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Hastings, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Hastings, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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Below is a full list of every record made by KingBathmat, including cassette demo's and limited edition CD's

Gravity Field (2009)
Tracklist: Lost Forever (4.13), Paris Based Think Tank (5.52), Psychoanalyze (5.34), Sheeple (4.17), Illuminati Apocalypse (4.37), Chapter 322 (8.46), Dead Cat Bounce (5.03), The Well Of Sorrow (7.48)

Blue Sea, Black Heart (2008)
Tracklist: Blue Alice (3:26), Paper Bag (6:02), Play By The Rules (4:09), Murder In A Small Town (2:55), Brainwash (4:03), Somebody Else's Child (3:31), The World Outside (3:25), Hello Algebra (3:58)

Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (2005) Tracklist: Ghosts In The Fire (4:31), Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (3:58), Rejected (3:04), King's Ransom (3:17), Hornets Nest (1:24), Sweet Iris (4:55), Simpleton Know It All (3:18), Illuminous Pups (3:26), Wonderful Life (4:57), Interval (1:36), Soul Searching Song (11:27)

Crowning Glory (2004)
Tracklist: As Ever (4:45), The Final Star (3:12), Top Of The World (3:59), Almost There (4:00), Alcohol Sea (5:22), Rain On (3:02), Fair Weather Friend (3:46), The Sun And Moon (4:19), Sunflower Eyes (3:11), A Million Dreams (6:15)

Son of a Nun (2003)
Tracklist: Unfortunate Soul (5:27), Post Traumatic (4:06), Black Horizon (4:02), The River Runs Wild (3:43), Uncle Remus (4:08), Virtual Cartoon (3:24), King Of The Fairies (2:10), Not Born To Share (4:05), Beg & Steal (3:34), Asking The Gods (4:30), Weather The Storm (4:02), No Compromise (3:45)

Son of a Nun Outcasts CD (2003)
Tracklist: 1. The Horseshit Song, 2. Johnny's Wedding, 3. Today, 4. Skin, 5. School

Non Slip (KingBathmat Chronicles) (2001)
Tracklist: 1. Alcohol Sea (2001 version), 2. Brand New Crucifix, 3. Certified Insane, 4. Dog Walker, 5. Feedback Station, 6. Homicidal Cannonball, 7. Murder in a Small town, 8. Out of Reach, 9. Sunflower Eyes (2001 spanish),10. Take Allegiance, 11. The Heart is so cold, 12. The Sun and Moon (2001 version), 13. Tiger Sprout, 14. Unpleasent Taster, 15. Untidy, 16. Vermin, 17. Your goin the wrong way, 18. Zero Degrees

Limbo Land (cassette promo) (2000)
Tracklist: 1. The Weaving Spider, 2. No Matter, 3. Limbo Land, 4. Today, 5. Everlasting

Natural Disasters (cassette) (1999)
Tracklist:1. White hot Ice Cool, 2. Hard Cheese, 3. The Road of Kings, 4. Nobody Steals my Girl, 5. Cucullen, 6. Lions & Tigers, 7. Outside, 8. Red Eyes, 9. Shallow Empty Law, 10. Megaphone, 11. Dirty old Backyard Garage, 12. Pleasure Garden,13. Randy

Big Tuna Vol 1 (1998) Cassette
Tracklist: 1. Bonafide Bad Man, 2. Nepotism, 3. Black Horizon, 4. Take Allegiance, 5. Oh Mary
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KingBathmat are a powered up independent/psychedelic/progressive/alternative rock band, hailing from Hastings in England. Initially started by singer/songwriter John Bassett, the band have now independently released five albums to date “Son of a Nun” (2003), “Crowning Glory” (2004), “Fantastic Freak Show Carnival”(2005), Blue Sea, Black Heart (2008) and Gravity Field (2009). The 3 piece band comprises of John Bassett (bass,vocals), Lee Sulsh (guitar) and Bernie Smirnoff (drums).

The musical style of KingBathmat is difficult to ascertain, pin down or pigeon hole and does not sit comfortably in any particular category of music. Often described in reviews as an amalgamation of numerous bands e.g. "the sound of Pink Floyd wrestling with Kasabian", "Black Sabbath cuddled by extravagant ELO harmonies". It is clear that a bewildering array of influences produce a sound on record that circumnavigates the gamut of genres that reside upon this musical sphere.