King Lewman

King Lewman

 Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

The term "versatile" has the connotation of being an amateur. We'll bank that word because KING LEWMAN is far from amateurish and far from being a start-up. Perhaps eclectic or adaptable or true to musical visions are safe. Come out and hear for yourself, then decide. Trio to septet VERSATILity!


Kristan King started writing songs and performing with a band in 1980 when she and her brother Kim King started playing Country music with The Mohave River Band in California. Prior to that, she sang with a blues band out of Raleigh, NC called The Blue Moods. After moving to New York City, she met Lance Lewman; and they began writing together in 1982.

Lance Lewman formed his first band his first year in college at The North Carolina School of the Arts. It was a parody Punk Rock band called Hellecopter. Getting more serious, he formed Eclipse his senior year. After graduating, he moved to New York and met Kristan King.

Kristan and Lance wrote and recorded demos for quite a few years together before releasing their first album calling themselves Rescue. The album was released in 1989 and titled Living In Skin. The couple then moved to Maryland and started playing with Danny Junk. The trio called themselves Nobody's Bizness and played clubs in the Baltimore/Washington area. Crack The Sky's John Palumbo called them a male/female version of The Eagles.

KING LEWMAN began in 2000 when Kristan, Lance and Danny stopped calling their band Nobody's Bizness and, at Danny's insistence, agreed to adapt their last names as the band's name and recorded Paper Train - A Songcycle Volume One on Ruff Records.

In 1999, the three went into the studio. With drum tracks from Michael Collins and ancillary guitar tracks from Kristan's brother, Kim, they made Paper Train and christened the band King Lewman. With an original blend of Alternative, Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, and Pop, Paper Train received a glowing review from Music Monthly magazine and far outsold all expectations.

In September of 2004, King Lewman followed their debut CD with a second release. Full Circle - A Songcycle Volume Two completes the circle, and raises the bar, making King Lewman one of the area's premier original bands. Marv Egolf joined the band on bass and vocals for his first performance with the ensemble at the CD release party held in Clarksville, MD.

In June of 2007, Art Cobb joined King Lewman on drums for a reception held at the Silverdocs International Film Festival held in Silver Spring, MD. Art brings an extensive jazz and performance background with him, and he and Marv are honing the concert rhythm.

To celebrate being one of the finalists chosen to be on the Static Chain 2007 Baltimore Bands CD compilation, Teporah joined KING LEWMAN on keyboards for a showcase at SONAR in Baltimore, MD in February of 2008. Teporah also pitched in when KING LEWMAN performed at the Cinema Lounge at the 2008 Silverdocs International Film Festival in Silver Spring, MD in June 2008.

The latest CD, Going Somehwere, was released September 27, 2008 at the One World Coffeehouse. KING LEWMAN went to Vancouver to work with producer, Spencer Capier, to master many of the tracks. The CD was mixed by Greg Reely.

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~Living In Skin (1989)- Cassette
~Paper Train (2000)- CD
~Full Circle (2004)- CD
~Going Somewhere (2008)- CD recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, produced by Spencer Capier and mixed by Greg Reely.
~Static's "Revenge of the Frozen Food Section" (2007)- CD with various artists

Online streams/samples can be found at:
and here at Sonicbids, of course.

Set List

For house party, cafe or pub gigs, typical set is around an hour with 12-14 songs. A concert setting is two plus hours. We do not perform covers.