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Kinetic Element

 Richmond, Virginia, USA
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Kinetic Element is a symphonic progressive-classic rock band from Richmond, VA, with exceptional instrumentals and great vocals. This music is a great mix of progressive rock, classic rock, jazz, blues and fusion all put together in an enlightening way that touches your soul. Formed in 2006 to perform the compositions of keyboardist Mike Visaggio, over time KE has evolved its own style and is a known band in the prog rock universe. They are working on producing their second full-length CD.


Melodic Revolution Records artist Kinetic Element is progressive rock band from Richmond, Virginia. This music is a great mix of progressive and classic rock, jazz, blues and fusion all put together in an enlightening way that touches your spirit and soul. Personnel: Mike Visaggio on keyboards & vocals, Michael Murray on drums & vocals, Todd Russell on guitar, Mark Tupko on bass, Dimetrius LaFavor on vocals.  The passion for the music comes out in every one of their shows; you can feel the energy when this band plays their music. They are currently working on a followup release to their well received debut CD Powered by Light (2009).

Their full-length recording Powered by Light was done at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia and it was released in September 2009. In May 2008 KE was privileged to be a support act for Circa (featuring Tony Kaye and Alan White of Yes, at Jaxx in northern Virginia), Rare Blend (at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland one of progs must-play venues), IZZ (who have played every prog festival in America, at the Artomatic festival in Washington, D.C.) In 2009, KE supported Morglbl (at Capitol Ale House Music Hall in Richmond VA). In 2010, with Edensong (at Orion again). Kinetic Element opened the nations longest running prog rock festival, Prog Day, at the Pre-Show on August 29, 2008 with Speechless and again on Sept. 3, 2010 with Jack Dupon. They played The Magic Room in Boston in November 2011 headlining, with suppport acts Eccentric Orbit and Resistor. Besides promoting Powered by Light the band is actively writing new material and doing pre-production. They were invited to play the first Ohio Prog festival to be held in September 2012 before the festival was unfortunately cancelled.
At this time (October 2013) the band is working on a second CD in their cavernous garage home studio and playing gigs at venues around Richmond.

Meet the Band:
MIKE VISAGGIO (Keyboards and Vocals): Mike is the founder of Kinetic Element and has been involved in music since 1962, playing in a number of New York City cover bands and progressive rock groups a few are Randori, Innervision, Strokers and recording several albums with Billy Falcons Burning Rose. The veteran keyboardist began his first foray back into the realm of progressive music, with a solo CD called STARSHIP UNIVERSE (2006). That carried over into POWERED BY LIGHT (2009). Mike has been influence by the great keyboardists of the progressive rock world like KEith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz.

MICHAEL MURRAY (Drums, Vocals): Michael's dad is a drummer and Michael would jump on his fathers drums every chance he got. Michael got started in 6th grade with a school band, so he's been playing since he was a kid. Michael has played off and on and with bands doing blues, rock, country/southern rock and he especially enjoys progressive rock. Michael helped Mike Visaggio with three tracks on his solo project "Starship Universe" and joined Mike in September 2006 to form Kinetic Element, and gets the cedit for creating the band name KINETIC ELEMENT

TODD RUSSELL (Lead guitar): Todd has his Ph.D. in music, is a classically trained musician from the Richmond area who joined Kinetic Element in November 2008. He is a big fan of Steve Howe of Yes along with many seminal 70s era bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. The versatile guitarist is comfortable in a solo setting and can lay down some soul stirring electric lead lines that will enrapture your senses as well.


