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"Talking To Faces Album Review"

"With a funky bass line and wah-wah heavy guitar part, the band launches the song, before heading in, balls first, to a rock riff and screaming guitar solo and back again. " - Marquee Magazine 07'

"Has It Been That Long? A Look at Kinetix"

"If the past year is any indication of Kinetix's future, then I expect they won't stay local for very long. This band is a group of talented, educated musicians who have ambition to match their potential.".....for more on this - Rachel

"Kinetix Brings Their Unique Style to Chicago's Martyrs’"

Friday, 28 March 2008
Martyr's Chicago, IL 3/22/08

Colorado’s Kinetix brought more than just the snow to Chicago this past weekend, but warm relief and a top notch show at Martyrs’. The five piece band who met at University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, are semi-new to the music scene, making a late start in 2004. Kinetix is a rich combination of funk, rhythm, rock, and powerful progressions, bringing an artistic and captivating presence to the state

Exploding with energy, co-singer’s Adam Lufkin and Eric Blumenfeld voices are anything but adolescent. The framework behind each song is an enriching movement of funk and hip-hop beats, intense guitar riff’s and elevating levels of dynamics on the keyboard.

Performing an indistinguishable cover of Rage Against Machine’s “Killing in the Name,” followed by songs of their sophomore album Talking to Faces. The combined effort of Josh Fairman(bass), Jordan Linit (lead guitar), Jack Gargan(drums), Adam Lufkin (rhythm guitar and vocals), and Eric Blumenfeld (keyboard and vocals), prove that these youthful boys are growing to their prime. The band was joined on stage by Chicago’s own Allie Kral of the bluegrass band Cornmeal, and prog-rocker Jared Rabin from The Hue to help make the night perfect.

A boisterous mixture of tie dye hippies and underage girls dressed-up in silk dresses with hypnotizing halters in attempt to fool security and passing patrons, made up the swarm of fans that evening.

Kinetix mesmerized the crowd with their persistent drive and power. Illuminating lights flickered and intensified through out each song, while singer/guitarist Lufkin jumped up and down abruptly on stage; bassist Fairman sustained a constant head bang as Linit diligently jammed out on his resonating guitar. Though their studio albums are not as animated, seeing them live is something to check off on your “fifty things to do before I kick the bucket’ list.

Earlier in the night Chicago’s own The Hue, delivered their own instrumental prog rock style and made for a good opener. The four piece, although only been a band for little over a year, put on a great live show that brings a jazz-like vibe to their sound. The Hue is playing all around the city including several dates next month at Chicago’s Kinetic Playground.

- Tiffany Zack- Lumino Magazine

"Kinetix: Alumni Tour Worldwide"

Kinetix started as five DU students with an idea, but the band has grown into a national presence. They’ve just released their second album, and they’re touring major venues around the country. Band members say they’re living their dream, and their DU education was the catalyst that started their trip to the top.

Kinetix, the five-member rock band touring across the nation, struck their first chords together at DU.
Just two years ago, the five students from the Lamont School of Music played their first gig at an annual DU party called Mustache Bash. But their fan base grew quickly. In the summer of 2007, shortly after they dropped their second album, Talking to Faces, they headed off for a tour of the national festival circuit, including an appearance at Minnesota’s popular 10,000 Lakes Festival.

Their nationwide tour has continued into the fall, including a Halloween show in Denver, where they shared the stage with popular jam band Umphrey’s McGee. The band’s funk/rock style and jam band performances keeps dance floors full, and their popularity continues to grow. (Their MySpace profile boasts nearly 10,000 friends.)

"Even if all we ever did was play small clubs, we’d still be doing what we wanted,” says guitarist Jordan Linit. “This is all we’ve ever wanted to do."

An education for success
Listen to some of Kinetix's best:

Get Up

Spinning Out
It’s their education that sets Kinetix apart from Denver’s notable lineup of homegrown musicians.

Four of the band members sport DU bachelor’s degrees. Jordan and his childhood friend and baseman Josh Fairman graduated in 2006. Drummer Jack Gargan and keyboardist Eric Blumenfeld earned their degrees in 2007. The fifth member, guitarist Adam Lufkin, hasn’t finished his bachelor’s degrees in music and commercial music yet, but he’s taking time off to tour.

