King Carlyle

King Carlyle

 Fayette, Alabama, USA

One of the HOTTEST, new Christian artist of our time, is here to represent for the FATHER, SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT! "I let my light shine everywhere I go, I can feel HIM in my soul so I'ma let it show" Im gone represent for Jesus so give me my white robe, I got dat glo, filled wit da HOLLY GHOST!"


Highly dedicated artist from Fayette Alabama. Since18 Ive been writting, producing and recording my own music. Being facinated with the street life, and thug music, at an early age I became a product of my enviroment, where it left me chewed up and spat out into the harsh reality of life. However finding Christ, gave me a Crystal point of veiw, but by me serving satan for so many years, thinking I was living the life, I realized I was only still here by the GRACE OF GOD! And now for Him blessing me to see a new day...FOR GOD I LIVE AND FOR GOD I DIE!


Hustle n the Hatred..vol 1&2
CBG da county boy gangstas
No Trning Back

Set List

Live My life
You betta get right
Thank You Lord
Down Here waiting on you
He Blessed Me
Lord You Never Lied
Let Ya Light Shine
Living for the Lord
He Sees the best in me
You can be loved by somebody