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"Great Live Band"

I’ve had the privilege of working with KingBilly for over 2 years. I’ve seen them build the Augusta Market and the nation. Building a great fan base with every song. They are one the top bands I’ve ever worked with… great men, great to the fans, and great artist. They know what it takes to make it in this business. I look forward to working with them for years to come and the day I can say “I knew KingBilly when…”. They always have a stage to play in Augusta, GA. - Dakota West / The Country Club - Augusta, GA

"Ear Candy!!!"

The headliner and National Touring Band - KingBilly was over the top! I'd love to have them in Parker for the Parker Country Festival! Hmmmm They are a group you could listen to all evening and continually exclaim how diversified they are. Instrumentally - words can't describe it...they produced a sound that just didn't stop! The range and style of the numbers performed - coupled with the versatility of switching off to banjo and mandolin to enhance the songs, well, it was amazing! Vocally, they could switch vocalists and all were equally strong, not a weak singer in the bunch! I am a stickler for harmony and blending during a song (yeah, it's a quirk with me)! Their harmonies were beautiful and balanced - it didn't matter if the song was slow or fast...they put the harmony together like a men's choir on overdrive! (Can I say that? I hope that gets the point across, anyway!)

They have an energy level and synergy that comes right out at you in the audience. When I see a great performance - the hair on the back of my neck rises... and I get a tingly sensation. It doesn't happen very often - but when it does, I know I'm in the presence of something extraordinary...They are extraordinary, guys! I certainly hope they enjoy their tour in Colorado and make a point to come back! If they do... go see them, they are definitely worth it! Ear Candy!!!
- Dawn Buchart - Arts Council of Denver

"Band Was Great"

The band was great and talented, they worked the crowd and got e mail addresses to help build future dates... we welcome them again & again. - Todd Adams - Owner of Newbys

"KingBilly Brings Joe’s Bar to an Electric High"

Hot new country band KingBilly visited the Windy City at one of the hottest venues for live music, Joe’s Bar on Thursday July 30th, 2009. Joe’s Bar is the premier attraction for concerts solely for its superb acoustics and intimate setting. For those of you that haven’t been there yet, we highly recommend that you head on over for a show real soon!

The crowd of mostly younger music fans starting filing into the venue close to show time. Taking the stage at 9:15pm, KingBilly opened their show with “Who I Love,” and rowdy tune “Beer.” The up-tempo songs were the perfect choice for the opening introduction to their concert.

This phenomenal group consists of six members: Donny Fallgatter (Lead Vocals), Josh Matheny (Dobro, Lap Steel, Vocals), John Osborne ("Take-off" Guitar, Vocals), Matt Utterback (Bass), Kevin Weaver (Drums), and Charlie Worsham (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals) whom each bring a unique talent to the sound and style of the band.

Even though some of you may have not heard of them just yet, they are definitely on the fast track to superstardom. Having Red Roof Inn as their official tour sponsor and a sweet deal with mega music network GAC, things can only get bigger and better in time for the band.

The energy level at Joe’s was fast paced and full of excitement compliments of KingBilly. They brought a versatile mixture of country, bluegrass, rock, and covers tunes to the show that gave the listeners an opportunity to broaden their horizons in the musical arena.

Many times during the show, each member of the band would take a turn to jam out on their particular instrument. At times it almost felt as if one was at a pseudo version of “Bonnaroo.” This really got everybody on their feet and brought out a highly acclaimed response from the crowd.

One very special moment of the evening was when music legend Richard Marx took the stage to join KingBilly on performances of “You Never Take Me Dancing” (Most recently recorded by Travis Tritt), and Keith Urban’s smash hit “Better Life.”

Before beginning the performance, Richard told the audience that he co-wrote the song with good friend Keith Urban. Richard also performed his first #1 single, “Don’t Mean Nothing” for the audience which resulted in absolute adoration.

Speaking of Keith Urban, his wife Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman’s fellow friend and frequent costar Hollywood A-Lister Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance at the show. Hugh was introduced to the stage by his friend Richard Marx.

