King Bizkit

King Bizkit


World-class famous musicians playing a mixture of original Soul, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Swing & Gospel written by Richard 'King Bizkit' Everitt, which can only be described as 'Heavy Soul'.


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'Live at the Albion Mills' (double cassette released early 1990)
'Live at Gossip's' (cassette released May 1991)
'Live at Kings' (cassette released March 1992)
'First Rock Cafe' (double cassette released January 1993)
'Live at Stagelive Club' (cassette released May 1993).

'HOOKED ON YOU' (4 track cd, released 1995).
Track 1: Another Kinda Love
Track 2: Hooked On You
Track 3: A Good Fool Is Hard To Find
Track 4: Jealous Woman
(Can be heard here, on website and myspace site).

New album 'SELLING MY SOUL' due to be released in Spring 2010. (All tracks can now be heard here)
Track 1: Together Again
Track 2: Leaving Time
Track 3: ....or Die Trying
Track 4: Fatman's Game
Track 5: Don't Want You 'Round Me No More
Track 6: The Letter
Track 7: Don't Quit Me Baby
Track 8: A Fast One
Track 9: Selling My Soul

Set List

We carry out a 2 hours non-stop performance of all our original material and the 'set-list' varies with every gig.