King James

King James


King James has a style of music that is new and is a breath of fresh air. They're Produced by Jodi Marr and George Noriega & combine funk, soul, and rock and grab a variety of peoples attention who listen to all different kind of genres. Anyone who goes to a KJ concert is sure to have a good time!!


King James is out of Nashville, TN. The singer Justin originally comes from Minneapolis, MN directly out of Paisley Park. He grew up playing with as well as being mentored by members of Prince's NPG and Revolution. King James has toured the US and shared the stage with acts such as Pat Benetar, Richard Marxx, Peter Frampton ect.. Now working with Grammy winning producers Jodi Marr (Mika) and George Noriega (Ricky Martin, Shakira) King James has emerged with a sound all their own. With rock, soul, and funk intertwining you get "King James" , who has been influenced by artists such as Prince, Sly Stone, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Otis Redding the list goes on and on. King James has a singer with a commanding presence and slamming soulful guitars, grooving bass and kick ass drums. King James is bringing fun and the party atmosphere back to the stage.


King James: The First
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Set List

Originals We Do Are Listed First
Covers We Do Listen Second
Dose Of Reality
Girls Can Too
Until Me
Heavens Pie
Life Lessons
You Wreck Me
American Girl
Twice As Hard
Hard To Handle
Emotional Rescue
Get Off My Cloud
Pink Houses
Pride And Joy
La Grange
Back In The Saddle