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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Hip Hop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"King Lucius on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Page in The Source Magazine"

Photo of King Lucius on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes page in July'08 issue of Source Magazine. - The Source Magazine

"Freestyle Fridays @ the LIVING ROCK Youth Centre- Featuring King Lucius"

Cable 14 NEWS reports on the LIVING ROCK Youth Centre and the "Freestyle Fridays" (Featuring King Lucius) they host so as to promote positive Hip Hop and provide a safe and creative outlet for Hamilton Youth. Located at 30 Wilson Street in Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1C5, Canada

Watch Footage at: - Cable 14 Hamilton- Linked

"Faces of Hamilton- King Lucius"

Cable 14 News Report exclusively about up and coming Rap/Hip Hop Artist: KING LUCIUS

watch footage at: - Cable 14 - Hamilton

"Hamilton Music Notes: King Lucius plays club Absinthe Saturday November 3/07--VIEW Magazine"


"I WASN'T INFLUENCED by hip hop--that's just what comes out when I put pen to paper" explains Steve Hunt on part of the story that has made what he is today--rapper King Lucius. "I don't have a love for hip hop, but I appreciate how it came about and how back in the day it was accepting to everyone and a lot of hip hop was on a positive note and about feeling good. In this day and age, hip hop has transformed into dark violence and disrespect for each other, and most emcees are a calamity of profanity. So when I recognized my ability to rhyme and make a point at the same time, I focussed on material that would lift and enlighten its listeners. With that in mind, the word Lucius is Latin for the bringer of light. Subsequently, the name Steve is derived from the Greek term king."
As the story goes, once his local ska punk band Marvin K. Mooney ended six years ago, Hunt was about to take on acting as a post secondary education but decided to choose another opportunity and join 'Up With People,' traveling through North America and Europe with a two hour Broadway style production. After 10 months of that, Hunt was approached to become a model and then an actor. But music offered an important artistic outlet where Hunt could influence and inspire others. A little under a year ago, King Lucius made his live debut and this weekend he releases his new full length, 'Rebirth'.
"I was growing the spine to do this, the nerve and the self-confidence," recalls Hunt on his time out of the local spotlight. "Basically I was becoming who I am and carefully plotting how I was going to do it and who I was going to do it with.
"Having toured the world in the way that I did, I gained a view of the world as one big team, and the team has to function together in order to succeed," reasons Hunt. "So what inspires me and influences me are ways for us all to help ourselves and each other. Taking what I have learned fro playing in a band, touring in a musical and then becoming a screen actor has drastically affected my focus as an artist. The emcee entertains the crowd with a beat and a microphone and doesn't have to be married to four other people to get it done."
All of life's experiences have educated the sounds and words of King Lucius but the underlying theme is to focus on the positive elements and and Hunt hopes to live up to the title of his new CD with his rapping persona.
"I am not like other emcees because I am putting up the audience rather than putting them down," says Hunt. "Stylistically, I am rhyming phonetically in clear English without gansta slang or disrespect to women and life in general. My material appeals to those that aren't in to rap as well as those that are. I am performing to anyone who would rather hear what is being said and take away a clear message from a song that transcends the stereotypes of rap and hip hop. The reason I am here now is because this is where I was born. I was born in Hamilton and in Hamilton I will have my rebirth."
King Lucius plays this Saturday November 3 at Club Absinthe with special guests.
- Rick Taylor

"KING LUCIUS Nominated for "Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year" 2008"

Check it! - Hamilton Music Awards


Coming Soon. "Witnessing Worthy"

(2008) Track Title: "Reason or Excuse" by King Lucius
- Coast 2 Coast MixtapeVol.15 host Obie Trice feat. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Vocab, Illaj and Mikey Vegaz, Lovely Hoffman, Lil Fats, Freeway, and more! (2008)

(2008) Track Title: "Billiono Fabulouso" by King Lucius
-Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol.18 hosted by DJ Khaled feat. Busta Rymes, R. Kelly, Ludacris, Judakiss, Plies, Flo Rida, and more!

(2008) Track Title: "The Shimmer" by King Lucius
- Coast to Coast Vol.19 "The Shadyville Edition hosted by DJ Noodles

(2007) LP "REBIRTH" debut by King Lucius- Nominated "Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year" 2008 Hamilton Music Awards. Available at, iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Napster...

