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 Redondo Beach, California, USA
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Party with Elvis


James Kruk and his band The "Big Boss Men" have created one of the most unique and entertaining Elvis Tributes in the world. James first played Elvis for Comedian Steve Martin for the Broadway tour of "Picasso at The Lapin Agile" so you know it has to be wild and crazy. Kruk has an amazing "Elvis" voice, look, humor,charisma and those almost NC-17 dance moves that get the whole house screaming. It's vibrant alive Rock and Roll played by the fantastically talented rockers "The Big Boss Men" 
James performed the "Elvis" role alongside Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette in the Live Read of Quentin Tarrantino's "True Romance" sponsored by LACMA and Fim independent Directed by Jason Reitman. James Kruk recorded two songs as "Elvis" for the 2013 film "Pawn Shop Chronicles" starring Brendan Fraser, Elijah Wood, Norman Redus and Paul Walker. Director Wayne Kramer said Kruk "Saved the film" with his amazing vocals. His band has headlined many major Casino's and Summer concert series throughout the Southwest and East Coast . They are the only Elvis Tribute to have played the House of Blues Hollywood and The House of Blues San Diego.James and his band currently hold the attendance record and the record for number of sold-out shows at The Infinity Showroom at Pala Casino. Linda Thompson, Elvis live-in Girlfriend from 1973-1976 said of James show, "There is only one Elvis but you come pretty darn close" she went on to say James had the same natural vibrato as Elvis (you can see the video with Linda's comments in the Video's section here) 
James worked as Elvis for Microsoft and will be featured on their brand new product the Holo-lense later this year! 
Kruk delivers so much more than just an imitation of Elvis he combines his own charisma with the persona of Elvis for a more heartfelt theatrical tribute rather than being a straight up mimic. Kruk approaches his show as an actor as he was originally hired to play Elvis for comedian/writer Steve Martin. in the Broadway Tour of Martins smash hit play "Picasso at The Lapin Agile" Kruks' years of experience as a professional actor/singer make his show more fun professional and audience interactive. It simply is the most exciting and high quality Elvis themed show in the Southwest.

Venues James has headlined 
Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts 
CBS Studios July 4th Concert 2016 
Saban Theater Beverly Hills 
The Rose Theater Pasadena 
Chino Hills Summer Concerts 
The Town Crier NYC 
City Hall San francisco 
Banning Playhouse Bowl 
House of Blues Hollywood/San Diego 
Hard Rock Cafe San diego 
Opened for Eels 
co-headlined 3 shows with Super diamond 
Ace Theater Los Angeles 
and many many summer concert series around the Southwest 

Kruk was recently chosen out of all the Elvis Tribute Artists in California to open for International Superstars Eels and The Submarines, and Super Diamond! 
This show will crack the crusty heart of the most hardened cynic and inject Everyones soul with sweet Rock and Roll...and fill them with Rythmn and Blues. 
Kruk's performance defies and destroys the often bad stereotype of "Elvis Impersonator" its real, not a caricature. When celebrities or The Hard Rock Hotel or television networks need an Elvis entertainer they call James,for his high octane Heart Pounding Elvis Show. Voted one of the top 12 San Diego Celebrities to watch for in 2010 by the San Diego Reader.Featured On FOX,CW,NBC Morning News shows. Kruk is an amazing and charismatic crowd pleasing "Elvis" entertainer. 
Music producer and writer Ed Decker wrote of their show..."Their singer (James Kruk) was the most animated and most entertaining performer of the evening. His moves, his posture, his rooster-like attitude, powerful vocals, and boyish sense of humor.....James Kruk and The Big Boss Men blew up that room from the minute they arrived on stage and kept blowing it up, with one stick of dynamite after another, until it was over." 
James Kruk and his band capture the look feel and fun of Elvis from the Black Leather '68 Comeback Special through the early high octane Vegas showroom years to the Country tinged mid seventies. The scarves the glimmer and karate kicks. The gyrations,the palpitations and pure Rock and Roll will bring you back to those beautiful days when The King himself Ruled! Kruks' audience inter-action is awesome and very moving to behold. His sense of humor is very natural much like Elvis' own and many have said an added jewel to an already very impressive tribute