Jackman and his family were in town visiting Richard Marx for the week as well as researching for his role in the upcoming Broadway production of “A Steady Rain.”

Being that Hugh is one of the hottest commodities in the world, every woman in sight began to scream and take pictures of the Australian sensation the moment that he took the stage. He graciously accepted their approval and thanked them for being so kind.

Giving the audience another treat, Richard, Hugh and KingBilly performed one of Richard’s biggest hits, “Wherever You Are.” The rare onstage union of a country band, iconic pop singer, and first-rate actor created one memorable moment for all.

Closing out the show on a high note, KingBilly rocked the house with “Make Her Bad,” “Waitin,” “Damn This River,” “Fat Bottom” and “Kickin.” For those of you that have not been to a KingBilly concert…what are you waiting for?!? You’re missing out!! The show ended at 10:45pm.

Full Set List:

1. Who I Love

2. Beer

3. Stompin

4. Saturday Night Special

5. Savannah

6. Drive

7. Breaks Down

8. You Never Take Me Dancing (Richard Marx)

9. Better Life (Richard Marx)

10. Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx & Hugh Jackman)

11. Don’t Mean Nothing (Richard Marx)

12. Ones Got Away

13. Nationwide

14. Make Her Bad

15. Waitin

16. Damn This River

17. Fat Bottom

18. Kickin
- Christian Scalise - Country Stars Central


Waiting On You - iTunes track

Waiting On You - EP



As is the case with most bands in Nashville, “They ain’t from around here.” Coming from points as diverse as Steel, ND, Atlanta, GA, Deale, MD, Magnolia, AR, Brandenton, FL and Grenada, MS, they all found their way to the writer-friendly, collaborative creative center Nashville offered. Some are well-trained musicians; others just sing and play with a God-given talent honed by practice and desire. There’s not a right or wrong -- there is only what works.

KingBilly is no different. Two of them have degrees from the venerable Berklee School of Music. Two of them don’t know a bass clef from a treble clef. All of them communicate fluidly without words. The members of this rocking band are Donny Fallgatter (vocals), Kevin Weaver (drums), Charlie Worsham (banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Josh Matheny (dobro, lap steel, vocals), Matt Utterback (bass, vocals) and John Osborne (guitar, vocals). With everyone under 30 you can imagine the raucous outlook on life that is reflected in their distinct brand of rockin’ country reaching out to the guys and girls alike.

At a KingBilly show, you’ll experience something completely different—a blend of high, lonesome bluegrass harmonies, bluesy lap steel and banjo and the country equivalent of AC/DC power riffs. It’s all fused into a seamless whole as tight and dynamic as the Blue Angels in flight. The six band members are equally adept at pickin’ and writin’; like deep-sea anglers, they throw back the good tunes and only keep the great ones. KingBilly can and will play just about anything, as long as it’s good. To a man who knows his pickers, these guys are lively, inquisitive and engaging. To the fairer sex, hot, fun, and one hell of a live show. KingBilly is determined to forge an innovative path to success while maintaining the integrity of the music.

The development of KingBilly is a revolutionary undertaking—a wall-to-wall partnership that encompasses the publishing and production capabilities of Chrysalis Music Publishing, marketing/branding/digital expertise of MySpace Music, the mass-marketing clout of Great American Country (GAC), which continues to provide the group with ongoing national TV exposure to 77 million homes and the company that keeps them working on the road, APA Nashville. No other country act today has a more complete arsenal of resources, and there’s literally no precedent for this direct-partnership arrangement.

Having done over 300 shows in the last year, the band is looking forward to continuing to spread the music and good times of KingBilly. Getting to play for fans and first-timers across the country is something that they crave.

The band will be releasing a Digital EP in October, followed by a single to radio in January. The album project, produced by Trey Bruce, has been completed and will be released in the first quarter of 2010. The band is primed to hit the ground running, thanks to year-long exposure on GAC and MySpace Music, which will continue indefinitely.