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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
EDM Dubstep


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kinetic: Bedroom Prodigy"

Today we have a special treat for everyone. We have a brief feature on a good friend of SUAS known as Kinetic. He may seem a bit of a joker, which is quite true, but don’t let the look fool you. Kinetic, real name Fabian Gonzalez, can put the vast majority of producers to shame with his innovative style and song structure. Now Kinetic hails from Houston, a city where producers are slim to none, and is a part of the collaborative group DAM Dubstep, just to give you and idea as to what it is he is all about. If you have yet to hear any of his tunes, links will follow, and it is HIGHLY recommended you check him out, and follow up on him, as it’s only a matter of time before he is involved in something huge.

Sidenote: We don’t judge him for liking Skrillex.

How were you exposed to dubstep living in Houston?

I actually first got into listening to dubstep when a buddy of mine sent me a Youtube link to a Datsik track. I didn’t think much of it at first since i was a Trance addict, but i did like the down-tempo feel i got from it and its emphasis on bass. While searching facebook to for some dubstep groups or pages to “like”, i fell upon the Gritsy page. Gritsy IS Houston’s dubstep scene and host of almost every dubstep party in town. My attendance of a single show completed the transformation from trancer to dubstepper.

Can you recall what the fist tune you heard was?

Either Datsik & Excisions Swagga, or Datsiks Jenova Project. Cant really remember which came first. Both still blow my mind with every listen.

You have some pretty impressive production skills… What program(s) do you prefer to use? Why?

Shank you!
I started producing at age ten when my dad brought home a laptop with Fruityloops installed on it. I sort of got addicted to making random beats and noises and found myself spending most of my free time on it. As the years went on, and Fruityloops turned to FL Studio, I’ve become more and more fond of its ease of use and intuitive interface. Ive tried out Ableton and Reason, but havn’t found either to be as simple to use.

You have any producers you’re feeling at the moment?

This ones just for you - SKRILLEX
I just love the tamed chaos his music provides. Stuff like that seems to be the only thing that can keep my attention. I listen to all kinds of music really. I like to listen to music in all ranges of the electronic music spectrum in order to keep myself from burning out on a certain genre. Aside from Skrillex, I keep Noisia, Antiserum, and Zeds Dead banging at the moment.

Do you have any plans to go live soon?

Not really into mixing yet, ive kind of stuck to producing at all hours of the day. I eventually will get a set of tables though. Hopefully.

So far in your career making music, do you have any outstanding “proud” moments? If so, what was it?

Id say my proudest moments come with every positive comment i get on my tracks! Being featured on FILTH.FM a couple of times and being asked to join DAM are the peaks of my career thus far!

Apart from dubstep, what other genres have you produced?

Ive probably done a bit of everything you can think of except country! Ive done random rap beats, trance for a million years, a lot of dnb, stuff for my folk band back in the day, some death metal, and even ridiculous combination’s of genres that shouldn’t be attempted!

If you could tell fans of your music anything what would it be?

I love pork, porpoises, kittens, wolves, and other dominant animals. Someone turn me into a polar bear please.

So you’re with DAM now, how’re you enjoying it thus far?

Being in DAM is great! Having people to talk to, get ideas from, contribute, and collaborate with really takes producing to a whole different level. Me and the guys in DAM seem to get along pretty well and its good to know you’ve got at least two guys that will at least fake enjoying your music! I think the combination of all our ideas and self-critique really make the music much better than a song produced all solo.

Paper or plastic?

Glass on Glass!

Any advice for new producers?

If your passionate about what your doing, then stick to it. Whenever i have an idea for a song, i like to listen to music that most likely resembles what im going for constantly! I try and get inspiration from picking apart songs. The small details and intricacies are what catch my attention most, and help me figure out new ways to combine and create sound. - Shut Up And Skank


Still working on that hot first release.




For Collaborations/ Anything Else:

AIM: gonzafat

-Kinetic - Pendulum forthcoming Certified Bass Records

-Kinetic - Velvet Mood forthcoming Certified Bass Records

-Kinetic & Trooperstormy - Salacious Crumb

-Kinetic - Six forthcoming Illicit Trade

-Fuzz & Kinetic - Fear & Loathing forthcoming Illicit Trade

-Pinque - Lunge (Kinetic Remix) forthcoming Pinque Music

-Frezh Kickz & Kinetic - Trips Disabled forthcoming Dubstar Records

-Kinetic - Wake Up forthcoming Dubstar Records

DJs interested in tunes email me: