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This band has not uploaded any videos



""This band has the essence""

This band has the essence of bourbon, cheap cigarettes and sweat all over them...with the hard rock moments of LYNYRD SKYNYRD and definitely a touch of BAD COMPANY... (Greece)
Stelios Basbayiannis
March 2007 -

""R&R for the soul""

KingBaby is southern rock for the soul... On the days when think nothing will quench your thirst but G&R, Skynyrd, Tom Petty, or Bad Company, pop in KingBaby and rock out....

~Heidi Siegmund Cuda - Los Angeles Times/Fox News

""Whole Lotta Easy""

"I love the music and the stories being told.'Whole Lotta Easy' is an awesome debut from KingBaby"

~Kelly Clarkson - Personal Quote

""Loud, Proud and Clear.""

'Whole Lotta Easy' by KingBaby promises to bring you to the dance floor. It's rock with a touch of the south, Just goodn' plenty of fun music with great lyrics, clear as the day is long! And some of the best musicianship I've heard... This band has everything it takes and more. Their passion for music is loud, proud and clear."

~Debra Stocker - All Access.

""Hit Kings""

"From one 'Hit King' to another, KingBaby's debut CD and live shows are a grand slam!"

~Pete Rose - Personal Quote

""Raw Rock""

This is raw rock- professionally produced and performed with emotion and love/ hate integrity. Vocals by:Lance Bulen are Tyler-ful-Stewart-ful sweet,with influences that range from blues based rock tones to the vocal athletics that growl and rough it through acrobatic rock lines. Zep composition and Angus tones The rhythm section is tight and right and we haven't heard this kind of ensemble perfection since the Black Crowes screwed the tight tighter from the initial turns by the Stones...

~Ear - Ear

""Tight & Explosive""

"Tight and explosive, with an element of danger, KingBaby deliver one jam--filled song after another. Lyrically deep and melodically moving... KingBaby redefine rock, pushing its boundries and ignoring convention... These players are unbelievable good... Ripping out all the stops, they never look back... Their playing is so dazzling it's visually stunning... KingBaby is an amazing band... This is the kind of act that could conquer the world."

~Live Review by Bernard Baur - Music Connection

"This Is America's Band"

“This band could invade anyone in the country’s backyard…our listener’s think this is a Texas band but really, this is America’s group” - Jesse Torres 96.3 KXIT (Texas)

""A Band You Need to Hear in 2007""

KingBaby delivers feel-good boogie-woogie, southern style, hard rock...with stormy blues..."One of the bands you ned to hear in 2007"

Classic Rock Magazine
February 2007 Issue - Classic Rock Magazine - England


Find My Way (2008)

Crazy One
Back Burner
No Skeletons Or Monkeys
Find My Way
Lay It On Me
New Orleans
Born On The Bayou
The Mountain Song
Mercedes Benz

Whole Lotta Easy (2005)

Let's Stay Home
Heaven's Hangin'
Whole Lotta Easy
Right Time
Rock & Roll High
Swan Song
The Well
Always Free
Sing Along
Let It Out
The Bones

**Radio/Streaming Singles:
Crazy One
Back Burner
Heaven's Hangin'
Let's Stay Home
Whole Lotta Easy
The Well



Since their debut release of "Whole Lotta' Easy" in 2005, KingBaby has toured, recorded and made their mark in the music world. With the release of their self produced second CD "Find My Way" which was mixed by Robert Tepper, they have shown staying power passing the test of time.

KingBaby shows their influences once again from Deep Purple & Bad Company to Led Zeppelin & Aerosmith with a variety of songs that shows the bands growth. From songs like "Crazy One" with a hard rock edge to "No Skeletons Or Monkeys" and "Stompin'" which shows a more bluesy edge.

The bands musicianship and energy combined with Lance Bulen's soulful and powerful vocals make for a great live show.