King Clarentz and Clay

King Clarentz and Clay


King Clarantz Brewer is a pure Bluesman with a strong Delta style and presence solo or with others. Clay Goldstein comments on the King's songs with harmonica and sound effects making the show "Theater of the Blues." Google Search King Clarentz


King Clarentz Brewer travels around the Ozarks and the world doing the near impossible. He is a “Bluesman”; totally original and absolutely authentic while being entirely entertaining. He does this solo or with whoever accompanies him. Clay Goldstein plays in many places around the Ozarks and the globe also, bringing his own signature to all music found under the Blues, Rock and Roll, Roots umbrellas. Clay takes advantage of the few breaks he gets from his group "TôST" (Check SonicBids) to meld his demonic harmonica style with his friend King Clarentz's pounding delta rhythms.

Do a "Google Search" for King Clarentz Brewer. You'll be glad you did.


King Clarentz: Hightone Records(HMG:1007)
Mudslinger: Clayton Goldstein