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Colosus, who also goes by the name of Coly, is from the Miami Gardens section of Miami, Florida. Colosus is determined to put Miami on the map for something other than South Beach and late night partying. He speaks on the struggle, the hustling, and the lives that have been lost to the streets of Miami. He matches his lyrics with beats that are sure to have your trunk vibrating giving you the perfect blend of creative lyricism and that classic Miami sound. He has been on the local scene in South Florida since 2005 with hit records like "Bring It Back", and “So Loose”. His debut album “Ahead Of My Time” is a cd showcasing one of Florida's Finest artist. On this album Colosus takes you on a trip through the eyes of a young hustler trying to survive on these Dade County streets. Equipped with rapid flows, thought provoking concepts, and some of the tightest production to ever come out of the south "Ahead Of My Time" is sure to be an instant classic. Look for Colosus latest single "They Watching" blazing internet radio, college radio and commercial radio stations throughout the south. Also be on the lookout for "Ahead Of My Time" in stores October 23, 2007 distributed by R.N.L.G/KOCH ENT. Log on to or to get more updates and info on COLOSUS and other Dade Fire artists.


They Watching

Written By: Colosus


You wanna shine lil mama here's your chance
Don't worry bout them other girls do your dance
Take down to the floor and let it roll
Looking so sexy i had to let u know
You got all them boyz watching
They watching (4x)
You got all them boyz watching
They watching (4x)

Verse 1
She like the way i walk
She like the way i talk
She want a southern nigga she just moved here from New York
So i hit her with the game
I let her know my name
I told her off rip you ain't messing with a lame
I'm a playa from the south
Dont open up ya mouth
Just ride with a pimp let me tell ya what im bout
I can take ya to the spots
or take ya to the block
you looking at a nigga who gon make it to the top
And i do it on my own
This liquor got me gone
I know she getting drunk taking shots of patron
And i asked her whats the deal
She told me how she feel
She told me later on maybe me and her can chill
Now the club on swole
Its way past 4
all my dawgs looking at her when she make her ass roll
All the boyz wanna see
I had to let her breathe
and you can holla at her that aint nothing to a g


Verse 2
I'm similar to a pimp
I'm far from a simp
I hit the club spending dubs walking wit a limp
Nigga act like u know
You dealing with a pro
I represent that woodbound everywhere i go
She love the way i act
She love the way i rap
She love how the leather seats feel in the cadillac
I be posted at the bar
I'm looking like a star
got some money in my pocket ammunition in my car
And you know i'm gonna floss
I do it like a boss
hit the club get a bottle of bub fuck what it cost
I'm living above the law
Riding for all my dawgs
All my niggas locked up and stuck in the prison walls
Or buried under the ground
And won't be coming around
gone to a better place either way i'm a hold em down
In the club getting crunk
All of the ladies drunk
lil mama got a ass she shake it the way i want




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Set List

Colosus normally does at least a ten minute set. Catch him at a venue near you entertaining the crowd with his hard hitting music and energetic performance.