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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Band R&B Reggae




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Eastward Bound by Kingly T
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"Travelling Man"

scotsbob ( 08-Jan-08 )

Rating: 8/10
Great stuff,my man. ANY song with a wah-wah & delay on the guitar has to be good. It ran along really smoothly but still had the beat to have me tapping my foot to it.......I can't dance to reggae, I look like a I'm having a seizure, but I love listening
- Scots Bob

"Album Review"

Posted by alphasun on Feb 03 2008 at 05:10 PM Eastern
Hi Kingly,
I listened to three tracks and very much like your music although am not a frequent listener to reggae. I was interested in your statement that you play jazz and like all kinds of music, and sure enough, you have made the specialist genre of reggae more interesting. Your tunes sound fresh to me and I like the direct, clearly audible lyrics that give good communication.
My favourite was the one you entered for R&B, Hey Girl, so I 'faved' it. For my generation R&B means something more along the lines of Bo Diddley or the Rolling Stones, but all the same this is a great track.
Best of luck. - alphasun

"Kingly T CD Release Party"

Kingly T held his CD Release Party for his newest CD "Unity", on December 8, 2007 at Locals Only in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a night of great performances to a full house, which was headlined by Kingly T.
The night opened with the talent of Tom Berich on steel pan. He played a 45-minute set, which included Caribbean music and a few standard jazz pieces.
Next on stage was Coyaba, a Roots Dub Reggae Band from Bloomington, Indiana. They played a full hour set of all of their original music. They had the complete attention of the audience and had them dancing to their sounds.
The Kingly T segment was opened by Belinda Short who did two original songs and then it was star time.
The crowd went wild when Kingly T approached the stage. He wooed the audience with tracks from his album "Unity" and had them singing along and dancing. They were completely captivated. He performed the entire album, and also played covers such as "Stir it up"(Bob Marley) and Johnny B. Goode (Peter Tosh version).
At the end of his set at 1:30 am the audience shouted for more.
Kingly T returned to the stage and performed one more song. The CD Release Party was a complete success! - Kingly T

"Brower Entertainment Review from Sonicbidsþ"

Name: Kingly TGenre: Reggae/Urban/R&BSounds like: Authentic Reggae MusicScores (1 â?" 10 ascending)Technical Grade: 10Commercial Value 10Overall Talent Level 10Songwriting Skills 10Performance Skills: ?Best Songs: All of them Weakness: You only have snippets which canâ?t be judge thoroughly Other Comments: I like that your music is very authentic. Many times I get Reggae bands contacting me and when I listen to it itâ?s more rock or jazz or something other than pure authentic Reggae music Iâ?m used to. There is such a need for authentic reggae bands in the booking arena here in the Midwest, yet sometimes promoters donâ?t want to pay what they are worth even though they are so rare in our markets. I appreciate your authenticity and the fact that you are in the Midwest. Your music is lively, upbeat and produces that head bobbin, body swaying reggae sound. - Patricia Brower

"Acceptance Speech at"

Please check the following link - Julie pham

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My album "Unity' is now available in stores,including,CD Baby and iTunes.The album consists of 10 tracks.This album is getting much airplay in France, UK,Australia, and the US also being played on a number of internet radio stations



Reggae artist Kingly T. began his musical journey Kingston, Jamaica. It was there that he served as a guitarist for an outfit known as Ninja Force. Kingly T. and other legendary musicians from  the band helped usher in the 90’s music culture and what would be the new face of lyrically driven, uplifting soul and reggae. It is this past experience and his travels throughout a number of different countries including Japan, Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean that has helped produce a unique sound and dedication to spreading a positive message.After finally settling in the United States, Kingly T. attempted to find a group of like-minded musicians before deciding to pursue a solo career. His first album “Unity” experienced commercial success in 2007, and KinglyT began to fuse his reggae sound with elements of jazz, soul, and other genres. Upon crafting his new style, he released his following album titled “Rock It With Me” in 2010 and two singles in 2011 titled “Eastward Bound”and "Jah Blessing"These breakthrough tracks cemented his new sound and exposed his style to a wealth of listeners via international radio. Following his new level of worldwide exposure, Kingly T. recently released his third studio album titled “Live The Life” in Spring 2013. Focusing on a positive message backed by lyrical intelligence and original arrangements, “Live The Life” is are presentation of all that Whittle has learned through his travels and the level of spirituality that he has been able to reach along the way. At the heart of his new album is above all, the ability to create a mood Recorded at various studios throughout the world, the album shines with diversity. “Live The Life” is an album that provides listeners with clean music that promotes love and spirituality. He has recently performed,in Zimbabwe on October 12 2013,where his very energetic and captivating performance had the people asking for a repeat show.Upcoming Kingly T has in the plans, a number of recording projects and collaborations with international producers and artists,also in the works,are plans for a US tour.Check out “Live The Life” on outlets including Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes, and learn more about the uplifting sound and mentality of Kingly T. on his YouTube( or iTunes page(

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