Kingdom County

Kingdom County

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kingdom County plays acoustic rock blending sounds culled from indie, folk, alt-country and experimental rock. With eclectic influences including indie, early country, and african music, Josh and Nick have been writing music together for 15 years and this band represents the height of their efforts.


Kingdom County combines driving acoustic sound rooted in Northwest Indie rock blended with warm folk instrumentation. A unique lyrical style, eclectic tones and strong melodic writing define Kingdom County's sound. With songwriting rooted in the style of early American folk masters like Autry, Guthrie, Dylan and Townes VanZandt, songs come to fruition with simple yet subtle arrangements. Syncopated melodic lines, instrumental counterpoint, a full string section and driving rhythms outline a sound with a dynamic range- capable of blending from a single vocal line into a full band sound within each song. Nicholas and Josh- the primary songwriters- combine interest in a vast range of musical styles- from Northwest indie rock, hardcore and emo to African mbira, rootsy blues to North Indian Classical. Nicholas is a prolific writer and a poet interested in raw representations of honest situations, and Josh is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has studied middle eastern Oud, North Indian tabla and Western Music theory. They have been writing music together for over 15 years.



Written By: Nicholas Cervantes

Your dogs don’t care about the incoming calls
The wind-sweeping trail the tumbling falls
Down where devils are laughing and treading through water
The devils get older and couldn’t be bothered, bottles and broken hands

Go back to the city now where the bottles can speak
And lift up your spirits like steam off the street
I’m betting the night will turn back to the sun
But won’t say for sure until I see it come

Every minutes the same now inn’it?
Lace up your shoes and kick off to the finish
Love comes in thunder a deafening wonder
You don’t take shelter you won’t recover from

Two hundred dreams of us all in one night
I’m calling in sick with the earthly delights
Jump in the water push sound through my bones
It’s better together but it’s all right alone


Far past my memory there’s screaming blue sky
No battles internal just blood to survive
Shapes found in nature stars on the wall
Like arms thrown around you your whole life that’s all


Written By: Nicholas Cervantes

Zig-zag like a satellite, or the patterns on a blanket that’s hanging roadside
On a drive when I missed you, when I look at the skies I missed myself
Before I’d ever learned to drive. We’d laugh me and my sister we’d sparkle in time with the
Christmas lights, maybe twenty years ago now I’m pulling over to sleep by the side of the road I can’t go home cause it was sold years ago now in the woods by the pond I don’t freeze by the snow.

When I first fell in love with a brown-haired girl,
That’s where I took her to see the edge of the world.

When killers sing to the skyline, it shakes the beard off your face I’m balancing right on the
fault line with you where you used to sing I was a bird With mountains for wings
you were the valley with your name on the stream The train blows the whistle and the street lights explode there’s not a pay phone booth I can’t change my clothes
Its ten o’clock and the sun hasn’t set yet and if I smoked here’s where I’d light a cigarette

I see a brown haired girl smiling proud at herself
She’s turning up the day for everybody else.


Ninja (EP) - 2008
Kingdom County (LP) - 2009
All tracks available widely on internet distribution channels (iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Lala, Amie Street) and for free on our myspace ( We have regular airplay on several radio stations in the Pacific Northwest (Eugene, Corvallis, Portland and Seattle).

Set List

We currently have over 30 original songs performance-ready. We tend to combine shorter sets (ca. 45 minutes) to create longer ones (up to 3 hours). While we mostly play original music, a set list often includes one or more covers, from eclectic sources (Dolly Parton, TV on the Radio, Bob Dylan, Beck, Cut Copy, Dock Boggs, Pavement).