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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Richmond, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Classic Rock


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Mike Visaggio is a fantastically talented keyboard player heavily influenced by Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman.

He's unabashedly Christian, although his songs are much more seeker friendly than "in-your-face" preachy.....Mike can surely rip it up on the keys with the best of them, and he wrings the most out of his Alesis QS and Korg CX-3 synths, including fantastic vintage B-3 and Moog sounds.

The album features extended instrumental interludes where he showcases his chops, including a great cover of Blues Variation from ELP's Pictures at an Exhibition. He also does a wonderfully jazzy re-interpretation of the theme to 2001 A Space Odyssey. It's a really fun album to listen to, and certainly hearkens back to the bygone era of caped keyboard virtuosos from the 1970's, with epic prog and fusion flair. The vocals could be better, and the lack of real drums (except on the Yes-like rocker Synchonized Life) and guitars damper the music a tad, although even that doesn't hold back his keyboard and compositional talents from shining brightly. Hopefully, he can sell enough copies of Starship Universe to pay for the next installment of original music and make it happen, which I will surely be lining up to hear. Guys like Mike surely deserve your support. You can download songs to sample his music at or from his myspace page at {dt}
Reviewed by Dave Taylor -

"Kinetic Element / Powered by Light"

Kinetic Element is the brainchild of Richmond, Virginia based keyboardist Mike Visaggio. Getting started in 1970 as part of the progressive rock group Randori, Visaggio recorded three albums and an EP with Billy Falcon’s Burning Rose between 1975 and 1981 before spending the next several years in a pair of mid-eighties New York area Christian rock groups, Innervision and The Ambassadors. After taking a nearly twenty year hiatus from music, Visaggio returned in 2006 with his first solo release, the joining of classic rock, progressive rock and new age elements that is Starship Universe.

The artist initially put Kinetic Element together to perform the music of Starship Universe. The group, however, has expanded upon its repertoire by also incorporating select classic rock and progressive rock covers in addition to the material making up its independently released 2009 full length debut Powered By Light.

What we have in Powered By Light is keyboard driven progressive rock reminiscent to Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, early Genesis, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd. Yes, keyboards play a heavy role here, a particular testament to the talents of Visaggio, who plays a five-keyboard set up and specializes in the Hammond B-3 sound. That said, Powered By Light does not come without its share of guitar driven moments. Guitarist Todd Russell, for instance, decorates the project with his sometimes jazzy and at others fusion-like lead guitar work but can also contribute a tasteful edge of rhythm guitar when need calls for it.

Visaggio, who also acts as the group’s main composer and vocalist, might not display the most abundant vocal range but his even, mid-ranged flavorings blend well with the musical happenings at hand.

Fans of progressive rock in all its forms - including Transatlantic, Neal Morse, Tiles, KDB3 and Proto-Kaw - will find a lot to like here; but those whose musical tastes stray towards progressive music on the heavier side of things - think Darkwater, Shadow Gallery, Suspyre or Threshold – should be able to embrace this is well. No, Kinetic Element is not metal (or even hard rock) but if you need a break from the genre and/or are in a progressive mood then Powered By Light easily fits the bill.

One of the strengths to Kinetic Element is its instrumental sound. Lengthier pieces such as the sixteen minute “Reconciliation”, twelve minute “Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart” and ten minute “See The Children” (by the way, did I tell you this is a progressive rock release?) find the band making frequent jam band influenced excursions into extended instrumental territory. “Shorter” numbers such as the seven minute “Now And Forever” (this one brings some of the albums more guitar driven moments), nine minute “Riding In Time” (laid back feeling here) and eight minute “The Ascent” (more upbeat heading) features their share of instrumental moments as well.

Packaging is professionally done as is the production.

While I might hesitate to call Kinetic Element a Christian group, Powered By Light features “subtle Christian lyrics” reflective of Visaggio’s faith. This is best found on “The Ascent”:

You built our hearts deep and intense
Finally looked outside ourselves for some sense
Bright and morning star, changer of hearts
Now and forever great than the sum of all parts

And “Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart” as well:

But faith, hope, love, these three abide
No act of hate, no insidious plan
Can wipe them out, they will withstand
And righteousness will have its say
And peace and light will rule the day

Nine minutes of lush progressive rock, album opener “Riding In Time” takes a heavy keyboard slant and joins it with a smoothly flowing melody to create quite the laid back listening experience. But it is not all keyboards in that subsequent to a spoken word interlude the song dives into a jam session in which Visaggio’s piano gives way to a meticulous run of lead guitar. I am almost reminded of Pink Floyd here.

