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Colosus @ Club Kolanut

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Colosus @ Studio A

Miami, Florida, USA

Miami, Florida, USA

Colosus @ Slip N Slide Djs Showcase

Okeechobee, Florida, USA

Okeechobee, Florida, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



The Best unsigned rapper In My opinion out of Miami!!!! - Philly-215 Music Group

Colosus is one of the most anticipated artists from Miami, Fl. He is guaranteed to take the industry over with his upcoming release "Ahead Of My Time" - Malcolm-808 the boom magazine

For Immediate Release: July 31, 2007


Dade Fire Entertainment has just signed a major distribution deal with R.N.L.G and Koch Entertainment to release the most anticipated album of the fall titled “Ahead Of My Time.”

Executive produced by Colosus and Ricardo Pradel, Miami Garden’s own Colosus is dropping a new album scheduled to hit stores Oct. 23, 2007.

With a sound heavily driven by the Miami lifestyle and influences from hip-hop legends such as 2pac, Scarface, Nas, and Bun-B, Colosus stands out above the rest in today’s hip-hop market. Colosus’s undeniable work ethic, combined with an uncanny god-given talent was enough for his hometown to embrace him as the next artist to blow. Colosus and his partner Rico are currently running a musical powerhouse called Dade Fire Entertainment which has put out various mixtapes from Colosus, immediately giving him a position amongst Miami’s elite emcees. The work ethic of Colosus and Rico has paid off in the form of a major distribution deal via Koch Entertainment which will allow them to spread their movement to a broader audience.

Colosus emerged on the scene in 2003 with his first mixtape “Undiscovered Vol. 1” which got him a nomination for “Best Upcoming Artist” in the 2004 “Miami Awards.” Since then he has shared stages with the best artists from Miami such as Rick Ross, J.T Money, Trina, BloodRaw, Garcia, P.M, Brisco, and Jacki-O just to name a few. In 2007 Colosus was named one of the top ten artists to look out for when you come to Miami by City Link Magazine. He has also been featured in Ozone Magazine, WWSMAG, and Gutta Lyfe Magazine.

Ahead Of My Time, Colosus debut album, is a combination of southern, east coast and west coast hip-hop all rolled up into one classical album--making Colosus the most versatile artist in today’s market. Ahead Of My Time hits stores October 23, 2007 and is being released by Dade Fire Ent. LLC, distributed by R.N.L.G and Koch Entertainment Distribution.

Dade Fire Entertainment LLC
- R.Pradel

DADE FIRE ENTERTAINMENT-This rap collective includes local would-be stars like G-Know, A.Fury, Ca$hdro and perhaps most significantly, Colosus, a lightning-fast MC who bills himself as "The Future King Of Florida." Points for the healthy ego, a must in this business, but Colosus backs up his boasts on the mike, and the talents of Dade Fire's other MC's reveal Colosus isn't the only bullet in the chamber. - Dan Sweeney-City Link Magazine

There are some rappers that want the fame and the money without putting in the grind work. Well this Miami artist isn't one of them. He wants to put Miami on the map and have it synonymous with other places like New York, ATL, and LA when talking about talented artists. So I sat down with Colosus for a chat to see where his head is at...

K.Foxx: First off your name is unique, what does it mean?

Colosus: I got it from X-Men,? Colosus turned into metal. But it means an object of huge importance.

K.Foxx: Where does Colosus place in the Miami hiphop scene?

Colosus: I don't think I place. I want to bring back that Miami sound and lyrics at the same time. I want to make music that makes you dance.

K.Foxx: Who are you feelin' right now?

Colosus: Ric Ross, PM, Pitbull, my Dadefire crew of course!

K.Foxx: Any Female artist?

Colosus: I'm feeling Jade Foxx, Jackie-O, Trina, I haven't really heard any thing from her lately...

K.Foxx: What's the sterotype that miami artist get?

Colosus: Pretty much all Miami is known for bass music. Other rappers look at it like bullshit. But I'm bringin' classic miami sound, sharp lyics, and raw beats.

K.Foxx: So everything you rap about you've lived?

Colosus: Pretty much. I have a lot of artist in me. I'm a student of hip-hop. I studied Andre 3000, Nas, Pac, AZ, Scarface, Bun B. I want people to comprehend the lyrics. I like to make records than can make you dance, but still have content

K.Foxx: How long you been doing your thing?

Colosus: Since 98. The 1st cd was released in 2000.

K.Foxx: So, I understand you have a studio?

Colosus: The Dadefire Studio, we got ghostwriters for you to. We finally gonna be the ones to put Miami back on the map. We show love to ATL but basically all he did was slow down Miami bass music.

K.Foxx: Anything you want to say to the people trying to get put on?

Colosus: Your life has a purpose. You can't just live life for that moment. Its not about rims and having 15 hoes in the crib. You gotta get your mind right.....

K.Foxx: So what projects you got going on?

Colosus: We have the Undiscovered Vol 2 right now, Undiscovered Vol. 3 will be out by the end of the summer. But look out for it every six months.

K.Foxx: We about to be outta here, anything before we bounce?

Colosus: I strongly feel this DadeFire shit will explode, just wanna see all my niggas eat, get love in the street and do what I do.

