King Dylan

King Dylan

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN
SoloAlternativeHip Hop

King Dylan is a fun-having Alternative Hip Pop act that has been compared to Twenty-One Pilots, Down With Webster, Macklemore, and that super cool guy you went to school with one time.


KING DYLAN's energy has been unparalleled in the scene for a decade, whether on stage or in work ethic, as he continues to pump out Alternative Hip-Pop music and videos from his Calgary home base. He once overheard someone describe him as the hyperactive love child of Blink 182, Eminem, and Lady Gaga's backup dancers, which made him laugh... really loudly. He is an Award-winning Music and Video producer, an entertainer of Tyrannosaurian proportions, and a genuine lover of music and life.

Recently, King Dylan's song “Untouchable” received a Video Director of the Year nomination from the 2017 WCMA's (Breakout West) and took home Pop Recording and Music Video of the Year from the 2017 YYCMA's (Calgary Music Awards). The song also placed 2nd in the Stagelight Monthly song contest from Linkin Park and Open Labs.

“He’s good as both a rapper and singer, so it works well, and the sound quality is clean and professional, which should help this alt-rock-rap hybrid appeal to a larger mainstream audience” – EXCLAIM! Magazine (Thomas Quinlan)

“The fact that he makes both the serious and celebratory work together and blend seamlessly speaks to how confident he is in the King Dylan skin” – Calgary Herald (Mike Bell)

During King Dylan’s musical career he has performed at showcases and festivals like Canadian Music Week, Mighty Peace Day (2013-2017), Lilac Fest, Summer Fling, Blank-Fest, and also was one of the winning recipients in the 2012 Amp Radio Rockstar competitions. He has also written and recorded with Juno Award winners (Swollen Members’ Moka Only and Econoline Crush’s Trevor Hurst), worked with Producers Dale Penner and Chris Burke-Gaffney (Nickelback, Chantal Kreviazuk) and in his different bands shared the stage with well-known acts like Seether, Tech n9ne, Sonreal, Swollen Members, Econoline Crush, Dear Rouge, Shawn Desman, Tyler Shaw, Neverest, Mayday! and many more.

King Dylan placed Top 3 in the John Lennon Song Writing Competition 2012 for his song “Blind Man” and Honourable Mention as a top finalist in 2011’s ISC International Songwriting Competition for his song “Never Walked On The Moon”.

With a discography 10-albums deep, experience and skill have now caught up to the level of energy, motivation and passion showcased in any King Dylan project.

“King Dylan has developed a signature style with soulful, catchy melodies” – St. Albert Gazette (Anna Borowiecki)

“With a killer live performance and a unique combination of musical styles, King Dylan is a force to be reckoned with in the Calgary Scene”– Indie 403 (Taryn Craig)

A flow of pure energy from all directions” – Earbender YYC (Victoria Cosens)


Sing Sing Sing

Written By: D. Roberts (SOCAN)

Smile, it looks good on your face
don't let it escape
your sweetness is embraced
keep your better traits
breathe a breath of faith.
so sleep in bed for days
to seek a better place
in dreams you've kept awake
cuz kings will get erased
queens will get replaced
beliefs get swept away
but people forever chase
the freedom that they waste
then leave without a trace
so reach for outer space

you're running out of time
they took away your smiles and dreams
but don't forget to sing sing sing

Laugh, it goes well with your smile
i know it's been a while
expose your inner child
your foes are in denial
they don't want to believe
your hope is all you need
Ghosts will never leave.
most of them are thieves
stolen melodies
your notes are sounding sweet
and those will hold the key.
cuz all you have to do
is swallow all the truth
and call and tell them to
apologize to you.


you're at the end of your rope
you think your heart might be broke
you think that dreams are a hoax
you're singing wrong notes
you know that song that you wrote?
Did you forget how it goes?
Did you forget how it goes?
it goes...



