King for A Day

King for A Day

 Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

King For A Day is a traditional amercian rock band from Fairfield, Connecticut. Our sound is an original leap beyond all the great classic and southern rockers from Led Zeppelin to the Black Crowes and Tom Petty. Like them, we can rock hard and hang back with a mellow acoustic vibe.


Driving rhythm led by bassist Benj Lefevre lays the bedrock for the crunching and often soaring guitar sound from Randy Funke. Threaded through the thunder and the lightning are the heartfelt, introspective and poetic lyrics delivered with bluesy honest grit from Dan Labich. King For a Day can not only rock your soul, but they are equally at home in the quiet solitude of an intimate acoustic set where the subtle nuances of their lyrics and musicianship shine.

In the world of Fairfield County rock bands, King for Day has been king for much longer than just a day. Benj LeFevre (Deep Banana Blackout) and Dan Labich (Stone Cold) combined forces with madman guitarist Randy Funke in 2005 to create what we all know and love as KFAD. Influenced by many of the classic southern rockers, like Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, their bluesy, jammy, hand-driving rock 'n roll sound emerges from a tight friendship between members.


Available on Itunes:
Fortress-Full length LP
Greatest Hits-FullLength LP
Recently Released Single: You Are My Soul-Single