King Harobed

King Harobed

 Coalinga, California, USA

King Harobed is band from Coalinga, CA. The low of cattle and dusty old boots on a vast, fallow, range is the idea that King Harobed captures, amplifies, and grows in your heart. Porch Music from our stoop to yours.


King Harobed is an indie folk-rock band from California's Central Valley. The band draws inspiration from the area that bred them that includes vast amounts of farmland, federal prisons and the largest slaughterhouse in the West. Through any number of line ups, King Harobed has been performing together for a number of years but has only recently received notoriety under the current line up which foaled in 2010.

The players are Brian Boomer (guitar, vocals), Dom Brown (bass, vocals), Dustin Caldera (drums), Aaron Taylor (lead guitar, misc.) and Dallas Chastain (keys). King Harobed self-released an eponymous EP in 2009 that was ultimately more alt-country flavored than their current sound. King Harobed has now released new material as a folk rock band while still owing much of its sound to the valley. King Harobed - Sierra Nevada was released in April of 2012.


King Harobed - Sierra Nevada, 2012
King Harobed - EP, 2009

Set List

May the Road Rise
Sierra Nevada
100 Yards
The Lord, The Bull and I
Ya Yur Kids
Lowridin' King
Ole' Haymaker (I Loved You)
We are the Sum
Mortise & Tenon
End of Races
Coming into Country
Hard Patch Earth
Summer Wedding
Another Cowboy Gets His Wings
Gardener's Delight
A Few Miles
Backroad Blues
Our Debt's We'll Repay
The Dust Bowl
But Sleep Felt Like Cold
Hate it Here
Together Again
Act Naturally
Yellow Submarine
Ashes of American Flags
Am I a Good Man?