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Unpimped America meets the world via British invasion. We were so much older then; we're younger than that now, to lift from Bob Dylan/ Robert Zimmerman, from "My Back Pages". I write and sing, "years of inexpierience inform my point of view". Forget descriptions and labels. Make peace; savor tunes!


Influences? attractions, ambivalences, Uidentified Plagiarized Objects, loathings (Pat despises The Eagles, and we won't play their music, while Steve and I like some Eagles, playing some outside this group.)
Steve and I go back to '82,having met through mutual friends of friends, or something like that. We played in an overreaching, underrehearsing harDCore artpunk-cum- '60's garage band ,Generic Flesh, with songs titled "Beach Bitch" and my entree to Dickies-style cheesy goodness, "Reagan Is Charles Manson of The Eighties." Steve and I later played in a similar band to today, though Snapshotz was an all-cover, "roots" blues rock band with shifting and increasingly restless personnel. The late Rajan Bery and I left Snapshotz to deform our act with others abused and auditioned into/away from The Cult of Nutrasweet/ Cheese-filled Combo, satire and agitpop-nonpop of a distinctly bratty and occasionally promising results and processes. Rajan developed his gifts at Bard College- cradle beyond NYC- of Steely Dan.


W have alive demo-faulty, inspired concert from '06, Gringo Star ( and The Losers)- Live at Bestway (International Grocers,) with 8 of Pat's originals and "I Saw Her Standing There" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", lightly produced and recorded by our friend and aide, Brian Wood of team tool Productions> As audio verite, we wince at the boners- and Steve's quick-thinking save going into "satisfaction", while the energy of this recording is preferred by many to our following,"first release on Wroop records, thanks to Joe Goltz and-again- prior tracking andproduction at various stages with Brian Wood.
Thanks go to everyone- acknowledgements, credits and such shoutouts will be forthcoming on '08's planned follow-up to Gringo Star. Whatever the title may become, the first release under the name and personnel of King Cool will be 16 tracks written by Pat, Don and Steve, as we may introduce a new bassist soon, but not necessarily, on this album. A Brian wood composition- with a little Team tool collaboration by me (Don} and the band, as well as possibly a Faruquh Zaman piece, "Right Or Wrong", may appear, with invention and production cridited with his acknowledgement. Zaman's original recording may come to fruition at truck farmers' markets near you, as Zaman is relocating to New Jersey.
We have four songs of streaming audio from the Gringo Star studio cd on, and we may have some airplay coming about soon, but nothing "official" or confirmed. We're DIY'ing slowly,
yet,, and links to sites such as this one will eminate from, our upcoming site through

Set List

I'll post this coming thgursday's opening set list as soon as this afternoon or early evening, but it'll likely contain covers such as "Who's Been Talkin'", "Mustang Sally", "sing Me Back Home' and "That's How Strong (My Love Is)". Originals may include "Coal Mine", "Get a Spark" or "Stoney Creek", and "Slppin' Away". My piece, "Blackmail", often crops up, as does "Nightscape", a "mood" piece to chase cars by on any given DC night.