Written By: King Dylan & GQ (Dylan Roberts/Graham Furber) SOCAN

Vr 1:
(King Dylan)

I'm so lucky just to know you
You're pretty and you know it but it doesn't show through
you must have gone through a bunch of hopefuls
old school, dope fools, punks with no clue
and somehow, you thought I was the best
cupid came out and shot us in the chest
brought us together and I'm honestly obsessed
This summer we met, I hope August never ends
When we kiss, you make me melt
when I make you upset, then I hate myself
Love notes on the pillow as a paper trail
just in case my voice ever breaks or fails
every day I write it with ink in a letter
she's beautiful, invite her to dinner to tell her
I'll write it, I'll yell it, I'll sing it forever
If I end up crazy, please Think of me better

I hope the stars come out to shine
I've got some chocolate and some wine
You look so beautiful, so beautiful tonight.

You are the stars I'll make you shine
You're just so perfect and you're mine
You look so Beautiful, so Beautiful tonight

Vr 2:

Never did I expect this
cause my heart was a wreck, you fixed
and your lips are the best I've kissed
and I love it when we wrap up our legs and twist
everytime that I head to the Rockies
Banff, and the mountains, the bed where you brought me
I think about everything you said, and your body
you wake me up way better than coffee
the way you danced with me, the way you smiled at me
such a fantasy, you're good quality
you don't anger me, no apologies
but you abandoned me, you moved across the seas
guess it seems like we've always been apart
tonight you're here with my soul, and in the dark
we shoot up and grow old within the stars
listen to The Trews as i "hold you in my arms"


You are a sight to see, you are my everything
you make me smile when i'm frowning you are so heavenly
It's in your laughter, it's in your heart, I don't understand
How i can have all this beauty wrapped up inside my hands
I'm telling you all the wonderful things I know you are
your big blue eyes, it's no surprise you stole my heart
let's take this moment, let's take this time here to realize
we're heading onto a paradise, and you're all mine.


Never Walked On The Moon

Written By: King Dylan - Dylan Roberts (SOCAN)

See, I've never broken records
been someone's hero, or spoke at lectures
some things I'm too slow get first
I've never saved lives like smoke detectors
I've sunk no boats, never dove for treasures
or Travelled the world for salt & pepper
I just dream with grandiose endeavours
I Do my best and just hope for better
And I've never cured diseases
never even visited the poorest regions
i've never b-boyed, never wore Adidas
I can't battle, I'd get torn to pieces
and sadly, I was never born a genius
never had a voice like Morgan Freemans
but I was still born to perform, believe this
I Do it for the girl I adore, my sweetness

I've never walked on the moon
I've never changed the world
I'm nothing special
but when I'm with you girl
but when I'm with you girl
I can do anything.

and I've never made the Olympics
never done anything amazing, I'm winless
no gold medals no name in the index
guiness book, look, maybe i'da been rich
but I could never play like I'm hendrix
never sold out any stadium attendance.
for days I'll pretend that labels have interest
but I just get upset and I hate that I think this
... i have nothing impressive to share
i lose my ego, I don't flex in the mirror
Even with the rockets on my best underwear
compared to the rest i feel less than prepared
and i'm not batman, I'm not even bruce wayne
i'm not a king, maybe i should get a new name
I'm too plain for you babe, but i'm through prayin'
you're lois lane so for you I'll be superman


i know a whole tonne of people
have done things, something so unbelievable
but my flow is still Lethal
since 2005 I've been stroking my ego.
and i try to be humble.
but you just know how to make me feel wonderful
all my fans, you're my girl, you're the one, yo
Thank you, I can't wait to see you front row


Still Lonely

Written By: Dylan Edward Roberts

I'm so lonely, yeah
everybody's got someone else
and I'm just lonely
I go to the movies by myself

see cuz I've got friends but they're with their girls
and I wish there was someone that would be in my world
I'm just lonely
yeah so lonely

But I'm okay
so Don't you worry
I'm still here
just waiting for you
but I won't ask you, I can't ask you to care
that I'm still lonely

I'm here, lonely, yeah
I'm so far away from you
Oh I'm still lonely
it starts to feel like Deja Vu

cuz I dreamt all night of a place I'd been
that reminded me I'll never see your face again.
I'm just lonely
oh I'm still lonely

it doesn't seem so bad
Until I think I miss you

and all the dreams I've had
are only real when i can share them with you

now watch me break down, face down, drained, now I can't smile
no one's here to laugh when I cry, that's how the rain sounds
my movie ends, and it's missing out my favourite scene
... my girl .... My Love.... My Queen...


