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K.I.N.G Kronos

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1999

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 1999
Solo Hip Hop Avant-garde




"Who’s K.I.N.G Kronos?"

1.Who’s K.I.N.G Kronos?

K.I.N.G Kronos is an Emcee from Madison, WI known for his unique brand of human music, conscious thinking and lyrical depth. In addition to being a member of the four man hip-hop crew Synchronized Mindz (Kali Arnell, Proph Bella & Sphinx). He’s done shows throughout the Midwest (WI, MN & IL) increasing his fan base at each stop, with his passionate delivery and commanding voice. He has quickly become one of the brightest and most honest minds in Midwest music.

2.How you got started in the music?

I’d been a poet/writer since a young age and always was a fan of hip-hop so creating it just seemed like the natural progression. In ’99 I linked my with my crewmate Kali Arnell (then Steelfist) bonding over No Limit music at first ironically and started writing songs after buying GZA’s “Beneath The Surface CD” under the group name of the Shaolin Warriors. We would record on cassette tapes on an old sony stereo with a two way speaker that allowed for input, taking turns holding down the button until our thumbs were sore. At the same time I was learning to be more lyrical by competing in battle forums online and “netceeing” .I witnessed many diverse styles during my time at the Lions Den and Abyss Battle Boardz and since the songs were in text you had to put a premium on lyrics. In the years that followed SW became Synchronized Mindz and Proph Bella & The Unfathomable Sphinx joined to solidify the group. In my English classes I used to do my homework in rhyme form and it was always accepted, in summerschool I’d pass a notebook around the class between emcees and having everyone jot down bars collectively writing songs .Eventually I bought a microphone and acid pro and we just started recording on a daily basis honing our crafts. It just became evident that I this was my gift and highschool was the platform I used to practice my craft.

3.What’s the story behind your artist name?

K.I.N.G is an acronym for Knowledge Is Never Given, which simply means all the secrets of the world are yours to be obtained you just need to go out and learn it earn it; you can’t expect life to just fall in your lap. It means be your own teacher and always yearn to educate self. College is a fabulous tool great for gaining life experience and interpersonal skills but whatever they teach you through books you can teach yourself, certain knowledge can’t be bought you gotta work for it that’s my motto. Kronos stems from Chronos who is the personification of time in Greek mythology or Saturn in the Roman variant. Time is the one element of life we all lose to in the end, weather through life span or erosion time beats us all at the end of the day. I always had a strong interest in the Greek gods and figured my moniker should be that of one of the original forefathers. I used a K as opposed to a C to coincide with the time clock at my uw athletic department job back in ‘99 as a reminder of how I would eventually make money with my art.

4.What makes you different to other rappers out there?

One of the main difference is in my originality, I strive not to sound like other people even if it’s not what’s popular or may sound oft-kilter at first it’s all me. I’ve never been a carbon copy and my motivation has never been money or fame. I’ve always considered myself an artist first that entertains through hip-hop as an emcee. I want to be respected for my lyrical depth and ability of course but my goals vary from educating the youth, to opening my peers eyes to injustices and as corny as this shit sounds try and change the world. I’m passionate about these things and though I know all are topics other rappers touched on they don’t do it with my eclectic flair. I also have a diverse interest set and I draw on that, never one to be pigeonholed. I love RPGs, Wrestling, Sci-Fi, DC Comics, Italian Horror Movies, Soccer and all genres of music minus country in addition to more traditional rhyming topics like Sports, Ga - Vents Magazine

"(New Mixtape)-@KINGKronos99 “Rings Of Saturn Volume #1: Tangible Metaphysics”"

K.I.N.G. Kronos really brings a refreshing sound back to Hip Hop!! With his lyrical genius and his story telling abilities; he reminds me of how Hip Hop was and how it is when you listen to underground artists. I will be the first to tell you that you should download this and listen 3 times in a row so you can catch everything he is saying! - Get Your Buzz Up!

