Kingdom People

Kingdom People

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Written By: Dwayne Fulton

(verse 1)
Are you christian are you not? What doctrine do you follow?
Are you a minister? Are you Baptist are you cogic? Pentecostal Methodist? Do you even know the truth?

All I I know is that I'm saved! Through His precious Blood; that He shed for me one day. I confessed Him with my mouth, I believe He's in my heart. Jesus lives inside of me, all you need to know is

I'm a BELIEVER (3x)
I believe in Jesus Christ

(Verse 2)
Are you a prophet or a teacher? Do you speak in other tongues? Do you have the Holy ghost? Are you called to ministry? Are you in seminary? How much money do you sow?

I'm a believer, believer, believer