Written By: King Dylan (Dylan Roberts - SOCAN/ASCAP)

Hey, i'll tell you a secret, i like you.
and you don't have to believe it, but I do.
I just want to look deep in your bright blue
eyes, take you out for some eats and a pint of brew.
make you laugh, move our feet to the right tune
steal your heart like a thief in the night (woo!)
but when i see you I freeze like an ice cube
cuz i'm nothing but a geek that you're nice to.
and I'm amazed that you said hello
and when I asked you out it wasn't yes or no
it was what time baby, let me get my coat
just let me know when's the next episode.
you're the sun, you're the moon, you're the star
you light up the whole room when it's dark
You're the song you're the tune in my heart
so let's sing,

Cuz if I was your King
I'd treat you like a queen.
that i'd do anything for. (I'd do anything for)
Now that's something to sing for, live for, and die for

well the secret's out now, so what's next
we could make some loud sounds with rough sex.
we could head to downtown and chow down
or lay on the couch round the clock and have a love fest
I'm obsessed with a moment of success
can't believe you're in my home and you're undressed.
relieve her stress, when my woman is upset
forget the world, baby, don't give it up yet
You can call me in the middle of the night
i'm here, physically or mentally, for life
for your love I will fight any enemy in sight
cuz you don't just shine you're the epitome of bright
you're the sun, you're the moon, you're the stars
you light up the whole room when it's dark
You're the song you're the tune in my heart
so let's sing,


WITH YOU I'll never sing another sad song (sad song)
WITH YOU Every day is better than the last one (last one)
FOR YOU I'd drain my blood until I had none (had none)
FOR YOU I'd burn the whole world down


Blind Man

Written By: King Dylan (Dylan Roberts - SOCAN/ASCAP)

The devil's sitting on my shoulder again
handing me a bottle of rum
my angel's crying, telling me not to jump
cuz I'm like a blind man Looking for the sun
I'm like a dying man, waiting for God to come

The world is so cold
keeping faith is like an everyday job, and just to breathe you need to poke holes
and it's controlled by some bozos
right & wrong are just words, and you can't believe in photos.
the truth is blurry, I try not to worry,
I'll do my best to prove my hands are not dirty
but you wanna hurt me, and tell me that you love me
well love is beautiful, but you made it ugly..

I'll never lie to you, but maybe i just might hide a few
skeletons, i'll tell my friends, to try to keep it in a private room
whatever I try to do, i'm steppin up to the highest view
so i can see clear, let go of the tears, but still I've feared when i would lose
I've made mistakes, i've faced the flames, the gates of hell awaits
I'm strugglin nobody wants to be here when i've got nothing great to celebrate
you're sortof the jealous fake snake types this fella hates
I wish i was blind so i didn't have to see the devil's face


I crack the fireball whiskey, I love the cinnamon taste
not much of a drinker, but i feel like I'm gettin sick of this place
i opened up to you, and all you did was spit in my face
I'm losing a friend today, my heart falls and a bit of it breaks
and I can't shake it, I've been hated before
but I can take it normally you went and created this war
and you've invaded in my space so find your way to the door
I've got a heart but now I dunno what i'm saving it for

and There's no escape plan, but I'm still on the run
I don't wanna chase your love if i'm not the one
if I'm not the one

well the devil made me feel okay
he put his arms around me and said
that I'll be fine without love
but I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun

F*** Last Call

Written By: Dylan Roberts,Graham Furber,Joseph Mosier,Oren Zacharias

On and On
We Keep Rocking til the Break of Dawn
We're Going On and On

Yo, who's the man? I'm the man
Got my group of friends and it's time to jam
Get a private dance when I buy some dranks
when I'm hittin on the women with the tightest pants
crush the cans and I smash the bottle
take the shots and I dance with models
only ask for doubles when I'm at the bar though
staying out late way past tomorrow

PRE: Get get get get to the foor like you have been waiting your whole life
we're getting high better hold tight lift off and fly to the moonlight
you're in the spotlight, your life, this is your moment your night
you're b-b-burning like a star, baby, so bright!

