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KingdomQuest Kids

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No More "mickey mouse" Worship Music for this modern generation. Experience the Kingdom sound from the mouths of Babes, with a contemporary flair that will usher children (and adults) into the presence of God. Written for children, sang by children to reach children.


There is a growing need for contemporary Worship music for children.

For the past several years, I’ve worked with the children’s ministry at West Angeles Church, as the musical director of children’s church. During that time, I established a children’s praise and worship team and discovered that there is not a wide variety of children’s contemporary gospel worship music available. In many instances, I found myself teaching adult songs, in a scaled down version so the children could adapt and sing them.
Well, after doing that a few times, I started writing songs specifically for children, on their level of understanding, and in line with their ability to worship; with music that is similar to what they hear in their culture but with a sound that distinguishes it as godly.

This brings me to you, to explore the idea with you of doing a children’s project. I realize that children’s music may not be in your current scope of music, but I believe that in the near future we will see a swell in that area. Since you are trailblazers, why not be among the first to embark upon this venture? I know with your professional touch and innovative concepts, this project will grab the attention of children and adults everywhere and rescue a generation from influences of the world, not to mention provide fresh and meaningful music to the body of Christ.

To date, I have not found any Contemporary Praise & Worship CD's for Children that is strictly praise and worship. Not choir, not hip-hop, not simply praise songs or Sunday School tunes, but Praise & Worship with original children's music.

Times have changed ... this demo project was created to open a new avenue for Children's Praise & Worship music on a more mature level than what is currently being offered.

I would like to share more with you about the vision God has given me regarding a children’s project, because it is more than just music, it’s a vision.

These particular children were selected just to demonstrate my work. I only worked for a short time pulling this together, there are many imperfections however, I pray that you can hear past them and feel the passion and spirit in the music.

Thank you again, for your time and attention, Pepta S. Henderson


Great Big Love

Written By: Pepta Henderson

Great Big Love
By Pepta Henderson © 2007

O how great is your love for me
O how great my love for you
You are the one I give my life to
How great, how great is your love

You’re the one who died for me
Gave your life on Calvary
No greater love this world will ever see
How great, how great is your love

It’s bigger than all the mountains that I see
It’s deeper than all the oceans around me
It’s higher than all the stars in the sky

How great, how great is your love

How great, how great
Your love: great big love.

Not too Young

Written By: Pepta Henderson

Not Too Young to Praise
By Pepta Henderson (C)2/16/07

No matter what comes my way
I’ll lift my voice in praise
Give honor to the holy one
From morning till the day is done

Now I know what people say
You’re too young to give real praise
But I know that Jesus died
On the third day he rose and he’s alive


I’m gonna praise him
I’m gonna lift him up
I’m gonna clap my hands
I’m gonna do my dance

He’s worthy of the Glory
He’s worthy of the honor
He’s worthy of the praise(2x)

I Thank You

Written By: Pepta Henderson

I Thank You
By Pepta Henderson © 2007

O God,
I appreciate your love
I appreciate your Favor
You have been good to me

O God
My heart is so happy, I’m joyful within
You’re not only God, but you’re also my friend
You have been good to me
You have been good to me

You have been so good to me (4x)

I just wanna thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


Demo available for review

Set List

Kids Love God
Not too Young
I Thank You
Great Big Love
Lifting up my Hands