King Automatic

King Automatic


Where lies the future of Rock 'n Roll? Will we recycle ad infinitum-- 3 chords boom chica boom? Mimick the past, pray at the alter of Jerry Lee Lewis and The Ramones? Or will we introduce new concepts into Rock ‘n’ Roll? King Automatic is one man, on one mission; an electro shock of 10,000 VOLTS...


King Automatic is the solo garage trash nom de plume of Jay, drummer from French garage band Thundercrack, and occasional collaborator with Billy Childish. King Automatic's tools of the trade include (but are not necessarily limited to) the kick drum, snare, hi hat, farfisa organ, samples, guitar and Jay's own ravaged vocals.

This, here, is the king of enigmatic bohemian rock 'n' roll!


_ "In The Blue Corner"
LP/CD, Voodoo Rhythm Records (2009)

_ "I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home"
LP/CD, Voodoo Rhythm Records (2007)

_ "Automatic Ray"
LP/CD , Voodoo Rhythm Records (2005)

_ "The Not Essential King Automatic"
10"/CD, Kizmiaz / Bang! Bang! Records (2012)

_ Spilt w/ Les Johnny's
10", Hound Dog Records

_ "6 Mighty Shots
10"/CD, Bang! Bang! Records

"Closing Time"
7", Slovenly Recordings

_ V/A "Halloween Rumble"
7", Squoodge Records

_ "Automatic Pussycat"
7", Kizmiaz Records

_ "S/T" One sided 7" limited edition
7", Squoodge Records [ABC series]

_ Spilt w/ Bud Mc Muffin
7", Kizmiaz Records

_"King Automatic with The Feeling of Love"
7", Yakisakana

_ "The Upside-Down World of King Automatic"
CD, Stained Circles/ Every Night Is A Saturday Night (Australia - 2008)

_ V/A "One Foot In The Grave"
CD, Kizmiaz Records