“The Ascent” might be a bit “shorter” in comparison to “Riding In Time” (only eight minutes as opposed to nine!) but moves at the faster tempo with, of course, Visaggio’s ever present keyboards and Hammond B-3 decorating the backdrop. The song, at a moments notice, can descend into some dark and weighty passages before returning to an upbeat heading. Kansas comes to mind on this one.

“Now And Forever” takes a more hard rocking edge. The song begins to a jazz-fusion flavored instrumental opening only to even out upon reaching its first verse. Impetus does not return, however, until the rhythm guitar kicks in and carries things forward at the more decisive tempo. A sweeping instrumental passage features a punchy bass line mixed with a flowing piano and tastefully done lead work. I can see Neal Morse doing something like this.

The first of the albums two epics, the twelve and a half minute “Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart” flows a good part of its length instrument - Angelic Warlord

"STARSHIP UNIVERSE Offers A Prog-Rock Vision Of The Future"

by Mike Parker
Monday, 21 August 2006

Starship Universe
by Mike Visaggio

If you are a fan of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Glass Hammer, Deodato…heck, if you’re a fan of Strauss, Mozart, or Handel, you are going to dig this album. This is prog rock on the reminiscent of “Brain Salad Surgery,” “Fragile,” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (fans will remember!).

Hammond B-3 and Moog mesh to good effect, creating a fun and spacey atmosphere. The spiritual nature of Visaggio’s work bubbles to the surface on such cuts as “In The Nazarene Church,” “My Elder’s Son,” and “The Synchronized Life,” but Starship Universe is much more subversive than most watered down, ‘religious’ albums. The music is a celebration of the majestic variety and the cosmic expanse of creation, and nowhere does Visaggio hammer this point home more than on the gorgeous title cut which sadly, at 2:35, is the second shortest cut on the project (the shortest being “Prelude No. 2 for Piano,” another standout tune).

Visaggio pays obvious homage to ELP on “Blues Variation,” rocks the space odyssey on “2001: Also Rocked Zarathustra,” and gets a little bombastic on “The Synchronized Life.” “Music’s Coming To Us” has a nice, arena rock feel. But rather than settling for simple regurgitations of the past, Visaggio manages to inject a healthy dose of funk and jazz into his prog rock, effectively dragging the sometimes staid genre kicking and screaming into the present.

The vocals are less polished than the rest of the music on this project, but are honest and intense. The production is solid and the attitude is cosmic in nature, shot through with awe and majesty. Cool stuff!


"Kinetic Element / Powered by Light"

Artist/ Band: Kinetic Element
Title: Powered By Light
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
Offical Artist/ Band Link

The Review:

This CD was a really tough one for me to review since I have mixed feelings on it. I tend to either like or dislike an album, leaving little room for middle ground. After reviewing an album it’s either part of my listening rotation, or exiled to the ‘Never Again Gulag’. But “Powered By Light” the debut recording from KINETIC ELEMENT has me in a quandary.

At first listen I assumed this was a lost recording from an early 70s’ US prog/rock group just finding release, it has all the great retro-prog sound and instrumentation of the era including a Mellotron.. Bands that immediately come to mind are EASTER ISLAND , ATLANTIS PHILHARMONIC, THE LOAD, ROOTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and PENTWATER, as well as Keith Emerson’s pioneering group THE NICE . Another comparison can be made to the GLASS HAMMER concept album “Journey Of The Dunadan” as well as the solo projects from Mike Pinder of THE MOODY BLUES.

Instrumentally KINETIC ELEMENT is at the top of their game. The driving force behind the group is keyboardist Mike Visaggio who is positively brilliant, some of the most energetic keyboard work I’ve heard since the Golden Age of Progressive Rock when Wakeman and Emerson were producing their best work. Yes, he’s that good. And his surrounding cast of players are equally adept: Michael Murray (drums & backing vocal), Tony d’ Amato (bass), and Todd Russell (guitars).