Music Adjunct Instructor Ken Walker credits the band members with seeking an education, and he says the skills they’ve learned in school give them options.

"Having an education makes them more versatile," Ken says. "When you learn to play your instrument to where you don’t think about it, that’s when you can really expand."

The band members say learning at Lamont gave them an opportunity to learn from master musicians on the faculty and work with professional-grade equipment, experiences they wouldn’t have had if they’d tried to make it as musicians without the university experience.

"It’s hard work," Jordan says. "You look at it, and you’re working, you’re spending time in class—but it’s music. It’s what you love."

Life on the road
Currently Josh is the only member with a permanent place of his own, a single room in a house packed with recording equipment. The others live in the tour bus, or they crash with friends and even sometimes DU alumni who offer them a place to stay on the road.

"For me, this is my way to see the world," Adam said. "If that’s all I get out of this, if it just lets me get out there and see everything I can see, that would be fine."

Published on Nov. 13, 2007
- Chase Squires- DU Magaizine

"Lamont alumni take music on the road"

By Chase Squires
October 01, 2007— PHOTO BY: Wayne Armstrong

From right: Adam “Luff” Lufkin, Josh Fairman, Jordan Linit and Eric Blumenfeld. Over Luff’s shoulder is drummer Jack Gargan.

They’re tired, virtually homeless and living their dream. It’s been a good year for the five members of the Kinetix, a funk/rock band that sprang from DU’s Lamont School of Music.

As their passion for beat and melody led them from small towns to DU, it’s taken them back out on the road now as graduates, playing everything from dive bars to pulsating music clubs and huge festivals.

“Even if all we ever did was play small clubs, we’d still be doing what we wanted,” guitarist Jordan Linit says.

Linit and his childhood friend and bass man Josh Fairman graduated from DU in 2006. Drummer Jack Gargan and keyboardist Eric Blumenfeld earned their degrees in 2007. The fifth member, guitarist Adam Lufkin, studied at Lamont and still has a year to go, but touring has taken precedence over graduation for now.

From their first gig — a 2005 DU party called the Mustache Bash — to their 2007 nationwide tour, band members says they’ve always felt they belonged together.

Linit says everyone in the band is committed to music. That’s why an education at a respected music school was so important to each of them. Accomplished musicians, he says, don’t get that way by simply experimenting or by copying someone else. They know what’s going on, why sounds work, and they practice constantly.

“It’s hard work,” Linit says. “But you look at it, and you’re working, you’re spending time in class, but it’s music. It’s what you love. It’s what you want to do.”

Like many musicians growing up in the era of electronic music delivery and file transfers, members of the Kinetix aren’t counting on album sales and the backing of a wealthy studio to propel them. They expect their music to be copied and swapped among fans. The band recently opted to give away their newest CD to hundreds of fans who attended a show. Instead, they say, the recordings are a way to build fans, who will buy tickets and T-shirts.

That model may build a fan base, but it also means nonstop touring. Only Fairman has a permanent place of his own — a single room in a house packed with recording equipment. The others live in a tour bus.

“For me, this is my way to see the world,” Lufkin says. “If that’s all I get out of this, if it just lets me get out there and see everything I can see, that would be fine.”

The Kinetix are online at The band’s second album, Talking to Faces, came out this year.
- Chase Squires- DU Today

"Kinetix blew the roof off"

The show ended, but the crowd was cheering and pleading for more. With everyone still screaming, the stage MC got on and said that he thought they would need to put Kinetix on a bigger stage next year......for more go to: - Andy Shore - Festival Crashers

"10KLF | 07.18 - 07.21 | Minnesota"

Rivaled only by the Pnuma Trio's efforts, Kinetix dropped one of the best Saloon Stage sets of the festival. The strong Friday late night lineup made every band work for an audience, and even with The Tragically Hip and Trampled By Turtles waiting in the wings, Kinetix held its own, packing the Saloon with raging, bouncing fans. The Allman Brothers' "Jessica" mixed things up between the electronic-based, poppy, punky, funky and sometimes in-your-face sounds. With the crowd hopping to the originals and covers alike, Kinetix is poised to become a reputable late night attraction on the festival circuit. -BH
Brian Heisler Jambase - Brian Heisler-

