion. This quartet may have met in San Diego but each member is native to a different corner of the US. Yolanda hails from the Seattle, Jeremy is from Texas, Brian is from New Jersey and Jason is from Wisconsin. Because they all have varied backgrounds, each member brings many unique touches and rich colors to their collaborative songwriting process. Yolanda was a performance based scholarship recipient for SMC’s up and coming music professional’s conservatory for Jazz voice, which she completed, but her heart has always been in rock and roll. Brian also studied at the Musician’s Institute. Jason is an accomplished Jazz drummer, and Jeremy grew up with music as another language coloring his life, with which he eventually picked up the bass and found his own voice.

"As a group we all agree that (finally!) finding three other people who share our deep love and passion for music and getting to play music together is our greatest accomplishment. We are also grateful just to be able to touch people with our original music, just ask our fans how they feel about our song Rusty Bean!"

popVLTR: You've been making moves in San Diego, how'd you get into music? KC: Well, we all have very different stories. Yolanda says that her Dad told her that she was singing in the crib. She always knew that music was her one and only true love; there was never a plan B. Jason says that he always wanted to be a band geek so in the 6th grade he started playing the saxophone in school and unfortunately, every time he showed up for a lesson, a different lever or pad on the sax was bent out of shape. After this happened one too many times he decided to play something that was meant to be hit and wouldn’t break so easily, so he took up drums. Jeremy says that his Mother was a classically trained musician and was always playing classical music on the stereo. Music was something that he grew up with, it was always apart of his life and never seemed out of the ordinary. Brian says that he started playing drums at the age of 6.

popVLTR: Congrats on '7 Off', who are some of your influences? KC: Thank you! When we set out to write this song our drummer Jason asked if we could just write a straight ahead rock song because all of our other original tunes are really eclectic and have elements of every style of music we have all been inspired and influenced by (but still with the heartbeat of rock and roll!) One thing is definitely true about us: if you’ve heard one of our songs, you still won’t know who we are. We have been described by our fans as taking you on a rollercoaster ride, you won’t know what’s coming up around the next bend but you’re sure to enjoy the ride. Yolanda : “I was inspired to write the lyric for “7 Off” when I first moved to San Diego four years ago and couldn't find a job. I had certain people in my life who meant well but who were advising me to put music on the back burner and get a real job instead of pursuing music. This song is all about creating your own freedom to do the things in life which light you up and make you happy, regardless of what other people think is 'right’; for Kinetic Circus this is music. In my opinion, our job in this life is to be 7 Days Off from doing things which drain your life force, make you miserable and leave you just trying to survive your life and to be 7 Days On doing what you love so you can be a greater force of love and happiness in the lives of others. It’s actually an anthem for following your positive life path and leaving this life better than you found it.” Our Influences: Yolanda: My Dad, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, RUSH, Garbage, Nina Simone, Heart, Ella Fitzgerald, Alice in Chains STP...pretty much every piece of music I have ever heard! Jason: For dums: mostly Sabbath, Metallica, Zeppelin, and Tony Williams, but I love all kinds of music really, INCLUDING hip hop and country. Brian : Jane’s Addiction, Blondie, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Ween. Jeremy: Pink Floyd, The Doors, NIN, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction, The Flaming Lips, Misfits, Tom Waits, etc. (too many to list)

popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? KC: Although once again we all have various answers to this question personally, as a group we all agree that (finally!) finding three other people who share our deep love and passion for music and getting to play music together is our greatest accomplishment. We are also grateful just to be able to touch people with our original music, just ask our fans how they feel about our song Rusty Bean! We’re sending out a huge Thank You! to our core group of amazing fans for keeping us going and loving us! We love you!

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Kinetic Circus? KC: We have decided to put gigging on hold (temporarily!!) to complete our forth­coming full length all original album this spring entitled: Play. We plan on exploring every single avenue available once it’s mixed and mastered. The world will know our passion that much is certain. We are also planning our first West Coast tour this summer and we hope to play Hempfest and Bumbershoot in Seattle Wa (Yolanda’s hometown) in the late summer. We have also been featured several times on SDmusictv, which is a wonderful forum for our local talent here in San Diego, thank you Joe and Jen Stevens! Thank you PopVulture for liking us!! - Pop Vulture


Soon to be released first full length all original album entitled : Play, coming this Fall!



The Power of Four from four corners of the USA met in San Diego to create Kinetic Circus. This high energy rock quartet uses every influence which each of the four pillars has been inspired by to bring to the world a unique way of experiencing the world of rock and roll. If you've heard one of our songs, you still won't know who we are and that is the thrill of this roller coaster ride we call Kinetic Circus!