""Brighter Pasture" (Official Music Video) by K.I.N.G Kronos, his bandcamp project, and show at Inferno"

Don't be fooled by the production value on the video-- K.I.N.G Kronos is a true poet and a huge contributor to Madison's Underground Hip-Hop scene. Check out his project:

http://kingkronos.bandcamp.com/ - Download Rings Of Saturn Volume #1 : Tangible Metaphysics

Also don't miss K.I.N.G Kronos' show on 6/13/12 at 9PM at Inferno in Madison! - Kid Melo Company

"Daniel And The Lion and Bello ready new albums, K.I.N.G. Kronos releases Rings Of Saturn, and more"

• K.I.N.G. Kronos just dropped his new album, Rings Of Saturn Volume 1: Tangible Metaphysics, and y’all can grab it for free off Bandcamp right now. Kronos’ relaxed flow, plus production from D.L.O. The Iceman, DJ Pain 1, and Man Mantis, make it definitely worth the bandwidth. - A.V. Club Madison

"Rings Of Saturn Vol. 1 Mixtape Download – K.I.N.G. Kronos"

Veteran Madison, Wisconsin lyricist K.I.N.G. Kronos drops this impressive free collection of quality beats and poignant rhymes filled with positive energy which also features appearances from local talent such as D.L.O., Emcee Starr, Blacklight and more. - R.Proctor (Old To The New – Ryan Proctor’s Beats, Rhymes & Hip-Hop Nostalgia)

"Artist Of The Blast"

Every newsletter I always rotate a few up & comers that I feel really have the potential to take things to the next level. K.I.N.G Kronos is bringing heat with bangers like "A Lot Going On In The World Today" & "CrateK.I.N.G"! Think real hip hop. Think Del meets Brother Ali meets J5. - http://kingkronos.bandcamp.com/ - Mercury Storm


Still working on that hot first release.



Theodore Tamir Smith (born March 29th 1984 in Madison, WI) better known as K.I.N.G Kronos/DJ Kronos has being Emceeing since 1999. K.I.N.G is an acronym for Knowledge Is Never Given. He's won multiple Madison Hip-Hop Awards during his tenure including Male Artist Of The Year (2014), Radio Personality Of The Year (2012) , Song & Collab Of The Year awards (2014). Over the years Kronos has performed live at many festivals including The Willy Street Fair (Madison,WI), The Apocalypse Party at the Run For Your Lives Festival (Millville,MN) and Grills N Skillz (Byron, IL), in addition to The High Noon Saloon, The Wisco , Redzone The Frequency and many shows at The Inferno becoming a regular at the venues "Wednesday Night Wobbles &Rhymes". His music featured has been internationally multiple times on the UK's own "20/20 Hip-Hop Recharged Radio" in addition to "Max Ink Radio" and the University Of WI-Madison's college radio hip-hop shows .Kro started perfecting his craft in the class rooms of Madison East High going by the moniker of the Shaolin Warriors (and heavily influenced by the Wu-Tang archetype (GZA in specific) , he joined up with homies Naferious (now Kali Arnell) and Jacks 1. He started showcasing his rhymes online in ughh.com (underground hip-hop.com) chat rooms and started writing whenever possible, spending much of the school day filling composition notebooks. Soon he was introduced him to the world of netceeing and battle boards, the first of those being The Lions Den which was moderated by B-Hyphen, and eventually spilling over to DJ Rocks Abyss Battle Boardz. It would be here that Kronos would learn to place a heavy emphasis on lyrics, key styling was a strictly visual art so weak lyrics wouldnt have the benefit of a unique flow to augment them. No making up words or relying on an accent to rhyme. Shaolin Warriors later expanded adding: Da Lost Prophet, Golden-I and The Unfathomable Sphinx while Jacks 1 dropped out, the name was changed to Synchronized Minds. He met DJ Pain 1 and MC Starr (CrimeStarr) in 2000 and had his debut song Ghostbanger appear on Extortion Records No Money Down mixtape. It was during this time that he hit the battle and house party circuit gaining a reputation for being able to freestyle for hours about any topic named. In 2006 he was part of the Mad Town Hip-Hop showcase presented by Curb Music that was broadcast on local channel 4 WYOU. In 2010 Kronos became a DJ at 89.9 FM WORTs Cipher Zone eventually parlaying that show into his own, and in 2011 he took over for long time radio veteran Mustafah on decade plus running Universal Soul Explosion. 2011 also proved to be rebirth of sorts as, Kronos began work on his debut project: The Rings Of Saturn Volume #1: Tangible Metaphysics which was released in 2012. With his unique blend of introspective lyrics, intense passion and an original sound like no other persona he is poised to raise the global perception of Madison + Midwest hip-hop as a whole.

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