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Concrete Tear

Written By: King David


They said boys don't cry,
And I didn't know why,
But i kept my emotions
At the corner of my eye,
It really really Hurts
After all these years
I don't know if I can bear
This concrete tear

Lord please help me,
I don't know if I can cope,
I've been fighting so hard
Just to stay afloat,
built up for so long,
I don't think I can bear,
The pressure on my eye,
From this concrete tear

Verse 1:
You see I grew up in the struggle,
What's new?
But just because many hurt
It doesn't cure the pain for you,
At the tender age of 6
I saw my Daddy hit my momma,
As bad as I wanted to,
I could do nothing to stop him,
And Momma, she got tired,
So she went and got a friend,
And her friend told that he would be there until the end,
I would see them all the time,
Just, Sitting on the couch,
And she would only hide him
When daddy came in the house,
Cause She figured he wouldn't notice,
Cause he was always drunk,
Until daddy lost his shoe,
And he looked under the couch,
And he found mommys friend,
Then he punched her in the mouth,
But her friend had a buddy,
And her buddy came out,
You see her friend was just a needle,
And his buddy was a gun,
Now daddys dead,
And mommas strung out,
With a needle in her arm,
And a gun up to her head,
He always told her he would be there until the end.


Verse 2:
Now I'm eighteen,
Hustling on the street,
I don't really want to,
But my babys gotta eat,
Was living with my granny,
But my grannys gone now,
And she would rub my hand
And tell me hold on child,
You see, I'm holding on granny,
The only way I can,
With these Rocks up in my socks,
And the pistol in my hand,
See Its cold out here,
But its ninety eight degrees,
Never shed a tear,
Cause I know that it would freeze,
I only had a few friends,
And my homie got shot,
The other is my work,
The other is the glock,
So I'm out here all alone,
With some metal,
and some grass,
Looking over my shoulder cause today could be my last,
I try to stay away from liquor,
Cause of mommy's little friend,
I'll never forget it,
It will be with me until the end.

3rd Verse:
Now I don't know what I'm doing here in this church,
because word around the block
is that yall make matters worse,
but God I need more,
Lord I need you,
and my granny always told me
that you could see me through,
See I have this tear in my eye,
and its been there since I was six,
and now I'm 25 and its getting kind of thick,
see it hurts real bad,
and I cant get rid of it,
I believe deep inside,
that you can but an end to it,
Im tired of the rage,
I'm tired of the pain,
I'm tired of the hatred that's boiling in my veins,
I want to be free,
I want to be alive,
I dont want death and darkness to be all I've seen with my eyes,
you said if I draw nigh,
then you would come close,
well God I came by,
and all I have is hope.
You said that you can heal,
you said that you deliver,
well I'm here and on my knees,
its time that you deliver/

God's Response:
Come here my son,
let my love hold you,
and yes I have seen everything you have gone through,
I already knew,
all of the things you just said,
but I needed for you to speak it,
and not just in your head.
See it wasn't your fault that your father hit your mother,
and you dont have to feel cold in the heat of the summer.
You can let it all go!
your tears wont freeze,
they look like they hit the ground, but they really come to me.
Just get rid of unforgiveness,
fear and unbelief,
and pick up true repentance,
through your tears i'll set you free.
so put away the grass,
go put away your glock,
you depend upon my cornerstone,
and put away your rock!
Yeah you grew up in the struggle,
that isnt something new,
yeah you went through alot of things but dont let it kill you!
Well my son I say to you,
Please cast all of your cares,
on me and let me rid you of your concrete tear.