Unfortunately the vocals leave me cold. It’s not that Mike Visaggio has a bad voice, quite the contrary, but it the vocal style, which to my ears left me wishing I could isolate and silence the vocal track and just enjoy the instrumental tracks.

The musical arrangements, production, and performances are top notch; yet that having been said I hesitate to leap aboard the KINETIC ELEMENT bandwagon because of the vocals. But it’s impossible to simply write-off the band because they are so damn good.

So here is my quandary. How do I rate an instrumentally brilliant concept album like “Powered By Light” in which the vocals are vitally important to the storyline on a 1 – 10 scale when I don’t like the vocals?

Unlike other self-righteous music reviewers who feel their infallible opinion trumps all others I’ve come to the conclusion that in this case the problem lies with me. It’s a simple matter of personal taste. And it would be a travesty to dissuade anyone from experiencing the great keyboard work (as well as the tasty acoustic guitar track “Meditation”) displayed throughout the album “Powered By Light”.

So I’ll recommend it with an 8 out of 10 rating and give the album a little more time to grow on me.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on November 8th, 2009


01. Riding In Time ( 9:06 )
02. The Ascent ( 8:21 )
03. Now And Forever ( 7:29 )
04. Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart ( 12:22 )
05. Meditation ( 5:54 )
06. Reconciliation ( 16:08 )
07. See The Children ( 9:58 ) - / Joseph Schingler

"Mike Visaggio / Starship Universe"

Long live the Moog.

Mike Visaggio dusts off his own Moog for some retro-futuristic wizardry that'll have you jumping up and down. Christian radio probably won't touch it, although rarely has a song about God was given such a colorful, pulsating beat.

Visaggio threads the album together with his love for God, outer space, and music itself. If you think deep enough, those subjects are closely related, and Visaggio gives them equal attention and affection. This is no dull, droning progressive rock experiment; Visaggio has a pop soul, and dynamic hooks are everywhere.

In fact, this could be a prog LP for those who despise the genre. Visaggio is no pretentious egghead. He has no reservations about having fun, best exemplified on his Richard Strauss homage, "2001: Also Rocked Zarathustra." Visaggio transforms the classical piece best known from the Stanley Kubrick movie into a bracingly energetic space synth jam. More delights await those who enter Visaggio's interstellar abode.

Mike Visaggio:
Kyrby Raine - Kirby Raine / Ink 19

"Kinetic Element / Powered by Light"

Rating: 10/10
By Eduard Antoniu

Kinetic Element - Powered by LightVirginia-based Kinetic Element (KE) started about three years ago as a keyboard-based trio, to play the music of keyboardist-vocalist Mike Visaggio. The band's original bassist relocated, so he couldn't continue with the band anymore. But Mike Visaggio and drummer-vocalist Michael Murray found a replacement just in time for a festival appearance. And, about one year ago, that trio version upgraded to a quartet, with the addition of versatile guitarist Todd Russell. He gets his classical/acoustic solo spot "Meditation" on this 68-minute debut album.

Sadly, shortly after its release, bassist Tony D'Amato had to leave, after one year and a few months in the band, due to changes in his life. Too bad, because, with this lineup, the other six tracks on the album sound as if written and performed by one of the strangest groupings you could ever imagine: Keith Emerson, Jan Akkerman, Renaissance's former bassist Jon Camp, Phil Ehart, Rousseau's former singer Dieter Müller, with lyrics written as if by Peter Hammill and Derek Shulman. Again, a replacement was found and will be announced soon, so hopefully the band can continue. This album is too good to remain their only one.

In about 9 minutes, "Riding in Time" changes tempos about as many times. An ethereal introduction gives way to the Hammond-driven main theme in 4/4, which is reprised twice later. A short recitative is cut by a surprising harpsichord, prelude to a vocal-driven bridge in 9/8, also to be reprised in the end. The middle section dilutes into funky cafe jazz, then into a slow ambient floating.

The 1-2-3-2-1 drum pattern you hear in the beginning of "The Ascent", makes you think it's an Aaron Copland cover. But no, a short moment of textural keyboard and the reprise of the same pattern on bass brings you to a Hammond-driven hymn, superbly counterpointed on guitar. Catchy vocal melodies alternate with instrumental tension building. The coda is like a cocktail of all these.