"What we've done"

National Acts Kinetix Have Performed With:
Chali 2na ( Jurassic 5)
Umphry's McGee
Greyboy Allstars
Pnuma Trio
Karl Denson
Aesop of Living Legends
Rosehill Drive
Green Lemon
Papa Mali
Down Lo
56 Hope Road
Family Groove Company

National Venues Kinetix has Performed At:
10,000 Lakes Festival- MN, 2006 & 07
Harper's Ferry- Boston, MA
Nectars- Burlington, VM
Knitting Factory, NYC, NY
Martyr's- Chicago, IL
The Kinetic Playground- Chicago, IL
The High Dive- Champaign, IL
Brickstreet Bar- Oxford, OH
Birdy's- Indianapolis, IN
Cabooze- Minniapolis, MN
Der Rathskeller- Madison, WI
Mojo's- Columbia, MO
Blueberry Hill- St. Louis, MO
Hurricane- Kansas City, KS
Blue Moon On Paseo- OKC, OK
The Boulder Theatre-Boulder, CO
The Fox Theatre- Boulder, CO
Aggie Theatre- Ft. Collins, CO
Sherpa & Yeti's- Breckenridge, CO
The Ogden Theare- Denver, CO
The Gothic Theatre- Denver, CO
The Bluebird Thatre- Denver, CO
Cervantes Ballroom- Denver, CO
Quixote's True Blue- Denver, CO
On The Rox- W Hollywood, CA
O'Brien's- Santa Monica, CA
The Boulevard- San Diego, CA

Kinetix has played in 65 cities in 22 states in the last year.

Notable Gigs & Benefits:
Headlined the Highland Street Fair 2007
Talking to Faces CD release Ogden Theatre 2007
Rockin Out for MS benifit 2006, 2007
New Years Gothic Theatre 2006
10,000 Lakes Festival- 2006, 2007
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Annual Moustach Bash-2005, 2006, 2007
Denver's Lodo Music Fest - 2005
The Fruita Fat Tire Festival - 2005
University of Denver's May Daze - 2005
See-saw-athon - Charity event for Campfire USA - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
- -Kinetix

"Umphrey's McGee | 10.31 | Denver"

On a chilly Halloween night in the Mile High City, ghosts, goblins and clowns took over the Fillmore for a special evening with primo purveyors of jam rock Umphrey's McGee. Local Denver greats-on-the-rise Kinetix got things going with a blistering set for the hometown crowd, and helped set the mood with their Halloween attire. If this performance was any indication, it won't be long before Kinetix is headlining the Fillmore.

-Brian Heisler - Brian Heisler-


"Kinetix" self titled debut
Kinetix Live '06
Talking To Faces



Kinetix are Denver's five-piece rock connoisseurs, playing music that blends strong melodies with soaring guitar work and funk-filled rhythm. The buzz surrounding the band is now being heard thanks to whirlwind national tours and the release of their strong sophomore album, "Talking To Faces". Committed to performing onstage with an unmatched energy, Kinetix in concert is an experience few soon forget; frenetic dancing, sing-out-loud choruses, and mind numbing solos all come standard.
All five members met at the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. Possessing degrees that range from Jazz Studies to Recording Engineering, Kinetix is widely regarded as a band committed to their sound. Eric Blumenfeld and Adam Lufkin are both melody-driven song writers and vocalists; as co-lead singers they work seamlessly to combine their unique musical styles onstage. Their structures serve as the springboard for the power rock of Josh Fairman, Jordan Linit, and Jack Gargan. Together, their music winds itself through tight instrumental jams, hip-hop-esque beats, and aggressive, catchy songs.
Kinetix's energy cannot be overstated: Hear it on "Talking To Faces", and you will be impressed. Experience it live, and you will never want to leave the dance floor. Since its formation in late 2004, Kinetix has had the opportunity to share the stage with the Flobots, RJD2, Chali Tuna(Jurassic 5), Umphreys McGee, The Greyboy All-Stars, Particle, Rose Hill Drive, Umelt, Papa Mali, Green Lemon, RAQ, Outformation, and Aesop Rock of Living Legends.
Don�t miss Kinetix, bringing it soon to a city near you.