Contact info: email- or log onto the website-

- K.Foxx-Wedr 99 Jamz

COLOSUS : Ahead Of My Time
Official Album Review By: Stoned Fillups

Every once in awhile there are certain artists that surface possessing raw talent, passion, and mass appeal. Dade Fire Recording Artist Colosus is JUST THAT ARTIST. He is a “Wood-Bound” Representative that is not afraid to share his pain every single time you hear his voice. Intelligent, positive, ambitious, determined, and focused are some of the adjectives you’ll hear being used to describe Colosus throughout his career. The launch of his debut full length album, Ahead Of My Time (Dade Fire/ RNMG/ KOCH), is certain to increase his steadily growing fan base and solidify his name as one of the premiere new voices in Hip-Hop.
Kickin’ off his debut in perfect harmony with his album title, Colosus proudly proclaims he’s, “The Future King Of Florida”. He continues to refer to the project as if it were a classic, so he’s definitely ahead of his time, but he is not completely wrong. He could very well be the Future King Of Florida and Ahead Of My Time JUST COULD turn out to be a classic after all.

“Still The Same” finds Colosus once again stating he is “the best on the mic”. Although some would argue that he is far from that right now, I would say he is once again, “Ahead Of His Time”. His sincerity is obvious in his lyrics. He’s not the type of rapper to talk about something he’s never done. If he’s speaking on it, you can tell he’s been through it. Like he says on the outro of “Still”, “anybody that knows me from back in the day, knows this ain’t nothin’ new”… and nothing new is the best way to describe “Drop Top Chevy”. A chopped and screwed hook is not really necessarily the best way to go, but the song’s vibe is undeniable as he celebrates Miami Dade County’s favorite ride.

Colosus shows more of his home-team pride on “They Watching”, an uptempo jam dedicated to the females. This one is PERFECT for Miami Dade County’s OTHER favorite… STRIP CLUBS!
The opening guitar licks on “See Us In The Streets” set the tone for a different vibe, as Coly gets intricate, describing how his Dade Fire family gets love, “3-0-5 where I be/ Miami Gardens we run it/ this is a REAL movement/ got it tatted right ‘cross my stomach”. Credible in the streets as well as the industry, he follows that one up with a creative comparison of hustling his music like dope on the streets called, “Cuttin’ Corners”. “You could keep on hatin’ dogg/ but it won’t do nothin’ for ya’/ once a nigga pass, hit the gas/ and start cuttin’ corners”. “I’m ridin’ filthy/ holla if ya’ feel me”. Here Coly shows why he’s respected by his peers as one of South Florida’s greatest talents.

The bounce of “There They Go”, indicates a flawless club banger, complete with the strings, bangin’ drums, and catchy chorus, “Got my money on my mind/ got my mind on a million/ got my finger on the nine/ and my eyes on the women”. “We them niggas poppin’ bottles, blowin’ chronic on the club/ all the niggas show respect/ and all the women showin’ love”.

The hardest song on the album and by far one of the best recordings in recent history is, “Expected To Die”. Colosus gets deep on this one, spittin’ nothing but the truth with lines like, “while these politicians tryin’ to find Mars/ I’m tellin’ my brothers and sisters to grind hard”. One listen to “You Ain’t Never Seen This” and it is clear to see Colosus is a rare breed indeed. “Getting Closer” is the soundtrack to the lives of hundreds of millions of youth across the hoods of America. Records like this and “Blood Money” that demonstrate the depth and versatility Colosus truly possesses as an artist.
“The swagger of a Champ/ and the heart of a King”, raps Colosus on “I’m Hot But So Cold”. The song is the type of certified street banger that Coly has made a name for himself with. “Tonight” is an example of the records Colosus worked hard to create during the completion of this album. A concept song with a chorus for the females to sing along to, and C.P. Hollywood does the beat JUST right. This one is definitely a radio friendly cut that would be a no-brainer for a 3rd single.

Some would argue that 20 tracks on an album may contain some filler, but truth be told, all of the material on Ahead Of My Time is album worthy. Colosus does an excellent job of keeping the audience captivated by switching up his flows, delivery, content, and audio backdrops. Even tired concepts like “24-7 Grind”, display Coly at his finest, spittin’ bars like, “I’m on a motherf***in’ mission to put us in a position/ to bury our competition and execute with prescision”. He is always lyrically impressive, which is something rare in today’s simplified world of Hip-Hop. Jazze Pha or Pharell Williams would have probably done more justice to “World-wide”, musically and sonically, but Colosus never seizes to amaze, “tryin’ to sell a million units with these rhymes I spit”.

The ever present motto of “Money Over Bitches” naturally comes up on “Sticking To The Scr - Fillup



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Call your local radio station and request Colosus new single "They Watching" which has been blazing thru the radio airwaves.

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Colosus, who also goes by the name of Coly, is from the Miami Gardens section of Miami, Florida. Colosus is determined to put Miami on the map for something other than South Beach and late night partying. He speaks on the struggle, the hustling, and the lives that have been lost to the streets of Miami. He matches his lyrics with beats that are sure to have your trunk vibrating giving you the perfect blend of creative lyricism and that classic Miami sound. He has been on the local scene in South Florida since 2005 with hit records like "Bring It Back", and “So Loose”. His debut album “Ahead Of My Time” is a cd showcasing one of Florida's Finest artist. On this album Colosus takes you on a trip through the eyes of a young hustler trying to survive on these Dade County streets. Equipped with rapid flows, thought provoking concepts, and some of the tightest production to ever come out of the south "Ahead Of My Time" is sure to be an instant classic. Look for Colosus latest single "They Watching" blazing internet radio, college radio and commercial radio stations throughout the south. Also be on the lookout for "Ahead Of My Time" in stores October 23, 2007 distributed by R.N.L.G/KOCH ENT. Log on to or to get more updates and info on COLOSUS and other Dade Fire artists.