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We like to call our musical style or genre Lyrical Evangelism. Through the power of words/lyrics our music sends out a message that is actually talking about something important. Our CD is not about the fantasy, video game lifestyle that most people live, but it is about reality. And with real lyrics we pierce the walls that generations have hid behind to deliver the message of Jesus Christ with simplicity and understanding with some crunk beats and amazing flows.


Wake Up

Written By: Pastor Samson, Melchizedek "High Priest" Lockwood, Stefan "Royal Child" Watson

Chorus: Open your eyes and see…it’s time to wake up, it’s time to wake up. (repeat)
1st Verse – Melchizedek “High Priest” Lockwood
No one knows when the one who died and rose
Will come back and do what’s done behind the scenes, surface, and be exposed
Listen: do not be deceived by the enemy, listen to me please, get down on your knees
For the strength of Jesus to plant some seeds
Fit for harvesting for those who don’t believe
Church Wake Up, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
We gotto stand so the world will know the power of the Son of Man
To the unbelievers wake and realize,
Open up your eyes cant you see the signs of the one who died resurrected and alive
Came to rain his light unto the blind
It don’t matter if you’re saved or not
Get Christ or get left wake up everybody make a move go and step, yep let’s wake up.
2nd Verse – Pastor Samson Teklemariam
Do you know the time?
Not time to spit a rhyme, drop a dime, bump and grind
Check the time fool
It’s time to wake up, get up
On yo feet, move to this beat hear what I say this is no play
In these last days we been walking around asleep
Comin’ to the church just trying to hold a seat
Saying choir, “sing and make us stomp our feet”
As if our lives, come right off a sheet
It’s all a play
It’s all a game
It’s all a show
Are we that lame?
Will you…
Open yo eyes see the signs
Look around see the light
It’s all too bright His name is Christ
He is the truth, the way, the life
You think you hard don’t play that card
You think you cool don’t be a fool
You think you see but you blind to me
So get real know the deal and Wake up, Get up, Get Crunk
Now it’s time: To take off the former man
You wanna know the masta’ plan
Of redemptiaaann’
Then open yo ears, Hear my man, Switch gears
And know that you can
3rd Verse – Stefan “Royal Child” Watson
When I fight I put my knucks up
Hoping that another demon bucks up
Hoodlum sick and tired of tough luck
Hoodlum throwing bricks about to bust up
Keep falling hoodlum needs direction
On my path, our kids get protection
Keep stepping better choose my weapon
A war is on now between hell and heaven
Speeding through the clouds is King Jesus
Thundering loud like a trumpet, stumping, thumping on your speakers
While the bass is pumping
Aiming for your ears
Like I’m saying something
That you never heard
Forever these words will remain true
All up to you to do the right thing
See the skies change from blue to blood red
Every single person in the world dead
Shaking the foundation, awaken the nation, atheists are debating
“Is He real is He still alive”
Open up your eyes and you’ll be surprised
Unexpected God riding through the friendly skies
Let the beat rise before the crowd dies
All the “oohs” and “aahs” belong to Jesus Christ
Whatever’s in your mind don’t you compromise
Healing blinded eyes to guide your lost spirit through the night into the light


Written By: Eva Johnson

I’m so Thankful, I’m, I’m so Thankful, I’m, I’m so Thankful, I’m, I’m so Thankful (repeat)
Lord I’m thankful for all you’ve done
Shown me Your love through your one and only Son
Gave me life eternally
Gifted me with a voice to reach
The lost, the hurt, and the broken
I thank you Lord for all you’ve spoken
Over my life and others
Lord I’m so very thankful
(Chorus – twice)
I give you thanks I give you praise
I will exalt you all of my days
There is no one that can give more thanks to
You are the one who’s brought me through
Every hard time and bad situation
Taught me to be joyful and show appreciation
I just can’t thank you enough
Lord you’re so worthy of my Love
(Chorus - twice)
I’m so…Thankful…For all you’ve done (repeat)
(Chorus – twice)

Your Love is Unconditional

Written By: Melchizedek "High Priest" Lockwood

Your Love is unconditional just like the water fall
It flows down into my soul
And it makes me just yearn for more
God is love
And we rely on
All His Love
And can’t deny that
Perfect Love this
Drives out fear when
We come near Him
Free from sin now
O your love
Flows over me
Like anointing
Water flowing
Over me
And we then
Lord your Love
Is so cleansing
Your Love is unconditional just like the water fall
It flows down into my soul
And it makes me just yearn for more
God is love and we rely on
All His love
Can’t deny that
Perfect Love
It drives out fear
And it draws us closer to you
Your Love is unconditional just like the water fall
It flows down into my soul
And it makes me just yearn for more
Your Love is so unconditional
Your Love is so invincible
Your Love is just like a waterfall, like a waterfall, let the river flow
Your Love is unconditional just like the water fall
It flows down into my soul
And it makes me just yearn for more


Time to Wake Up is a CD that brings different styles, different beats, and different visions into one mindset, one message, and one accord. It is a Kingdom Collaboration where the body of Christ comes together with different visions to deliver a powerful, yet, simplistic message: IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP for Christians and non-Christians alike!

Set List

1. In the Sky - JoBro, Samson, Royal Child
2. Superjerk - Samson
3. Your Life Isn't Through - Royal Child
4. Thankful - Eva Johnson
5. My Heart's Desire - Melchizedek "High Priest"
6. Because He Died for Me - JoBro and Royal Child
7. Intro: Wake Up, Melchizedek "High Priest, Samson, and Royal Child
8. Wake Up - Melchizedek "High Priest, Samson, and Royal Child
9. Deliver Me - Royal Child
10. We Serve a Real God - Samson
11. Your Love is Unconditional - Melchizedek "High Priest"