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"King Friday"

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have been featured on Next Wave Faithfull's "In The Spotlight"

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King Friday self-titled EP
Singles: I Believe & A Story Told



Not many people know that Catholic Rock Music is even a music genre let alone know that it can rock any venue to the ground with the best of them. King Friday is here with a newfound identity and a God given purpose, letting fans know that music with a message is a real option without having to compromise their taste for sonic tones and groove-heavy rhythms.

Together for more than 10 years, founding members Sandro Verrelli and Brian Vulcano’s instant connection of musicianship and vision was orchestrated into their cutting edge style of progressive rock. King Friday was well on their way to secular success, but in the midst of this something else was taking shape.

Even while a world-renowned music producer – Mike Fraser, was discovering their music God was making his presence known, and with that came a conversion and rededication to God, the Catholic Church and the path of the Holy Spirit. “…It was when Pope John Paul II died that I realized something had to change in my life; needed to change, forever…” said Sandro.“…it really gave me the true sense of my mortality, and solidified God’s call in my life.” When reflecting on the big picture, Brian sums it up for KF and the call of music, “…We came into this with a vision, and when blinded by the world only then did we realize how visionless we really were.

With the call on their lives came the finishing piece to a new band, a new drummer, Mark Grosjean. A dedicated, true follower of the faith, Mark brings an element previously unknown to the band; a unified Catholic foundation. “…In my own life I have received various calls, but music has been one of the greatest. I take Psalm 150 with me wherever I go, the confirmation of God’s call in my life.”

Now with their newfound vision, King Friday’s determination to bring God and His Church to the forefront of their music has never been more clear. “…We believe that we can have a serious impact,” says Brian, “Catholic music needs to be on the rise, not ignored or viewed as something not legitimate or worthy… and just because it is Catholic music, doesn’t mean it can’t rock!”

Already, King Friday has found recent success in their new call by reaching #1 on charts with “I Believe”, enjoying airplay in Brazil, connecting and developing with Catholic-based organizations, and writing and recording King Friday’s new album that will establish a new feel and message reflecting on their inner most beliefs, slated for release in 2007.