Kingdom of Jones

Kingdom of Jones


KOJ is a new music jam band that plays progressive, experimental, often abstract, music and beats, heavy riffs, soundscapes, and electronic processes. In live performance, the band remixes and fragments all types of music (funk, soul, new classical, opera, nu jazz) and mixes it with KOJ sounds


Cristian Amigo and Kingdom of Jones (KOJ) were signed to Innova Recordings in 2008 with funds from the New York State Music fund, an initiative that then District Attorney Eliot Spitzer (before the scandal) set up from court settlements with music industry gangsters and record companies over Payola schemes.

Kingdom of Jones formed in late 2007 in support of the Innova CD release and have played in various configurations at Bates College, The Flea Theater, CSI CUNY, the Public Theater, the Tank, the Brick Elephant, the Stone, Bennington College, CSU Stanislaus, UC Riverside, CSU Dominguez Hills, and other experimental and rock venues.

Izzi and Cristian met at the College of Staten Island where Amigo was teaching and Izzi was studying electrical engineering and music. Cristian and Gonzalo played in a band together (Six Feet Under) "back in the day" when they were both in the seventh grade.

Amigo is an award-winning composer (Guggenheim Fellowship, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Meet the Composer, Asian Pacific Performance Exchange, etc.) and musician, one of a current generation of musical artists concerned with collapsing the artistic and social hierarchies between Western art musics (classical and jazz) and all music. Known as an acoustic and electric guitarist with an improvising bent, Amigo composes performance works, fierce riffs, art and pop songs, chamber and orchestral music, and theatre and film works.

Izzi Ramkissoon is a composer, bassist and laptopist whose awards include the first prize in composition at the 2007 Look and Listen Music Festival in NYC. On the side, Izzi is an electrical engineer who is working on alternative music controllers and robots - for real.

Gonzalo Martinez de la Cotera is a progressive rock drummer with extensive touring experience including a stint with Marcy Playground. His beats are loud and fierce - like John Bonham meets Elvin Jones.


Kingdom of Jones - Kingdom of Jones (Innova Recordings 2008)

Set List

50 minutes- 1 hour

Kingdom of Jones
War is Good for Business
War (What is it good for?)
Nothing Ever Is...