On and On
We Keep Rocking til the Break of Dawn
We're Going On and On
Everybody in the bar saying Fuck Last Call

I wanna drink right now
go get your girl and get the bottom of it down
go grab another for a second, nother round, make it count
Slam it, throw your shot into the ground better get into the crowd

All night, alright, keep it rocking til the dawnlight
Keep tossing back shots like a gunfight
sip pink drink like a pimp, thug life!
DC keep it rocking til the sunlight
one life, living up to the hype
and i'm just one guy, the untouchable type
so watch what I write - the awesomest lines
Fuck Last Call when I'm dropping the pints!

(CHORUS) x 2

Everybody at the bar, come grab a shot
Gotta line em up and kick it up a notch

We're the ones that you talk about
we ain't walking out, we ain't stopping now

We're flying high, we're like super man
we're still rocking out to the music, man!

Everybody at the Bar, Everybody at the bar!

(CHORUS) x 2

Touch The Sky

Written By: Dylan Roberts,Oren Zacharias,Graham Furber,Joseph Mosier

We were just small kids with wide eyes and big dreams
High-fives for Tie-Dyes with ripped jeans
play fights and bike rides and little leagues
we were alive without Wi-Fi or big screens
We chose happiness and love over paychecks
we paid the price a hundred times we had to break necks
Broken backs broken hearts but we're okay, gents
broken rides, broken dreams but we've stayed friends
Some days I drink and I may seem a little bitter
I won't quit but I'll admit it, I have never been a winner
but we get together, we have dinner and remember
that we're just a bunch of simple men singing lynyrd skynyrd
sing it, "you'll find a woman, and you'll find love"
(You'll find love, you'll find love)
"and don't forget, son, there is someone up above"

We have holes in our socks, we're all broke and hate our jobs
let's touch the sky, and live among the stars
We have days we didn't eat, we live our dreams, we never sleep
Let's touch the sky, Let's touch the sky

Mirror mirror mirror mirror on the wall
who's the most beautiful emcee of all
I can't keep on ignoring the call
Guess I just took six years off
whatcha mean white men can't jump?
lift my foot up, down, come stomp
when the switch gets flipped and this bitch lifts off
and the business gets what the business wants
at the top of this world it's anomolous
the more we're hot the more we wanna be autonomous
the more we got the more we wanna be anonymous
the more we're not the more the paparazzi follows
so what's the problem this cause is affecting us?
of course we didn't really gawk at the consequences
I can't stop, touch the sky like the Gods above us
I'm super man and Hip Hop's my metropolis

Let us touch the sky, so we'll never die, never live a lie
give up what we really love for a bigger piece of the pie
but no, never us, we're living for the rush
of being up on stage and touring the world in a bus
I went bankrupt, yup, then I said So what?
cuz my life fell apart while I was doing what I loved
I don't need to die with lots of money on my grave
just as long as the world lives to talk about my face
sometimes you don't know what you got until it's gone
I never lost music but I bleed it all day long
and then I turn all my sorrows into songs
remember '94 we put that Tupac tape on?
I've got my reasons I've walked a lonely road
and all I ever wanted was someone to hold me close
I keep falling down, father, when I try to stand
I shed a tear every time I hear Simple Man


Lengthy days blend away I pace myself in this expensive space
everything I make wastes away, and it's a waste an extensive chase
and we're eventually paid but not before friendships are made
we all relate to a treacherous fate and put heads together
and make something that you can't desecrate
cuz it remains as long as man will persist
still changing your views after I cash in my chips
so many passionless puppets advance in the biz
when the suits put ads on the back of our disc
I'm trapped in the system I'm lashed in the pit
I reach for the sky and grabbing handfuls of shit
so what's the answer to this I think it's having a wish then
infecting the listeners til it crashes the system
We're backing the victim and crushing the man
so ball up your fists, Up with your hands!!

