It's rocky, and a little bit funky, and a little bit groovy - basically it's Ronkoovy! Searing lead vocal, memorable melodies, intricate guitars, tasteful bass and tasty drums, with plenty of harmonies thrown into the mix.


The Kingbayler story begins in Sydney, where school-buddies Paul Instance (guitar/vocals) and Tim Cannon (bass), in dire need of a decent stick-man, locate and steal the best drummer they can find, a shady Irishman by the name of Mark Leahy. The trio is tight, the melodies rich, and irregular gigs at venues including The Marquee, The Hopetoun, and the Annandale Hotel provoke a solidly frenzied response.

Success in the 2003 Sydney University Band Comp lands the boys a wad of cash and a chance to record, resulting in a hefty demo of 10 songs recorded by Jeff Cripps (A.. Studios), mastered by Paul Bryant (Sony). Work and study commitments keep the Baylers relatively quiet through most of the following year, but the boys manage a scattering of explosive shows, including a spectacular return to a packed Manning Bar (Sydney Uni).

A decision to relocate the band to Melbourne in late 2004 confirms that Kingbayler mean business, and the band quickly makes its presence known with regular gigs at a spray of inner-city venues, including The Corner, the Evelyn, The East Brunswick Hotel and First Floor. Crowds at the Espy (St Kilda) also take a liking to the Kingbayler flavour, a dynamic blend of sing-along melodic rock, and shake-ya-booty groove. In a bid for greater depth and versatility, the boys co-opt the services of local guitar fiend Adrian Van-Lieshout who wastes no time infusing his delectable licks and deadly smile into the mix.

By now Kingbayler have stockpiled a wealth of original tunes, and boldly declare they are ready to mix it with the biggest and the best. Their sound, spear-headed by Instances searing vocal, draws on influences as varied as Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, The Police and The Beatles; their live show, brimming with raw, surging energy, is a must-see. And with a brand new EP preparing for launch, you can expect to hear some serious noise from these royal rockers!


Sections - 10 track demo, released independently.