"Now and Forever" starts jazzy but immediately turns into a synth-dominated march. Yet Mike Visaggio also creeps in equally beautiful parts on the piano and then on Hammond. A violin-like lamenting on guitar, sustained by the rhythm section and augmented by mellotron washes, is the misleading intro/outro to/of the 12 minute, anthemic "Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart". Really, I can imagine a place and a time in a day in a week where and when I could hear that splendid vocal part doubled on piano and on organ.

The 16 minute "Reconciliation" is slowly built on guitar, textural synth and percussion washes. This suddenly turns into an instrumental madness in 17/8 only to calm down to a slower part with guitar and bass in 9/8, piano in 4/4 and enrichment in 9/8, drums in 5/4. With vocals floating majestically, this stabilizes into fancy 4/4 rock. After a quiet middle section, what follows makes you once again think, "But this is a band from Virginia, not Kansas anymore". The previous parts are then reprised in reverse order.

"See the Children" starts almost like "Riding in Time", albeit making you reach once more for the CD liner notes, in search of a cello credit, if there was one. Guitar floats over, as if in the midst of a spectral morning. Suddenly, all but drums do a unison in 9/8, then all another one in 11/8. The guitar's maybe only second fully solistic intervention on the album leads the band into an uplifting march.

We'd better wish the band good luck with pursuing their artistic vision. Otherwise, treasure the gem you've got by buying the CD. - Progressive Music Forum / Eduard Antoniu

"Mike Visaggio - Starship Universe"

Those still pining for the days when Yes and ELP were in their pomp and glory will find much to savour on this epic set of throwback 70's progressive rock from the 54 year old Visaggio, an industry veteran who was present in the early 70's himself... Suggesting Visaggio is merely a keyboard wizard would be an understatement, here's a guy on the same level as a Jon Lord and Keith Emerson...Visaggio runs full steam ahead into more classic prog areas, simply it's all about keyboards and how far Visaggio can push them. - / by "dangerzone"

"Kinetic Element Live 4/21/07"

I was pleasantly surprised by Kinetic Element's set. They are a keyboard dominated trio much in the vein of ELP, and with a similar sound. They mostly played new material with one ELP cover (Blues Variation), one Strauss/Deodato cover (2001: Also Rocked Zarathustra) and one Genesis cover (The Lamb Lied Down on Broadway).. Of the original material I liked "In the Nazarene Church" and "Starship Universe" - the title of Mike's CD that I have already spun a couple times since picking it up after the show. It's a very decent first offering.Mike has found some great guys for the rhythm section, Matt Harris and Michael Murray are a pleasure to watch and listen to.
Tom Hudon, DC Society of Art Rock
- DC Society of Art Rock

"Kinetic Element Live 6/14/08"

I had the opportunity to visit (again) and for the first time hear Mike Visaggio’s band Kinetic Element perform here in Charlottesville at Coup De Ville’s, a local club/bar. It was a very good show. I had not heard Mike nor his band before, but to see them live was just a wonderful experience.

Prog ‘reviewers’ use words like ‘wizard’, ‘mastery’, ‘virtuosity’ when describing keyboardists. Mike DOES fall into all three of those categories without a doubt. A three piece band backed up by an excellent bassist and spot on drummer, they played two sets of some pretty mind boggling old school progressive.

Interestingly Coup de Ville's is a nice bar very central to the University of Virginia campus so it’s fairly easy to determine exactly what sort of crowd attended. Summer session college kids. But you could tell who was there to listen to Prog and who ‘got it’.

What can you can about band that opens with the entire ’Take a Pebble’ suite and pretty well nails it. The sets ran the gamut of old Prog as well as a number of very good originals. I was tickle thinking to myself when they tacked on Musical Box to Lamb that most of the youngers were proably thinking ‘I nevr heard Phil Collins’ sing those songs’.

Just a wonderful musical evening. If you get a chance to see Kinetic Element perform don’t miss it !

Comments from folks at the Orion Studios show of 5/10

I enjoyed your music – not surprisingly it seemed strongly ELP-influenced. I heard a bit of Genesis, some Rush, lots of Uriah Heep, some others. Like I mentioned in an earlier email – you could continue playing as long as you felt the crowd was with you; I let the crowd decide...a few tweaks needed? Yes. But in the end I thought you delivered your music very well to a small crowd of very appreciative music lovers.
Mike P.

