Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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The ORIGINAL Rebel Yell. KiNG JAZZY ignites his audience with his electric voice, making vibrations from JAMAICA to Jupiter. He transcends all with the remarkable gift to cross genres. A blend of Reggae, Hip Hop, & Electronica that is oh so Pop. Reflecting a swagger of Elvis, Eminem, & Bob Marley.



KiNG JAZZY has been raised in the tradition and culture of JAMAICA while staying grounded in his EAST HARLEM roots. This is apparent in his music. A lyricist, whose style SHOULD be classified as a cross between Reggae and Hip Hop. But, with the various blends of Electronica, Rock, World Beat, Calypso and others, its not quite fair to place him in any one category. To quote the Artist "I make dance music for everyone, you know, the whole world!”

King Jazzys' debut CD "Jazzifrass", is a self-produced compilation of songs recorded at his own "Black Love Studios" in Jamaica. It's an album that showcases the diversity of the artists repertoire. His Reggae roots are planted firmly in songs like; "Rock and Come In", "Ready Fi Roll", and "Chill Out". Dancehall dominates on songs like; "Soljah Man", "Gravity Glamity", and "Police and the beast". The Hip Hop influences can be felt on; "Serious", "Holiday', and "Nowhere to Run". Then there's the searing guitars on "Partime", and his style is personified in the cross over hit "Y.O.U.", a rebellious rant, where he pleads for global unity.

When recording for "Jazzifrass" was completed, he then returned to America, and created STARZAN ENT. Based out of Detroit, Starzan launched an assault on the underground music scene with stunning live performances and intriguing T-shirt designs.

Recording his 2nd album, "Jazzwah?” presented the opportunity for Jazzy to work with Dancehall producer Devonte for "Boom Draw". As well as up and coming Hip Hop producers; Develop from NYC for "Gravity Glamity" and The Composors from ATL for "Yu No Gangsta" and "Hood Fi Yu".

On the other hand Jazzy's growing reputation in the Hip Hop scene has people wanting more. Always heading in a new direction with his sound, Jazzy has started recording a Hip Hop EP. He teamed up with Motown native Paradime, (who 9-5's as Kid Rocks DJ), on the song "The Reaper", and produced a video with 5830 Productions, for "Make A Flick".

KING JAZZY toured the West Coast, Canada, and Hawaii with Reggae legend Sugar Minott and has shared the stage with Buju Banton, Junior Reid, Warrior King, Luciano, Capleton, Pappa Bone, Israel Vibrations, Turbulence, and Sizzla.


The Reaper

Written By: KiNGJAZZY

The reapers out to get me
(got a hold over you)
And i dont know where i'll go.
(got a hold over you)
If death should overtake me.
(got a hold over you)
Mama jus let me go....jus let me go.

Soljah Man

Written By: KiNGJAZZY

"Whoa Woe / Whoa Woe"
i wan yu ovastand,
oh KiNG JAZZY is a soljah man,
Mi put di AK ova mi shoulda man,
Yu seh yu move cold i am a colda one.


Written By: KiNGJAZZY

Y.O.U.A.N.D.M.E are O.N.E. energy

You and I,
get together unify,
you can see that you and me,
need a little unity,
and use all our energy,
so that we could set it free,
open the chemestry,
so to keep our symetry......
And I can carry on, a marathon,
of revolutionary songs,
tear apart, the very heart,
of everything thats wrong.
Like the fuse in every bomb,
im the muse in every psalm,
to prove to every one,
that the fusion has begun.

Y.O.U.A.N.D.M.E. are O.N.E. energy


"Jazzifrass", LP - 2006
"Gravity", Single/Video - 2006
"Mi Fi Yu", Single/Video - 2007
"The Reaper", Single/Video - 2007
"Jazzwah?", LP - dropping late 2008
"Make A Flik", Single/Video - 2008



Set List

We currently have a 90 minute show which we run in two 45 minute sets. Coupled with a DJ.

Original songs:
Y.O.U., Rock and Come In, Chill Out, Energy, Gravity Glamity, No Where To Run, Roll On You, This Is It, Police In Plain Clothes, Wha Tek Dem, Higher Than Highgrade, Its Never Gona Change, Live Life Like a King, Babylon An Dem Sentary, Buildin Me Up, Afghan Man, etc.....

Cover Songs:
"Turn Your Lights Down Low", "Stir it up", "War", "Rat Race" by Bob Marley;
"Mary Jane" by Rick James; "Tighten It Up" by Archie Bell and the Drells;