King Kobra

King Kobra


Key to his sound is all hardware with no software. Using Kaoss pads and a Music Production System, King Kobra brings a twist to the scene by adding minimal patches together to make a big sound. Companied, with winnipeg's top Vj Mrghosty. Bringing some amazing visual to King Kobra's sound.


With over 14 years experience as a percussionist and live performer,King Kobra is taking it
digital with Live PA tracks both original and remixed. Using a variety of midi controllers, gizmos
and gadgets, his sound crosses through several genres including, funk, electro, house and
dark disco. King Kobra's live show is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears as he can often
be found performing with friend and collaborator mrghosty; a VJ and media artist from Winnipeg Manitoba.



Set List

King Kobra vs MrGhosty put on an Hour set of pumping electronic music with Visuals that will knock your socks off....
performing with 5 produced tracks ranging about 8-10 minuets, and with up and coming Dj set...