King Harobed

King Harobed

 Coalinga, California, USA

Roots folk with an indie-rock influence, King Harobed perform songs with intricate melodies and harmonies akin to Fleet Foxes, Wilco, and Grandaddy. Creative lyrics, driving rhythm and blistering guitar-work are the cornerstone of our songwriting. We are a folk-rock band with a passion for studio work and putting on an energetic and engaging live show.


King Harobed is a band from Coalinga, CA. A sounding board for the simple life that surrounds them, King Harobed seeks to complicate the simpler things in life, write music about it, and play it for the masses. Conceptualized in the late 90's, the band formed and reformed through numerous lineups in different cities throughout the West and then evaporated. Foaled in 2007, the band phoenixed to self-release two sets of singles, an eponymous EP in 2009 and is currently in the studio with their first LP that draws heavily on 60's folk, pop, alt-country and rock. The members of King Harobed are hard working broodstock with a passion for writing and performing music.


Horsehouse Singles, 2006 & 2008
King Harobed, EP, 2009
Upcoming LP, 2011

Set List

Another Cowboy Gets His Wings
Gardener's Delight
100 yards
Lowridin' King
Backroad Blues
The Lord, The Bull, and Me
May the Road Rise
Hard Patch Earth
Ya Yur Kids
Danced A Few Miles
Mortise & Tenon
Sierra Nevada
Quadratic Formula-One Racer
Memory Lane
Old Haymaker
End of Races
But Sleep Felt Like Cold
Together Again (Buck Owens)
Act Naturally (Buck Owens)
Hate It Here (Wilco)
Ashes of American Flags (Wilco)
Hewlitt's Daughter (Grandaddy)