I gotta say KE was the highlight of my night at Orion- awesome sound, rhythym and vocals!
Thank you and hope to see you all play again soon.
Joe L.

My friend Bill and I had an absolutely great time at your gig. It was quite a unique setting to see a band in. Both acts had extremely impressive and capable musicians, and the music was fantastic. Seemed like a mix of ELP, Yes, and Mahavishnu Orchestra all rolled into one.
You haven't lost a step in your command of the keyboards. Where was the Hammond B3? I think a female vocalist would be a great addition to your genre of music (not to disparage your vocals, I just think a female voice would be a great touch)
I've been enjoying the CD I got at the gig. I'll keep checking your website to see when you'll be within striking distance again. It was a real pleasure.
Wayne T.

from Violincyndee:
Very cool to meet, and hear you on Sat night!! I especially loved the instrumental jams!!

from Rick and Roll:
Well done guys! Great to finally see the whole band and hope you get a festival gig.
Tight show!

from Victor (guitarist of Rare Blend):
How are you? You are very welcome! You did a very good job at Orion. It was a pleasure to meet you and your band. Have fun at the Artomatic gig next weekend. Thanks for the KE CD's as well. Good job. Keep in touch and take care!

More from Rick and Roll:
Mike, great to finally see you live. The band is tight.....may you get on a festival stage as you deserve.

From Deb (of Prog Rock Diner):
Mike, Kinetic Element had some very good moments despite the few problems you had...or said you had ...hang in there and maybe we'll see you on a festival stage one day! There were some really powerful passages in some of the songs that I enjoyed very much.

- Bill Watkins, Cprog Group

"Kinetic Element / The Powered by Light Suite"

Kinetic Element - The Powered By Light Suite (2008)

Kinetic Element was “born” in 2007 and is a trio of keyboards, bass and drums lead by Mike Visaggio who composes the music for the band and also works as a solo musician (and released a solo album) accompanied by Kinetic Element. I listened to their on their Myspace and it got me curious to hear more and so was glad to have the opportunity to listen to more. This is their 2008 release, a CD-R, with a simple cardboard “booklet”. The band performed in Prog Day on August 28, 2008 and also supported Circa, Rare Blend and Izz since the band’s creation.

Bombastic in sound, keyboards-driven progressive rock a-la Emerson, Lake &
Palmer, Kinetic Element presents a rich and upbeat sound. Symphonic prog fans should find much to like about the music here; melodic, catchy, quite thrilling in fact. Aside from ELP, one may find “traces” of Yes, Kansas and Genesis. The album shows great keyboards work by Mike Visaggio, covering many sounds and styles. The vocals, however, while in line with the music and not too bad, can be a tad flat, though not devoid of emotion. But more powerful vocals could enhance the overall effect and do the music more justice. But I have grown
accustomed to them by now and feel they fit fine.

Their Myspace page states “on the Starship Universe CD most drums were done by programming and the bass was done on the Alesis synthesizer, before Michael and Matt Harris cast in with Mike Visaggio”. However, the Powerred by Light Suite EP features the aforementioned live musicians. Despite the drums being a bit at the back of the mix, are done right and the bass playing is effective and gives proper contrast to the keyboards.
The melodies are catchy and vary between an uplifting mood to a slightly melancholic one. They are served right by the keyboards giving a lush and affluent sound. The CD-R I received for reviewing has 4 tracks listed on the “booklet”,
however when listening, I realized there are in fact 5 tracks, two of the performed live and of lower sound quality compared with the rest of the tracks, which themselves sound somewhat flat and uneven in sound, though that doesn’t detract too much from the music itself. However this EP is not the finished product, as more pieces will be recorded and the whole project will be professionally mixed and mastered.

