King Corduroy

King Corduroy

 Austin, Texas, USA

King Corduroy knows how to groove and make the people move. Lyrics that will marinate for days and licks that will knock your socks straight off your legs. A real fonky show, with real sharp musicians and real inventive songs. A mashin of roots. No turd polishing required.
We call it Southern Soul.


Kurt McMahan moved from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Austin in 2007. The lyrics of Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Guy Clarke and many other Austin legends have shaped his writing. Stirring up all the Southern flavors of Soul Music with poignant lyrics and true stories has been his mission. From the swampy sound of Muscle Shoals, to Soulsville USA, straight down through the Mississippi Delta, to the heart of the Crescent City, with the Blues that tramped across the Natural State and the melting pot that is the great state of Texas: King Corduroy "Austin Soul Stew" is ready to be served.


"Austin Soul Stew" -LP 2013