Never Heroes

Written By: Dylan Roberts,Graham Furber,Joseph Mosier,Oren Zacharias

They call me the man who wears the tights,
flies around with his cape real dark at night
i just wanna wear jeans, in blue and white
what the fuck happened to my normal life?
everyone expects GQ to save em
i'm at home and I sew and wear an apron
cuz i got me and wife and kids and payments
see I don't even know who lois lane is!!?
But when i'm out i'm the man, that no one can mess with
not even that bitch King Dylan can test this
and I think he thinks he's the villain, but really?
He ain't worth my time, I'm getting too restless.
I'm not getting paid, but i'm pretty sure cops are.
I'm pretty sure the days of a hero's a lost art
My wife wants a pool and the kids want some pop tarts
fuck it, i'm just gonna be a hip hop star

You don't think I'm really a Hero
You don't think I'm really a Hero
but we are what we are
Super Hero Superstars
everybody breaks the law
La La La La La La Laa-aa

(King Dylan)
They say I'm the villain. well this is the way that I'm feelin'
maybe it's because my name is King Dylan
and it's fun to rhyme things, see, Dylan the villain is chillin
thinking about killin and stealing, making me millions.
yo. I am the mastermind, behind the criminals
but I still like to get my hands dirty with women yo.
If you need the job done right, yo, just lemme know!
I'm the mothafuckin villain mothafucka, anyhow
I've never been arrested, i'm just so swift
To the man in tights, I'ma bust yo lip
tryna catch me, well you must have slipped
I got away with the shoppin cart, suck my dick!
I'ma smash this bus stop, run quick and hoot
whoop whoop! I'm so bad ass that i'm cute.
"Yeah mom, i'll be home for dinner real soon"
I'm gangsta! I should start a hip hop group....


(MC Mossberg)
I double take on a couple of pages
Did a rewrite, a man in tights, smashing crimes in the streetlight
and he's fighting a recent rash of villainy
monumentally mashing a mass of massive pillaging
and that's real to me, clues flash, encrypted
I put the puzzle together and clash with the syndicate
so the case has grandiose crimes and vigilante justice
scams from broke minds and fancy punches
crafty plans and bunches and brown-baggin' lunches
I'm the cop on the scene standing handsome and rugged
but answer me one thing, if you're the best detective
you've been trying for months, but you never catch them
but the chief is amazed at the case files stacked up
immaculate syllables and the words all match up
that's nuts, like a Squirrel stashing stuff
the boss is pushing me to quit and Just Rap it up.


I'm the original, they call me Buttnz I'm the general
superheroes, villains, and cops - I am behind them all
I'm just chillin up at the top, I am the pinnacle
mothafuckas beg me to stop, but I'm a Criminal!
Fuck! all these cynical shitheads are getting critical
and Fuck! all these pitiful dicks can suck my genitals
and money was plentiful but I'm maxin out my credit cards
I want to be a hip hop star but no one will return my calls!
GQ, (sup) he was cooler than DQ, but now he's warming up boys
hotter than pea soup
and KING D (yaa) saying something like DC
now is this the mothafucka that insisted they regroup
and MOSSBERG (what!?), not burg as in burglar,
run like a Zerg alert, Cop was a murderer
and he's rocking the beat too and running a street crew
now you're gonna tell me he'll be killing our sweet loops
I'm getting sick with a sweet tooth
and I hope these mothafuckas will be looking to recruit
cuz I'm through. A criminal with a dream too
since I was a kid to be a part of a Rap Crew

and if they don't let me, I'll fuckin kill them
all of them... haha


King Dylan - Raw- Acoustic EP (March 2016)

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