(2006) EP "Smarten Up" by King Luicus



Steve Hunt
King Lucius Inc.
(604) 440 - 5534
2775 Lyndene Rd
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 1E2

Upcoming release:
"Witnessing Worthy" from artist/producer King Lucius (Steve Hunt) showcasing his new sound ROCK HOP and superseding his ('07) debut album,
"Rebirth" -Nominated "Rap/Hip Hop recording of the year" at the 2008 Hamilton Music Awards.


No longer able to deny his desire for creating and his unique, elevated talents for performing and rhyming, Canadian born Steve (Stevo) Hunt has become reborn into "King Lucius."

The Greek meaning of Steve is "King" according to a past Greek girlfriend. And, after watching the hit movie "Batman Begins", Steve became inspired by the character played by Morgan Freeman, Lucius, who created and "armed" the hero by and large. It was then that the idea of a Supreme Hero, one that makes heroes, lit a spark inside Stevo. Not to mention that he discovered the dictionary definition of Lucius, derived from the Latin root Luc. meant light, and Lucius meant "The Bringer of Light."

That settled it, Steve now had the answers as to what to entitle the note book of rhymes he had been sitting on for the previous 7 years. The work he knew would change his life when he was ready, as well as his handle. And so, 'King Lucius' was born in "Rebirth!"

At the age of 17, Stevo had gotten a taste for the live stage during his year and a half, with original heavy ska/punk band 'Marvin K. Mooney.' At this point he realized he definitely had what it takes to be a multi-faceted, successful performer, being that he was already the shirtless, trombone-playing vocalist that loved the live energy of an intrigued audience response!

So he left the band and auditioned at several Universities for the Performing Arts Program. He was accepted everywhere he had applied, except the place he really wanted to go.
However, sitting on the back burner was a unique opportunity that had been offered to him from the world renowned outfit, 'Up With People', ...A WORLD TOUR MUSICAL!!!

In 1999, he toured Europe, USA, including Alaska and Canada extensively in a live two hour full scale broad-way style musical for ten months. It was geared toward International camaraderie, not to mention the billeting, volunteering and culturally diverse conditions that helped him grow and break down any and all comfort zones and stereotypes.

Steve then returned home to Ancaster, Ontario (now part of Hamilton). Soon after, while at work, he was approached by the owner of a modeling agency and during the photo shoot that came out of it, he informed the photographer of his experience abroad. One thing led to another, and he ended up signing with a principal acting agent in Toronto. After a solid eight months of auditioning and background work, Stevo broke through with the leading role in one episode of 'ON-TV' sitcom 'Singles Court'. Interestingly enough the character he was cast for was a white rapper, and his performance earned his first credit into the world-renowned 'ACTRA' union for performing artists.

The following season he managed to persevere during a three-hour hike through a snowstorm to arrive two and half hours late to be in the 'background' on the set of Paramount Picture, 'Narc,' starring Ray Liotta, Jason Patric and Busta Rhymes. Five minutes after he got there, director Joe Carnahan ("Narc", "Smoking Aces 1&2", "The Grey") stopped everything and approached Stevo and asked him, "How do you feel about Improv?" Awesomely, Carnahan awarded him with an upgrade to principle performer for his improvisational efforts and his performance made the final edit!

After struggling through a three year lull in the Acting realm, Steve did everything from direct sales to bouncing, all the while keeping the book of rhymes he wrote in the back of his mind, knowing one day that it would be his life's work. Then in 2005-06 he landed three commercials to propel him into full union member status for 'ACTRA', which has allowed his full member status into the UBCP as well.

After that, it seemed no coincidence when he met the recording engineer he used to record the "Smarten Up'' EP on the set of a movie shoot for 'Stomp the Yard'. If you were fortunate enough to come across a copy of his 'Smarten Up' EP (200 copies released) you got a sneak peak of what was to come from KING LUCIUS!!! It was that EP that landed him his first live performance as King Lucius. The first bookie to hear it made room for King Luc by adding an opening spot for a "Choclair" show in Hamilton at Club Absinthe. The first source of feedback that King Lucius received ever (from someone he didn't know prior) was "you killed that man!"

One year later he released his first album "Rebirth" in Nov/07 under his own Label, LIT Records, currently KING LUCIUS Inc. It is available via as well as at iTunes, Rhapsody, CD