The Ascent

Written By: Mike Visaggio COPYRIGHT 2009

Give me ire, give me pain
And all those things I thought that I would never see again
Give me love, or give me hate insane
Shelter me from those who claim to be my fellow men
'Cause I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm loooking for a place to stay
Seemingly insurmountable mountains
Loom just ahead, oh just ahead, oh just ahead
In my next day

Give me blood, give me sweat,
And mingle them with tiny droplets of my tears
Give me friends who are enemies as yet
I'll take from them my courage as the summit nears
'Cause I'm beaten, feel dejected,
The mountain grows as higher and higher I climb
And it seems that I may not claim a victory
Over anyone, or anything, at any place,
At any time

Give me patience to persevere
To keep inside a kindling, burning, roaring fire
I will surely reach the crest
Because my will has striven to match this great desire
I'm looking down again, I see the verdant valley below
And I know that at the summit, yes I'm certain that at the summit
I will find the book, a book about a man
I'll find the book, that will tell me like no one and nothing
else can
Yes I'll read the book, to find out what was the master plan
Yes I'll read the book, I know it will tell me
What I must know


See The Children

Written By: Mike Visaggio COPYRIGHT 2009

See the children who are living on love
See how they pray
All this world was made for them to enjoy
They're of the day

All around them are the crooked
The lion knows what they abhor
But deep inside a special presence resides
The one who said he was the door
Oh you know they love you
With soul heart mind and strength
Wrap your mighty arms around them
Don't leave them at arm's length
You surely know that they will walk now
But soon they'll start to run
Finishing with joy the course laid down by your son

See the children who are living on love
See how they pray
All this world was made for them to enjoy
They're of the day

They have made their choice forever
Now they know just what it means
That the things which are eternal
Are the ones which are not seen
An everlasting love life
No longer all alone
In their minds and hearts they're peaceful
Eternity their own
Armed with certain knowledge
A spirit sword with which they fight
In a world of darkness they know they are powered by light

(instrumental break)

See the children who are living on love
See how they pray
All this world was made for them to enjoy
They're of the day
See the children
See the children

Now and Forever

Written By: Mike Visaggio COPYRIGHT 2009

Know we love and love we know
Love we show that we know love
Being alone is blind
But we have your truth in our minds

Share our want and want we share
We want our share so sharing daunts
Flowing the moments are done
As you are, so we are one

We had built our hearts strong and immense
Never looked outside ourselves for some sense
Bright and morning star, bringer of light
Now and forever the wrong won't make right


Nevermore to be alone
Passion make and fear disown
Now and forever entwined
Now and forever in line
Being ourselves is fine
Now and forever you're mine

You built our hearts deep and intense
Finally looked outside ourselves for some sense
Bright and morning star, changer of hearts
Now and forever greater than the sum of all parts


Mike Visaggio's and Kinetic Element's discography:

1978 "Billy Falcon's Burning Rose" by Billy Falcon
1979 "Improper Attire" by Billy Falcon
1980 "Falcon Around" by Billy Falcon
1980 "Priceless" by Billy Falcon
2003 "On Your Back" by the Strokers
2006 "Starship Universe" by Mike Visaggio
2009 "Powered By Light" by Kinetic Element
-----Powered By Light nominated for best debut album of 2009 by The Prog Awards-----
KINETIC ELEMENT SIGNED by Melodic Revolution Records at the Rites of Spring Festival, May 2013.

*Pieces from "Powered by Light may be heard at Kinetic Element Official Site of Facebook.

* All "Starship Universe" pieces are available for listening at

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Promotional photos taken by Diane Smith
Promotional Drawing done by Tracey Smithers

Set List

Kinetic Element Concert Gig Song List

War Song (Mike Visaggio and Todd Russell)
The Ascent (Mike Visaggio)
Now and Forever (Mike Visaggio)
See The Children (Mike Visaggio)
In The Nazarene Church (Mike Visaggio)
Reconciliation (Mike Visaggio)
Riding In Time (Mike Visaggio)

1. Heat Of the Moment - Asia
2. Lucky Man - ELP
3. Purple Haze  - Jimi Hendrix
4. Green Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf
5. All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
8. Heart Of Gold - Neil Young
9. Fanfare for the Common Man - ELP
10. New Day Yesterday - Jethro Tull
11. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - Allman Brothers
12. Roundabout - Yes
13. Long Distance Runaround - Yes