Dj/Producer with six years in the music industry, house releases with Spinnin' Dirty Records, and reputation for bringing energy to the dance floor.

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Dj Kinetick has been deeply involved in music for some time now. By age 10 he was experienced at the Guitar and by 19 he was producing Hip hop. Since 08' the Dj/producer has focused purely on EDM. The variety of his musical experience is present in the bass driven sounds of Fidget House and Dub Step. He certainly lives up to his name with his funky multi-gender production style, and the energy he brings on the 1s and 2s.


Coming in Jan. 12- Occupy the Bass
City of Charm
Its About To get Funky

Set List

I Play House and/or Dubstep, whatever is perfered where im playing. Regardless I go hard then breakdown occasional wit some female vocals.