King Cotton

King Cotton


King Cotton is an original band with deep roots in all types of Southern Music. Based around the songwriting of Fester Hagood and "Big" Don Spurlin, live shows have been compared to early 70's Rolling Sones, the sweaty juke joint sound of Howlin Wolf, and the Waylon Jennings "cocaine years".


In 2006 Fester Hagood got tired of playing “Brown Eyed Girl”. After playing in numerous cover bands over the years, enough was enough. He rounded up old band mates and formed the band King Cotton. He called fellow songwriter and guitar virtuoso “Big” Don Spurlin, along with bassist William Jarred Forrester and drum machine Scott Tracy. Like its namesake, the band focused on a moment in time that had been long forgotten, a time when Southern music reigned supreme. With roots firmly planted in Country, Blues, and Southern Rock, King Cotton began growing a faithful following throughout North Georgia. Fester Hagood’s lyrics go from dark to humorous and everywhere in between, sung with a raspy Southern drawl. Big Don belts out his songs with the same intensity that he puts into his unique playing style. Occasionally, a Waylon Jennings or Hendrix cover may slip in to the mix and played strictly out of respect. For the most part, however, King Cotton has plenty to say on their own. If you wanna hear songs you’ve heard a million times, turn on your radio or check out the tribute band up the street. If you are looking for a chance to see music created before your eyes from the heart and soul of a true Southern band that still plays for the love of the show and a bar tab, King Cotton is your band.

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King Cotton:
"Escondido Blues" and "Shadowtown" Demo

Fester Hagood:
"The Gypsy"

"Big" Donald Spurlin:
"Goodbye, Mr. Hyde"

Set List

Our set list consists of at least 80% original songs written by Fester Hagood and/or "Big" Don Spurlin. If you want to hear the same thing you've been listening to your whole life, turn on the radio. We will pull out some Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, and Cash from time to time. We take great pride in our songwriting. Our songs range from swampy blues to lighthearted country, from sultry ballads to all out rockers.