The Powered By Light Suite is an enjoyable release, filled with great keyboards work, beautiful melodies and appealing sound. I’m looking forward to the band’s future output.
- Assaf (Progressive Ears)

"Mike Visaggio - Starship Universe"

Those still pining for the days when Yes and ELP were in their pomp and glory will find much to savour on this epic set of throwback 70's progressive rock from the 54 year old Visaggio, an industry veteran who was present in the early 70's himself... Suggesting Visaggio is merely a keyboard wizard would be an understatement, here's a guy on the same level as a Jon Lord and Keith Emerson...Visaggio runs full steam ahead into more classic prog areas, simply it's all about keyboards and how far Visaggio can push them. - / by "dangerzone"


Mike Visaggio's and Kinetic Element's discography:

1978 "Billy Falcon's Burning Rose" by Billy Falcon
1979 "Improper Attire" by Billy Falcon
1980 "Falcon Around" by Billy Falcon
1980 "Priceless" by Billy Falcon
2003 "On Your Back" by the Strokers
2006 "Starship Universe" by Mike Visaggio
2009 "Powered By Light" by Kinetic Element
-----Powered By Light nominated for best debut album of 2009 by The Prog Awards-----
KINETIC ELEMENT SIGNED by Melodic Revolution Records at the Rites of Spring Festival, May 2013.

*Pieces from "Powered by Light may be heard at Kinetic Element Official Site of Facebook.

* All "Starship Universe" pieces are available for listening at

Kinetic Element may be heard on these progressive rock internet stations:

AND many other prog rock stations on the net

"Starship Universe" and "Powered by Light" CDs available at, and,, and
They are also available on iTunes and 31 other Internet download services.

Promotional photos taken by Diane Smith
Promotional Drawing done by Tracey Smithers



Melodic Revolution Records artist Kinetic Element is progressive rock band from Richmond, Virginia. This music is a great mix of progressive and classic rock, jazz, blues and fusion all put together in an enlightening way that touches your spirit and soul. Personnel: Mike Visaggio on keyboards & vocals, Michael Murray on drums & vocals, Todd Russell on guitar, Mark Tupko on bass, Dimetrius LaFavor on vocals.  The passion for the music comes out in every one of their shows; you can feel the energy when this band plays their music. They are currently working on a followup release to their well received debut CD Powered by Light (2009).

Their full-length recording Powered by Light was done at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia and it was released in September 2009. In May 2008 KE was privileged to be a support act for Circa (featuring Tony Kaye and Alan White of Yes, at Jaxx in northern Virginia), Rare Blend (at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland one of progs must-play venues), IZZ (who have played every prog festival in America, at the Artomatic festival in Washington, D.C.) In 2009, KE supported Morglbl (at Capitol Ale House Music Hall in Richmond VA). In 2010, with Edensong (at Orion again). Kinetic Element opened the nations longest running prog rock festival, Prog Day, at the Pre-Show on August 29, 2008 with Speechless and again on Sept. 3, 2010 with Jack Dupon. They played The Magic Room in Boston in November 2011 headlining, with suppport acts Eccentric Orbit and Resistor. Besides promoting Powered by Light the band is actively writing new material and doing pre-production. They were invited to play the first Ohio Prog festival to be held in September 2012 before the festival was unfortunately cancelled.
At this time (October 2013) the band is working on a second CD in their cavernous garage home studio and playing gigs at venues around Richmond.

Meet the Band:
MIKE VISAGGIO (Keyboards and Vocals): Mike is the founder of Kinetic Element and has been involved in music since 1962, playing in a number of New York City cover bands and progressive rock groups a few are Randori, Innervision, Strokers and recording several albums with Billy Falcons Burning Rose. The veteran keyboardist began his first foray back into the realm of progressive music, with a solo CD called STARSHIP UNIVERSE (2006). That carried over into POWERED BY LIGHT (2009). Mike has been influence by the great keyboardists of the progressive rock world like KEith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz.

MICHAEL MURRAY (Drums, Vocals): Michael's dad is a drummer and Michael would jump on his fathers drums every chance he got. Michael got started in 6th grade with a school band, so he's been playing since he was a kid. Michael has played off and on and with bands doing blues, rock, country/southern rock and he especially enjoys progressive rock. Michael helped Mike Visaggio with three tracks on his solo project "Starship Universe" and joined Mike in September 2006 to form Kinetic Element, and gets the cedit for creating the band name KINETIC ELEMENT

TODD RUSSELL (Lead guitar): Todd has his Ph.D. in music, is a classically trained musician from the Richmond area who joined Kinetic Element in November 2008. He is a big fan of Steve Howe of Yes along with many seminal 70s era bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. The versatile guitarist is comfortable in a solo setting and can lay down some soul stirring electric lead lines that will enrapture your senses as well.

Band Members