The band's high energy uncompromising musicianship, highlighted by charismatic performances and powerful vocal harmonies are are what continue to draw and satisfy audiences across the nation.


Kinetix are Denver's five-piece rock connoisseurs, playing music that blends strong melodies with soaring guitar work and funk-filled rhythm. The buzz surrounding the band is now being heard thanks to whirlwind national tours and the release of their strong sophomore album, "Talking To Faces". Committed to performing onstage with an unmatched energy, Kinetix in concert is an experience few soon forget; frenetic dancing, sing-out-loud choruses, and mind numbing solos all come standard.
All five members met at the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. Possessing degrees that range from Jazz Studies to Recording Engineering, Kinetix is widely regarded as a band committed to their sound. Eric Blumenfeld and Adam Lufkin are both melody-driven song writers and vocalists; as co-lead singers they work seamlessly to combine their unique musical styles onstage. Their structures serve as the springboard for the power rock of Josh Fairman, Jordan Linit, and Jack Gargan. Together, their music winds itself through tight instrumental jams, hip-hop-esque beats, and aggressive, catchy songs.
Kinetix's energy cannot be overstated: Hear it on "Talking To Faces", and you will be impressed. Experience it live, and you will never want to leave the dance floor. Since its formation in late 2004, Kinetix has had the opportunity to share the stage with the Flobots, RJD2, Chali Tuna(Jurassic 5), Umphreys McGee, The Greyboy All-Stars, Particle, Rose Hill Drive, Umelt, Papa Mali, Green Lemon, RAQ, Outformation, and Aesop Rock of Living Legends.
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"Kinetix" self titled debut
Kinetix Live '06
Talking To Faces

Set List

Typical set is 3 hours and largely comprised of originals.
Originals Include:
Get Up
Sweet Summertime
Spinning Out
What the Day's For
Bad Something
Ruined It
Worst Days
Grassy Knoll
People Start Hopping
Round N' Round
Make You GO
Own Mind
Waking Eyes
Trippin On Mushrooms
Talking To Faces
Mr. Sinister
Body Soul Shakin' Music Specticle
Afraid to Fall
Soul Sessions
Feelin Right
Lights Out
Rhythm And Soul

Some artist Kinetix has covered:
-Stevie Wonder
-Allman Brothers
-Red Hot Chilly Peppers
-Dave Matthews
-Average White Band
-Michael Jackson
-Eric Clapton
-James Brown
-Led Zepplin
-Dr. Dre
-Kool and the Gang........and many more....